There seems to be a garden near the mansion, where Killua and Alluka used to play as children. [3], Weapon Specialist: Kalluto is fully capable of fighting with his paper fan: he demonstrated it by slicing a steel rope three times before it was able to reach him. Mesmo crescendo presa em um quarto, Alluka não apresenta sinais de tristeza ou ódio pela família, a jovem é bastante calma e faz amizade com várias pessoas. A família Zaoldyeck ou Zoldik, Zoldyck, Zoldick, Zaoldyek (pronunciado "Zol-di-ck") é uma notória família de assassinos profissionais que residem na Montanha Kukuru, onde possuem uma enorme propriedade que inclui, além da montanha, a floresta nos arredores. Killua, due to his relationship with Alluka and Nanika, has the special privilege of issuing a "command". Cuando Alluka vuelve en si, se enfada con Killua por como la trato. In the official databook, his name is also spelled as ". She wears a yellow headband with light-red smile and frowny faces. The technique is initiated when Kalluto lifts his hand and drops a certain amount of paper confetti. Chapter 41 He has an overall feminine appea… The name of Kalluto's Nen ability was changed to. Maaya Uchida. Kalluto's attacks are similar to those of. Killua drags Gon and Alluka to an alley and asks Nanika to come out so Gon can meet the one who saved him. His power was considered sufficient for him to join the Phantom Troupe. It is probable that he materializes the confetti since, when he was fighting with a Chimera Ant, they rained down from his hand while an instant before there was nothing in it. -Morel se refirió a él como "el hermanito de Killua", y este no lo corrigió. [16], Soon afterward, Kalluto and Illumi are on the vista area of Tier 3, though the military corners them after their emergency announcement of a dangerous stowaway. "Something") is a mysterious Dark Continent creature who came to possess Alluka Zoldyck under unknown circumstances. Alluka Zoldyck is a transgender character from Hunter x Hunter. Alluka no puede concederle dos deseos seguidos a una misma persona. Mizaistom refers to Kalluto as the fifth son of the Zoldyck Family. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After a person fulfills three of Alluka's requests, Nanika will assume control over Alluka’s body and grant one wish. It later forgives Killua, after Killua promises to protect both Alluka and Nanika and to pet Nanika whenever it wished. 31 kg*[1] (77 lbs) Manga [13], Kalluto is a Manipulator*. from Illumi's pocket and identifies them as VVIPs. Según Alluka, la familia estaría mejor sin su presencia, A muy corta edad se descubrió la habilidad de Alluka con Nanika. Hay mucho factores que indican que Alluka es una chica o un chico. Nanika's possession of Alluka, her wish to please others and her devotion to Killua could be related to Ai's description as "co-dependence of desire". Exemplo: pedir o coração da pessoa. Japanese Voice Seu irmão, Kalluto, sente inveja, talvez por causa de sua 'proximidade' com Killua. However, once reunited with Alluka's closest brother Killua, Alluka acts like a young child with a loving and lovable personality. The two currently coexist inside Alluka's body. A família Zoaldyeck esconde muitos segredos, um deles é a misteriosa habilidade de Alluka. [5], Killua and Alluka are escorted by Gotoh, Canary, Amane, and Tsubone. Illumi declines the offer, saying that he has business there. She/Her Apariencia: Alluka tiene por completo la apariencia de una niña pequeña. Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters of the manga Hunter × Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi. Violet (1999) Pink (2011) It is currently unknown what brother Kalluto wants to take back. However, the greater the wish made to Nanika is, the harder to fulfill the next three requests will become. When awakened, Alluka can make their own desires become reality, still at the cost of their energy. Alluka tiene por completo la apariencia de una niña pequeña. 10*[1] If there are more than one, Kalluto can then gather the confetti again to repeat the attack. Therefore if that particular person disappears such as concealing themselves, Alluka is unable to make requests to anybody else. Anime Debut Rōmaji Instead of using the wish to kill Illumi, however, Killua requests that Nanika heal Tsubone's fingers. Single El gran lazo que los une hace que Killua tenga privilegios al usar a Nanika. The White Ring cannot revive the dead or nullify the effects of other World Rings. Alluka* first appears in a family photo of the Zoldyck siblings and their mother, shown when Kalluto explains his desire to get his older brother back no matter how many years it will take. Type He anticipated that he would rise to the number 2 position in the Troupe very quickly, but is left in awe of the Phantom Troupe's combat proficiency and has to admit to himself that his own skills are still too lacking compared to theirs to achieve that objective. -En una ocasión, Illumi lo compara con Un Zashiki Warashii, que es un Yōkai de la mitología japonesa. Although she possesses minimal personal desires, she has a quirky habit of asking people to do things, with or without the World Ring. From this, they also learned the requests became much more difficult to fulfill after Nanika granted a large wish. Weight Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alluka