The monitor does not pass the gamma test, I don’t know how accurate the lagom gamma test is but the seizure you should expect at 2.2 gamma is completly not at this value on my unit. Sign up to stay in the loop about the hottest deals, coolest new products, and exclusive sales events. And the other choice would be the AOC C24G1 but I’m afraid of the text sharpness and sharpness overall, there are already customers reviews mentioning that this monitor is blurry and dead pixels issues (as much as 10 dead pixels in one week of use !) I ordered another Acer Nitro but will keep the XG 2402 till i receive the other Acer because it’s out of stock here in France (in stock = 21 January) I did that because I wanna see if my unit was defective or not, overall the screen was good but I think there’s too much little weird things I didn’t expect for a 400€monitor. A naturally speedy TN panel like the Dell S2719DGF is better bet if you don't need the color accuracy and viewing angles of an IPS panel. READ NEXT: Best gaming headset – our pick of the best. Yeah I got a Acer 27 500 plus g-sync.. Amazon has the 35 inch at around 800 lowest I've seen it. The fifth opens the full on-screen display (OSD), which is a comprehensive menu that includes calibration and gaming options. Feel free to try our recommended settings to dial in your RG270: Current page: To say the truth it’s when I saw his review that I identified why the image was too dark and that’s because of gamma settings. Elsewhere, the monitor has two 2 watt speakers but lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack output. Merged with existing thread that was literally just a few places down from the thread you started. Depending on the game, then, you might need to dial down the amount of overdrive used; granted, the monitor won’t respond as quickly but as long as you’re not gaming competitively that’s okay. 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It’s completely subjective, depends on viewing distance and how exactly you’re viewing the test. My Nixeus isn’t soft it’s fine but I could notice the Acer was sharper which I do prefer. To me, VA feels like a slightly better TN, but not as great as IPS. READ NEXT: Samsung CHG70 review (C27HG70): The world’s first HDR gaming monitor. In addition, it’s pleasing to see the monitor’s brightness isn’t crippled in sRGB mode. Changing the gamma in OSD settings did not change this “curve”, same as windows gamma calibration, it just changes colors and darkens/lightens the screen. Compared to the Acer Nitro I returned : I prefered the image on the Acer, overall way better than my old TN and the Viewsonic, clearer due to high resolution I guess, feels very comfortable to read text on the Acer and image was way sharper in games. Namely the AU Optronics M270DAN02.6. So I bought the Acer Nitro VG270UPbmiipx (27 IPS 144Hz Freesync panel) 3 weeks ago and I already returned one unit. The power supply is a tiny brick with very thin wiring. The Viewsonic feels like my old TN with 144hz refresh added and a little worst image quality, nothing more. There is a bit of BLB in the bottom left, the others were free from BLB. With respect to uniformity, as I said that’s something that varies between units. I just remember that I have done those tests with my old TN panel long time ago and it passed both test, will do it again to be sure. This monitor doesn’t support HDR but that isn’t a particularly big issue. There is no manufacturer content to show for this product. Possibly better quality control (very unlikely to be worse in that respect). Two models comprise Acer’s new Nitro VG0 series of affordable AMD FreeSync gaming monitors. I’m trying to fix the red stuck pixel with Jscreenfix, I tried to pressure the screen but it didn’t change anything at all. Let’s check it out. Are there any IPS Adobe RGB monitors w/ 120hz and G Sync? My current monitor is an old LG 60Hz TN panel (LG 2361W flatron) and that’s what I noticed with the Acer Nitro : Pros : 27″ is a really nice size and 1440p is very a huge step from 1080p. From the reviews I read here on IPS panels all seems to be pretty uniform. Almost no one actually just show a browser or white uniform image and talk about uniformity specially on white, for example wheb browsing. VGA, You guys should check out the Nixeus 27EDG 2560x1440p AHVA IPS Type 4MS Freesync Certified 30-144hz with variable overdrive. Please refresh the page and try again. Actually I suppose a pet hate would be a monitor with messed up gamma and no flexibility at all to fix that in the OSD. It’s only an 8-bit screen but colour accuracy and overall image quality are stupendously good. There are 100mm VESA mount lugs included if you want to use your own bracket or monitor arm. Despite the awful stand the Nitro VG270UP does at least look nice. It uses a motion blur reduction effect to deliver fast 1ms response rates with an IPS panel, which is a first. Adjustments are at a premium, too, with only the ability to tilt the screen back by up to 20° and no option to swivel, rotate or tweak the height of the screen. I have seen user reports of ‘obvious sharpness issues’ with some units of the Acer models, though, even outside of any particular test. Because yes as I mentioned before I got an acer Xb241H too, and the top left corner showed an extreme yellow tint and darker spot comparing to the rest of the screen. In this test, text is illegible at 960 pixels per second with VRB disabled, where enabling “normal” or higher VRB settings makes street names easier to read. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Enjoy the incredible display and smooth performance offered by the Acer Nitro VG270 gaming monitor. To turn on the frame counter, visit the OSD menu and turn on Refresh Rate Num. LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix, With stand - width: 24.2 in - depth: 9.4 in - height: 18.7 in - weight: 11.9 lbs, 2.6 in, Register a Product. We noticed hue errors in green but could not fix them with the six-axis sliders. Such a shame my old TN has 3 gamma settings and 10 sharpness settings, this should be on every monitor today…. Most customers receive within 7-9 days. It could be a gamma issue with the XG2402, although I’d be surprised if ‘2.8’ wasn’t above the ‘2.2’ target if measured. I’ve seen sub-£100 monitors with better-made stands than this. AMD graphics owners will be pleased to know FreeSync works straight out the box with compatible AMD cards. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 30 total). But something bothers me more : reflections. Nixeus is releasing anytime early 2019 a new version with slimmer bezel and it will also support Freesync over HDMI. One clever feature is that it’s also possible to tweak the monitor’s settings via software. If you are an AMD card user like me you need to setup gamma in Windows to correct it. Like the famed XF270HUA, the Acer Nitro VG270UP is a 27in monitor with all the features a modern gaming monitor requires. To be honest dead pixels really pulled the trigger to return it, otherwise I think I would have kept it, but dead pixels + other little issues were too much. Feels warm in the center and cold at the sides.

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