While Here, Alice worked on her writing while Mel worked as a lifeguard and finished his final year of law school. She became a published writer while still in college and over the years established herself as a major author of the Black Arts movement. sharecropper (a farmer who rents his land), and the youngest of eight

One night, Walker and Leventhal were being followed by some crazy locals who intended to kill them, but thanks to a distraction created by the NAACP their lives were saved. She She values them for what they mean to her as an individual. [7] She went there to become valedictorian and enrolled in Spelman College in 1961 after being granted a full scholarship by the state of Georgia for having the highest academic achievements of her class. "[8][7], As the schools in Eatonton were segregated, Walker attended the only high school available to blacks: Butler Baker High School. While in Mississippi, she helped SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) coordinate sit-ins and various other activities. and misguide perceptions about them. [27][28], On March 8, 2003, International Women's Day, on the eve of the Iraq War, Walker was arrested with 26 others, including fellow authors Maxine Hong Kingston and Terry Tempest Williams, at a protest outside the White House, for crossing a police line during an anti-war rally. Thomas Edward Mccraw, Thomas Edward Mccraw, Lucy B. Owen (born Mcc... Aug 24 1795 - Halifax, Virginia, United States, William Mccraw, Thomas Edward Ned Mccraw, Lucy Owen (born Mccraw), Aug 24 1795 - Halifax, Halifax, Virginia, United States, Frances Mccraw, Mccraw, Girl Child Mccraw, Boy Mccraw, Mary Mccraw, Thomas Mccraw, Lucy Owen (born Mccraw), Stephen Mccraw, William Mccraw, Rev. It was there she met, and in 1967 In mid-20th century America’s black children were expected to work in the fields instead of going to school. ‘The Color Purple’, which revolves around the story of Celie, a poor, uneducated, fourteen-year-old black girl living in the American South, explores the issues of sexism and racism that African American women are subjected to. student. font-style: normal; [5] Walker is a cousin of musician Reggie Watts.[63]. It is obvious that Walker believes that a person’s heritage should be a living, dynamic part of the culture from which it arose and not a frozen timepiece only to be observed from a distance. [7] Rebecca Walker, Alice Walker's only child, is an American novelist, editor, artist, and activist. Commenting on the way Dee is acting when they sit down to eat, her mother says, “Everything delighted her. Later, she volunteered to register black voters in Georgia and Mississippi. described as inferior by current standards, yet she recalled that she Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker is best known for her stories It was then that she moved to Mississippi to help Blacks become registered voters. This made Alice feel inferior because she came from an extremely poor agrarian family, but as time passed her writing spoke for itself and Alice gained respect from her peers and professors. Despite economic hardships and racism, the Walkers had a good life in comparison to a majority of Blacks in Eatonton, Georgia. (1971–73), a Rosenthal Foundation award, and an American Academy "[45][48][49] Walker defended her admiration for Icke and his book, saying, "I do not believe he is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish.”[50] According to multiple sources, Walker will not allow The Color Purple to be published in Hebrew. She was the youngest of eight children. Born: February 9, 1944 She was named the "Humanist of the Year" by American Humanist Association in 1997. then moved north and taught at Wellesley College, in Massachusetts, and Raised from a poor farmer, she now is a eminent writer.

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