He serves as one of the main protagonists of the first Saw film. On the run from Xavier Chavez, a dangerous murderer and another test subject of Jigsaw, the teenager Daniel Matthews found the bathroom, accompanied by Amanda. At the beginning of this documentary, he presented a photo of Adam to introduce him to his viewers.

When this didn't work, Adam tied the plug from the bathtub to one of the sleeves. Upon doing so, they spotted a glowing "X" on the wall, which hadn't been visible in the light, leading Adam to the conclusion that it was drawn with fluorescent paint. When Gordon's attempts to free himself remained unsuccessful as well, the latter eventually concluded that the saws weren't meant to cut through their chains, but to cut off their feet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Saw), Adam searches his apartment for the invader, After Adam returned to his apartment to develop the photos, he fell asleep in his darkroom.

John, however, stayed in the room and lay down in the puddle of blood with a tape recorder in one hand and a revolver in the other, which fully gave him the appearance of a suicide victim. Eventually, Adam's work made him a target of the actual Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer. After his abduction, Detective Ron Willis and his colleagues searched his apartment. At the end of the game, Adam even acted rather selflessly, as seen when he risked his own life to save Gordon from Zep Hindle, although Gordon had tried to kill him moments earlier. Adam became one of the most popular characters of the whole series, which Leigh Whannell credits to giving him the best lines. It is later revealed that Adam had been hired by Detective Tapp to photograph Lawrence as he was a suspect in the Jigsaw case. he was killed by Amanda Young when she suffocated him with a plastic bag after John Kramer left Adam to die in the bathroom . To Gordon's surprise, it was Alison who called him after freeing herself from the sadistic orderly. When he woke up, he immediately panicked but ultimately managed to free himself by smashing his foot with the toilet tank's lid. They tried to figure another way out, and Lawrence formulated a plan to stage Adam's death using a "poisoned" cigarette (poisoned by the blood of the dead man in the middle of the room). Moments later, the door was opened, and Zep Hindle entered the bathroom. Gordon frantically yelled at him and tried to shoot him, even though he had no more bullets. After returning home to develop his photos of Lawrence, Adam fell asleep in his darkroom. Furthermore, he learned that there were many clues and useful tools hidden in the room, which could help him solve his task. It contained a mobile, a lighter, two cigarettes, and a written message, which told Gordon that the cigarettes were harmless, that he didn't need a gun to kill Adam, and that "smoking was only poisonous when it ended in bloodshed."

of the 2004 film, Saw.

After chaining him by the ankle to a pipe, Amanda placed Adam on his back in a water filled bathtub, and tied the bath plug's cord to Adam's ankle. Zep Hindle later arrives in the bathroom and Adam beats him to death with a toilet tank lid, believing him to be Jigsaw. When this man eventually found a switch and turned on the light, Adam recognized him as Lawrence Gordon, who was chained to a metal pipe in the opposite corner of the room, just like him. However, when he examined the tank, he found a black plastic bag inside, which contained two hacksaws and his photos of Gordon. When Adam claimed it was because of his instinct and tried to avoid the question, the doctor got angry once again until Adam finally revealed the photo of his abducted family to him. Gordon smashed the marked part of the wall with his hacksaw and discovered a hollow space with a small box hidden inside.

Gordon found such an envelope in his pocket as well. Meanwhile, John poured a bucket of fake blood on the floor in the middle of the room and injected himself with a medicament that slowed his heart rate and relaxed his muscles. Unnoticed by his fellow prisoner, he threw the bag with the photos into the empty bathtub. When Adam asked him whether he wanted more children, Gordon denied this as it was already hard enough for him and his wife to do justice to Diana. However, their plan failed when Adam received an electric shock from his shackle, which caused him to panic once again.

However, Gordon suffered a mental breakdown, which became even worse when the phone rang again but was out of reach after he had inadvertently thrown it away when he was electrocuted. Gordon crawled towards his cellmate and eventually convinced him to stop. or 'Adam Faulkner' in Bathroom in Saw Uncut Edition 2004 Dvd movie, He is placed into an abandoned bathroom by the Jigsaw Killer along with Lawrence Gordon. After a brief struggle, Adam eventually lost consciousness. As they lay on the floor and struggled for the gun, Adam disarmed his enemy and smashed his head with the lid of the toilet tank. It doesn't know how to lie.

They also discovered Adam's photos of Gordon and the destroyed ventriloquist puppet in his living room. He later awoke to find his entire apartment without light. In his death throes, his head hit the toilet, which ultimately caused him to lose consciousness and die by asphyxiation. When Adam subsequently asked him whether he even thought about the things Jigsaw could do to his family in the meantime, Gordon told him about the final conversation with his daughter on the night of his abduction. On this day, he would watch himself die unless he did something about it. Saw Franchise Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

During their conversation, Gordon threw his wallet to Adam to take a look at some photos of Diana. His abductor mockingly confronted Adam with his voyeuristic work, which mainly comprised spying on other people. While Adam lay on the floor, shivering, John turned off the light, closed the door, and left the screaming young man with the words "Game Over." Otherwise, his daughter, Diana, and his wife, Alison, would die, while he would be left to rot in the bathroom. Jigsaw then proceeded to turn off the lights, and yelled "Game Over," before shut the door shut, leaving Adam to die in the bathroom. Adam Faulkner-Stanheight is one of the protagonists? She then tossed the key on his stomach before turning off the lights and exiting the room. Biographical Information

To his disappointment, the mobile couldn't be used to make calls, but only to receive them. Upon hearing a sudden noise, Adam realized that someone else was in his flat. Soon afterward, Zepp Hindle entered the bathroom intent on shooting Lawrence, however, Adam, who had survived the gunshot, knocked him to the ground and both began to wrestle for the gun.


