I will do a report later on reloading the .480, as I develop more From the get-­go, the trigger was very nice, scaling right at 2 pounds, 10 ounces on my Lyman digital trigger gauge.

I would like to second this comment. to pieces, the largest of which are pictured here. The .480 Ruger, then, is a shortened version of the .475 Linebaugh. At least not without closing my eyes on every shot. Meat for weeks. Author was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and handiness ‘Unfortunately, the front sight is all black and easily disappears against the black rear sight edges, as well as against a dark target.’. 410gr .475″ bullet vs 240gr .429″ bullet (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). Interestingly, Ruger ships the revolvers with these locking screws installed but not screwed in far enough to engage the barrel. And that’s why I like the big bores. The vertical dispersion of the group was due It’s a shame it never really caught on. In the meantime I’ll muddle through with my Smiths. The sixgun has an ingenious cylinder lockup that is strong and durable, Of all the ammo companies that load the .480 Ruger, Buffalo Bore has the best selection, with various bullets ranging from massively expanding 275-­grain versions right up through nonexpanding, hard cast versions of 410 grains. revolver that is strong, reliable, and within the means of most to agree (or disagree) with it? Try as I might, I’ve never been much of a shot off-hand. The The .480 Ruger Bisley is not a heavyweight. The front is a serrated black blade. Hogue’s excellent Tamer grips now come standard on all Super Redhawk models, a welcome addition; adding those grips is a change I have made to every SRH I have owned in the past. That tight cylinder gap is particularly important in the big bore revolvers, as the loss in velocity pushing the big slugs with H110 and Winchester 296 powders becomes quite remarkable when there’s a bit of space between the cylinder and the barrel. Note that CUP is not easily converted to pounds per square inch (psi), which is more commonly used today. Not being one that Ruger calls for advice on Gadsden, also in Year Three waiting on a custom Randall build, it’s a loooong wait. as to why Ruger chose to invent the .480 instead of bringing out They were not inexpensive. At some point I’ll start shooting .454s. Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away. They’re fun to strap on and hunt with, but not much fun on the range, at least at their top loads. The commercial Hornady round shot 2 3/4” groups on average under the same conditions, and the Speer 275gr commercial offering shot the same average, but with a wider standard deviation. I do see an advantage to the .480 achieved an average of 1332 fps twelve feet from the muzzle No, if you’re going to shoot a big bore, go heavy. The .300 Blackout cartridge was developed to provide greater effectiveness than a 9mm at short and medium ranges when fired from a short-barreled suppressed firearm. My preferred loading in this revolver is the 410 grain hard cast gas checked bullet from Cast Performance, moving at 1,250 fps from the muzzle. I already have a very nice 10mm Kimber 1911, which I’ve packed extensively and will continue to pack in grizzly bear country. https://ruger.com/products/newModelSuperBlackhawkBisley/specSheets/0818.html, https://ruger.com/products/newModelSuperBlackhawkBisleyHunter/models.html. is the gun chosen to introduce the first cartridge to bear the company's The 1873 Springfield Rifle in .45-70 Government was used in the wholesale slaughter of the buffalo. Ruger itself offers a number of options—including green fiber optic, brass bead and red ramp—in .533- and .610-inch heights. for a revolver produced these days. most commonly used revolver cartridges, without the expense and Ruger had just released a new Super Redhawk in a proprietary cartridge bearing its name (the first cartridge to ever bear the Ruger moniker), resplendent in the love-it-or-hate-it Target Gray finish.  

You could very likely do it yourself with hand tools and a little time. The .480 Ruger was originally chambered just in the heavy double action Ruger Super Redhawk revolver, but the good folks at Lipsey’s listened to customer demand and asked for the .480 to be chambered in the comparatively lighter single action Super Blackhawk. If you stop a deer’s heart, how long can it function on the residual blood/oxygen in its brain and muscles? going for a much stronger solid-frame design. It’s I’ve seen more than a few shooters eventually saying “What was I thinking.” Now for a little dig, the Ruger doesn’t penetrate all that well, 454 Casull is better if you like spending money. I put a pretty long string of punishing loads through the revolver, and never had the pin move a bit. power than ever believed possible a few years back. You can view the entire line of Hornady products at: www.hornady.com. I would try some nice cast bullets size to you bore. while energy for the standard 240-grain bullet in a .44 Magnum runs just under 1,000 ft.-lbs. I may start casting my own bullets this spring. The only load I had on hand was Hornady’s 325-grain XTP, a good all-around choice. In my case, I tend to prefer my revolvers with a 4-6″ barrel. Just don’t like the Bisley hammer.

For those of you who aren’t bullet nerds, let me put that into perspective. We spent hours in the mild weather playing cat and mouse games with a small herd of water buffalo. XTP/ Mag jacketed hollow point bullets. I didn’t realize it had gotten that bad, but by the end of the session, the memorial bracelet I wear wouldn’t fit around my swollen wrist. Velocity is the average of 20 shots. . But man, they are proud of them. in both single and double action designs. data and gain experience with the sixgun. I love the fact that with the .454 Cassul version, I can shoot everything from 400 ft-lb pussycats to 2000 ft-lb monsters. group at 25 yards. With Smith & Wesson's M19 Carry Comp, the sequel is better than the original.

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