I hope to breed one in the future so I know more about it. You can also identify them by the dark lacing around the ear tips, and white circles around the eyes and nostrils, and white insides of the ears. Your email address will not be published.

Genes in the A series don’t change what hue the rabbit is, but they affect the arrangement of the color pigments. Let’s start our study of rabbit coat color genes with the A genes.

Opal; the genetic code for Opal is A?-B?-C?-dd-E? It would look even more different again in an angora coat!

All “at” rabbits with full color (C-) are called otters: Himalayans with the “at” gene are referred to as otter (the e gene doesn’t affect Himalayan phenotype): All “at” rabbits with “ee” for their extension genes are called otters (otter sable point, blue otter seal point. With Agouti, you either like it or you dont. The Agouti pattern is the wild rabbit pattern.

I love the colour Lynx in Rex rabbits as the colour is most intense in the shorter coats. Only “at” rabbits  with chinchilla, seal, or sable genes and a full extension gene (E) would be called martens. Opal is basically the blue version of Agouti. The Squirrel develops the same as all the above colours.

I have bred 1 Vienna marked Chocolate Chinchilla, and once again, no one could tell me what colour he was. I would imagine it was have a lialc look to its skin as a baby, and after a few days develop white fur under the colour. As with Agouti, when Chinchilla's are born the are black skinned with a white belly, white around the eyes and under the chin.

(Tans require two recessive wide band genes and an accumulation of rufus modifiers–sounds too complicated to me). 's://ssl':'://www')+'.google-analytics.com'+'/siteopt.js?v=1&utmxkey='+k+'&utmx='+(x?x:'')+'&utmxx='+(xx?xx:'')+'&utmxtime='+new Date().valueOf()+(h? Your email address will not be published. Home; What Color is my Bunny?

Have you ever wondered whether to call a rabbit an otter or a marten? The Agouti also has light tan colouring around the nostrils and at the back of the neck. An agouti or otter with one full extension (E) and one japanese gene (e j) will always show the randomizing effect which is most notable inside the ears and around the eyes. _udn = "none"; You can identify tan patterned rabbits because they are a regular self color on the top — like black, blue, chocolate, lilac, Siamese sable, or tortoise — and have lighter markings underneath, like agoutis. Cinnamon develops the same as the Agouti and Opal colours, but instead, when it is born it appears to have brown skin, its a lightish brown. Agouti is also know as Chestnut and Castor (Castor is for Rex breeds) Opal; the genetic code for Opal is A?-B?-C?-dd-E? Alot of people confuse Sable Agouti with Chinchilla, they are very different. The result is that the brindling shows though the normal Agouti coloration also resulting in a disqualification. Opal is a really pretty colour.

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In some cases, Agouti colors can show harlequin pattern.

Although some genetically self rabbits have some shading, a genetically self rabbit will never have agouti or tan pattern markings. An otter or marten phenotype is either “at-at” (this can be referred to as a true breeding otter/marten) or “at-a.”. Lilac Chinchilla; The genetic code for Lilac Chinchilla is A?-bb-C?-dd-E? Examples include chestnut, opal, lynx, orange, chinchilla, steel, and many more. I have not bred a Lilac Chinchilla before, but i would imagine that it would devlop like all the above colours once again.

Chocolate Chinchilla; The genetic code for Chocolate Chinchilla is A?-bb-Cchd?-D?-E? Your email address will not be published.

It is dominant to both the “at” and the “a” gene. Note-The darker half of the face in … These Agoutis carry the harlequin/tricolor brindling gene recessively.

Agouti is also know as Chestnut and Castor (Castor is for Rex breeds). Let’s start our study of rabbit coat color genes with the A genes. As with the above colours, Lynx also develops like an Agouti, this time the skin appears lilac like, or a pinkish blue. Also, Using Breeding Squares to determine the outcome of your litters. '&utmxhash='+escape(h.substr(1)):'')+'" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">')})(); A Phenotype is what you see expressed (e.g., I see a black rabbit), while a genotype is what the genes are (e.g., a-a), The A gene in its dominant form is the agouti gene, which is written as a capital “A.”  It is dominant to both the “at” and the “a” gene.

In addition to black, chocolate, blue, and lilac, self colors also include tortoise, Siamese sable, sable point, smoke pearl, and other unrecognized varieties. I have not had an opportunity to work with this gene yet, however i would imagine that it would look pretty much identical to that of a Chocolate Chinchilla. It wasnt until I test mated her that I knew what she was. The belly is cream.

Any rabbit that shows a self color has the genotype of “aa,” because it cannot hide agouti or tan pattern under it. The agouti pattern is the most dominant genetically.

With Agouti, you either like it or you dont. A rabbit that shows the agouti pattern may carry one of the two lesser genes without showing it.

Here’s a little help.

The agouti group of colors carries the original (wild) color pattern, where the body color comes from hairs that are banded. The next level down is Tan Pattern, symbolized by the gene at. Check out the next article to learn what happens when you breed these genotypes together! 09/13/2009 at 6:46 PM.

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