Furthermore, Adam wasn't trustworthy. Zep Hindle later arrives in the bathroom and Adam beats him to death with a toilet tank lid, believing him to be Jigsaw. On the backside, Jigsaw had written the message, "X marks the spot. At the end of the recording, he heard the voice whispering, "Follow your heart." Besides another cassette, it also included a key and a single bullet.

In a last desperate attempt to save his family, Gordon used his shirt to stanch his leg and, despite Adam's efforts to calm him down, cut off his foot with the hacksaw. The latter had been poisoned by Jigsaw and was forced to abduct Gordon's family. Gordon then tried to open the sliding door within his reach when Adam suddenly found a white envelope with his name on it in his pants pocket. As this attempt remained unsuccessful, he threw it to Adam, who couldn't free himself either. Both men found tapes in their pockets, and after obtaining the tape player Adam and Lawrence learned what they needed to do: Lawrence had to kill Adam by 6:00 AM if he wanted to save his wife and daughter, and Adam simply had to try and escape before then.

However, when he entered it and approached the bathtub, Amanda subdued him and chained him to another pipe. Adam threatens Gordon with the glass shard. Adam Stanheight - After being locked in the dark by Jigsaw, was suffocated by Amanda with a thread of plastic wrap. Despite his fear and distrust, Adam eventually told Gordon his name. Sometime later, Amanda Young returned to the bathroom because she felt guilty for his fate and had nightmares of Adam's ghost haunting her. Amanda Young - Drug addiction to heroin (Saw). Then, Amanda turned off the light, left the room, and closed the heavy sliding door behind her. Angered by this, Gordon blamed him for the failure of their plan. During his interview for the Full Disclosure Report, Willis published those details of the investigation.

Moments later, Adam noticed the tape recorder in John Kramer's hand. Saw, Saw II, Saw III, Saw VI, Saw 3D, The Scott Tibbs Documentary, Full Disclosure Report James gave this death the "Dull Machete" award because it was the least bloody between Adam and Amanda. However, he couldn't overcome Amanda. Adam Stanheight is the main character (along with Lawrence Gordon) in the film Saw . Adam's occupation ended up getting him targeted by John Kramer, the playing by Tobin Bell, Jigsaw Killer. Lawrence Gordon - Being cold, uncaring, and unfaithful to his wife. Saw lll Movie Leigh Whannell Playing, Adam Stanheight And Shawnee Smith Playing Amanda Young, Amanda brought Adam to a grimy industrial bathroom, where everything else had been prepared by Jigsaw for a complicated test. He was prominently featured as one of the two protagonists in Saw and was also seen through various flashbacks throughout the series. Appearances

He is played by Leigh Whannell, who is actually the writer of the first three films in the franchise.

Prompted by his fear for Diana and Alison, Gordon thought about another way out and came up with a plan. (Saw 3D).

Seconds later, Adam noticed that the time of their game was over. Game Over Maze Universal Studios 2009 After Adam returned to his apartment to develop the photos of Gordon, he fell asleep in his darkroom. He was portrayed by Saw writer and co-creator Leigh Whannell. Gus Colyard - Embezzlement. Photographer Sometime later, Amanda Young returned to the bathroom because she felt guilty for his fate and had nightmares of Adam's ghost haunting her. Now, it was his task to kill another human himself. As he didn't want to worry him, Adam didn't tell Gordon about the picture and instead gave him the wallet back, claiming that the photo of his wife wasn't there. He carefully left his darkroom and used the flash of his camera to find the invader. Leigh Whannell, Zep Hindle (enemy and victim)†David Tapp (client)†John Kramer (abductor)†Amanda Young (abductor and killer)†Scott Tibbs (best friend). When Gordon confronted him with that warning, Adam finally admitted that he had observed and photographed him throughout the previous days and showed him the photos, which he had found in the bag with the hacksaws. Gordon told him he'd bleed to death if he stayed with him and promised to get help. Under the alias of "Bob," he paid Adam $200 per night to observe the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon, whom he suspected to be a wanted serial killer known as Jigsaw. He grabbed a baseball bat and destroyed the doll when he realized that the intruder had gone into hiding in his closet. Then, he used the bullet from his envelope and shot the frightened Adam, who collapsed immediately. However, as Adam realized that the key had gone down the drain when he woke up, he aimed Zep's gun at John, who incapacitated him with another electric shock.

In his death throes, his head hit the toilet, Seat which ultimately caused him to lose consciousness and die by asphyxiation.

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