AIRCRAFT SALES Aircraft Scrap provides services including part-out, disassembly, demolition and recycling for all types of aircraft. A sealed airliner can thus be stored safely, for years, until the time comes to return it to active duty, or salvage. © 2017 Air Salvage International Ltd - All Rights Reserved. If it is not listed below, we have the resources to get what you need for your film, television show or trade show. Click on aircraft name to see pictures of the cockpit. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a strategic bomber that is still in service with the USAF. Our real CH-47 is complete, minus engines and rotor blade assemblies. Maybe you would like to salvage her in some way. If you are interested in spare parts for your aircraft, we can assist you. The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is a leading global, non-profit trade group devoted to promoting environmentally safe practices in the recyclilng and salvaging of aircraft parts and materials. I accept Paypalor Moneyorder as, Boeing B-377, B-367 - C-97, KC-97G seriescockpits with or without interior.There were 888 C-97's built between1947 and 1958. Aircraft Scrap recently opened an additional facility in Ankara and Corlu customer aircraft storage. Headsets, Mics, PA Phones. Also, the section sits on casters and has forklift pockets. Our real EC130 is complete with main rotor and blade assembly and is offered with wild windows and doors. 1st is just the cockpit itself, the other is a full forward fuselage including cockpit, galley, lavatory, first class cabin and lower cargo compartment. The Eurocopter EC-130 B4 is a single-engine helicopter that is frequently used as a sightseeing craft. Price tag back then $1.2 M. The KC-97G's "The Flying Gas Station" was equipped with the Boeing-designed flying boom for aerial refueling. All that was left were a few Derwent runway cleaners, pictured to the left. Melted. Parts for sale.Aircraft control yokes, vertical fins,flaps, rudders, stabilizers, trim/elevators, lower/upper engine cowling,tail cones, windshields, windows,wings, tanks, tails, cabin doors,seats, interior parts, the optionalrear cabin Cowboy hat/cargo racksection load max 100 lbs, engineexhaust parts. We also have Cockpit Spotlights fromBoeing B-747-200/300 and othermiscellaenous items from B-747 cockpits..Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, SAAB 91B/C Safir control stick and grip.Very good condition.We also have the landing gear handle,just below.Price: P.O.R. Cockpit Clocks. / SEK 42,000.• • • • • Note: Actual Photograph.In a need for more information?Contact info for Skynet Aviation, I am selling as Make an Offer, for allthe parts in the attached photo all arefor use on  Constellation end item,Cabin Compressor P/n 205120 andP/n's 57910/57920/57970 and 57980.All parts are in SV parts in lot, Qty 50.Interestered buyers can email mechihuahuacloset@aol.coma fax number and I will faxover a detailed list of P/n's,Nom & Qty. Really nice cuts on this section.It starded in the early 70:th as a Jetliner- City Jumper - Commuter. If you are interested in purchasing a salvage, let us at help you. We also have Cockpit Spotlights fromBoeing B-747-200/300 and othermiscellaenous items from B-747 cockpits..Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation. Misfit Items. Copyright © 2001-2019 Government Liquidation, a, 1220 - Fire Control Computing Sights And Devices(0), 1240 - Optical Sighting And Ranging Equipment(0), 1265 - Fire Control Transmitting And Receiving Equipment(0), 1270 - Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components(0), 1280 - Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components(0), 1290 - Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment(0), 1615 - Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms & Components(0), 1620 - Aircraft Landing Gear Components(0), 1640 - Aircraft Control Cable Products(0), 1650 - Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum & De-icing System Components(0), 1660 - Aircraft Air Condition, Heating & Pressurizing Equipment(0), 1680 - Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories & Components(0), 1710 - Aircraft Arresting, Barrier & Barricade Equipment(0), 1730 - Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment(0), 1740 - Airfield Specialized Trucks & Trailers(0), 1830 - Space Vehicle Remote Control Systems(0), 1850 - Space Vehicle Handling & Servicing Equipment(0), 2810 - Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft & Components(0), 2835 - Gas Turbines & Jet Engines, Except Aircraft & Components(0), 2840 - Gas Turbines & Jet Engines, Aircraft & Components(0), 2915 - Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft(0), 2925 - Engine Electrical System Components, Aircraft(0), 2935 - Engine Cooling System Components, Aircraft(0), 2945 - Engine Air & Oil Filters, Strainers & Cleaners, Aircraft(0), 2995 - Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Aircraft(0), 4920 - Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Shop Specialized Equipment(0), 4925 - Ammo Maintenance, Repair & Checkout Specialized Equipment(0), 4931 - Fire Control, Maintenance & Repair Shop Specialized Equipment(0), 4933 - Weapons Maintenance & Repair Shop Specialized Equipment(0), 4935 - Guided Missile Maintenance, Repair Checkout Specialized Equip(0), 4960 - Space Vehicle Maintenance, Repair Checkout Specialized Equip(0), 5821 - Radio & Television Equipment, Airborne(0), 5826 - Radio Navigation Equipment, Airborne(0), 5831 - Intercommunication & Public Address Systems, Airborne(0), 6340 - Aircraft Alarm & Signal Systems(0). An online resource about facilities engaged in the storage, reclamation & disassembly of aircraft ... we do not own or operate a boneyard, With experience of over 750+ projects worldwide over the last 23 years, our disassembly services have been at the forefront and have contributed to developing AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association) Best Management Practices (BMPs) used across the industry.

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