Zaoldyeck é a quarta criança da família. A continuación, se describirá brevemente a las relaciones que mantiene Alluka en la serie. When someone makes a wish, Alluka will make 4 requests to the person, and they must follow 3 of her requests to satisfy her. Kalluto silently watches as Kikyo tries to convince Killua that his friends will never open the Testing Gate. Alluka Zoldyck (originally from Hunter X Hunter ) is the 11-year-old daughter of the Zoldyck Family, and little sister of Killua Zoldyck, thus making her a half-Sheikah. Alluka displays a rather simplistic and childlike personality, contrasting with Killua's mature composure. Alluka lo adora, cree que es la única persona en el mundo que la ama, mientras que Killua le tiene un gran cariño y estima. Nanika's powers closely resemble those of the Genies—a.k.a. [1] He seems to be fairly talented in the field of Nen. Alluka Zoldyck is a transgender character from Hunter x Hunter. ", 2011 The property encompasses from the point of the Testing Gate, the dense jungle, all the way to the mountain. -La familia Zoldyck dice que es un chico. Alluka Zoldyck es el segundo hermano más joven de los Zoldyck. [1] Its most distinctive ability however is its power to grant wishes, the extent of which is speculated by the Zoldycks to be infinite. [note 1] Nanika strives to earn people's praise and especially Killua's by granting wishes and usually asks him to pet it. Even though he has a perfect Zetsu, his presence is still detected by Hisoka, who goes on to praise him for having a lot of potential. [3] More recently, Milluki used Nanika to get the latest—at the time—computer. Milluki had a tourist named Muna pay the price by telling him to just ignore Alluka's requests. Due to all other (known) siblings having been at home during the Chimera Ant arc, Killua seems the most likely candidate. It cries inside of Alluka, which causes her to lash out at Killua, yelling that if he wants to be a good brother to her, he also must do the same with Nanika. Sin embargo, cuanto más grande es el deseo, más grandes serán las siguientes tres peticiones que Alluka realice. 1 Backstory 2 Powers & Abilities 3 Equipment 4 Alternate Forms 5 Feats 5.1 Strength 5.2 Speed 5.3 Durability 5.4 Skill 6 Weaknesses 7 Fun Facts Killua is the heir to the Zoldyck family of assassins. [6] Alluka shares an empathic link with Nanika, which allows her to perceive its emotions. Then, they split up. Kalluto refuses and says he is in a hurry, preparing to fight against the Ant. Angie Beers (1999) Lauren Landa (2011) Nanika não é boa em consertar, se a pessoa conseguir concluir os três pedidos de Alluka, terá direito á um desejo, se essa pessoa desejar curar alguém, Nanika precisa tocar no indivíduo doente para que o desejo seja realizado. -En el doblaje del manga en inglés, Alluka le dice a Killua por su nombre, y Nanika le llama "Oniichan" (hermano), al revés de como es en la serie. ナニカ Characteristics He is the best friend of Gon Freecss, and is currently travelling the entire world with his little sister, Alluka Zoldyck. É importante lembrar que os pedidos de Alluka variam de acordo com o último desejo que Nanika realizou, caso tenha realizado algo bem grande, seus três pedidos também serão grandes. In the English version of the manga, Alluka calls Killua by name while Nanika calls him "big brother". Using Shu, he can turn it into a fearsome edged weapon with which he is able to cut steel easily.[13]. Sua personalidade é um pouco distorcida, pelo fato de Nanika se manifestar algumas vezes. Nanika agreed and suddenly a large number of banknotes started to rain down from a blimp in the sky. [10], Nanika has the ability to attach itself to another living being and coexist within their body, taking control of them when certain conditions are met. Nen Image Gallery In the case of Alluka, because she loves her brother, she will not request him to do anything deadly. She was possessed by an unknown entity called "Nanika" which created a rift between her and her family, all except Killua. (Para Killua) "Si vas a proteger a Alluka, ¡Tambien tienes que proteger a Nanika! Kalluto has a silent and obedient personality, often seen doing what he is told. 150 cm*[1] (4′11″) Alluka não pode fazer pedidos se não souber o nome da pessoa. When he was younger, he wore a sweater and pants like the rest of his siblings. Transgender Debuts Es uno de los pocos, junto con Illumi, que sabe que Nanika y Alluka son dos personas distintas. Mesmo crescendo presa em um quarto, Alluka não apresenta sinais de tristeza ou ódio pela família, a jovem é bastante calma e faz amizade com várias pessoas. It turned out that when Alluka had three requests fulfilled, her eyes and mouth would turn pitch-black, and they would change back to normal only when she heard and granted a wish. Currently, it has the strength of a normal child. That is the best time to make a wish. She seemed to enjoy being shrunk down, preferrably around Killua, making quirky requests to be stepped on or cuddled. On her own, Alluka is physically weak, with no combat experience. Alluka Zoldyck is a transgender character from Hunter x Hunter. She followed up with three continuous requests for her duodenum, spine, and brain respectively, which were all declined as well.

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