I love all of the side characters, they all grew on me. i feel like any of the companion combos together you listed ; any with the Doctor? There’s something wrong with them. All I know is that you’ve been acting strange all night, and then your friend shot me with a taser in my sleep, and then you come in with this guy that your all fanboying over so hard I expect you start drinking his bathwater, and then out of nowhere you start saying he’s a demon? This was a good continuation of book 1. You know the kind of person I'm talking about, right? The sex was so good it caused her to regenerate into Romana II and they kept going. This is my favorite series of the year. Spencer had put the roots of doubt into Rosa’s mind and there was nothing I could say that would get her back on board. Tagged: tales from the gas station, tales from the gas station amelia o'brien, tftgs amelia o'brien, tales from the gas station o'brien, tftgs o'brien, tales from the gas station … “Yeah, how about we don’t turn this into a huge farce? By far my favorite on this sub. In the continuing saga of unassuming but unusual Gas Station Jack, the man who takes a licking (repeatedly) and keeps on ticking, Jack now faces, not a dark god beneath the station, but a shapeshifter, a dimensional horror, and the imminent approach of a Cosmic Entity determined to destroy the Universe [as we know it]. Press J to jump to the feed. I love this book and I am very sad that there isn’t more to read at the moment. I feel like if anything 1 or not at all bc 9 left him behind and 10 ran from him and said being around him just feels wrong. Stay away from me! Like, real, actual tears. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Lastly , i do have to say? But it was too late. And second, it was obvious that that’s what he wanted. Jerry shattered a glass beer bottle against the wall and pointed the jagged fragment at her, yelling “Nice try, demon!”, She glared at him and said, “If you come near me with that thing, you better be ready to use it, because either I’m going down or you are.”. Well, they got narrated on YouTube already. “Be careful. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Neither did Spencer’s comments. 3rd, and 4th. An old man to balance out the young faces of Matt Smith and David Tennant. I need to show you.”. Refresh and try again. Jerry is interesting to say the least. You know, ‘cause you’re in such an honest mood right now. ALL OF YOU!”, “Please! I feel like Jack too somewhere. while trying to focus on the next book he's reading while also battling the demon that's taken refuge on the roof of the gas station. It looks like there may be more to this story. I still feel like it’s on the verge of a Big reveal, and we’re waiting for the other shoe to fall!! 1 but it did. Jack is tasked to train a new full-time employee, Rosa, while learning to cope with his newly altered physique and developing friendship with part-time Jerry and with D. In the continuing saga of unassuming but unusual Gas Station Jack, the man who takes a licking (repeatedly) and keeps on ticking, Jack now faces, not a dark god beneath the station, but a shapeshifter, a dimensional horror, and the imminent approach of a Cosmic Entity determined to destroy the Universe [as we know it]. Gas Station Jack back, better and way more sarcastic than ever. You know what FFI does to your brain? A couple of notes, Calvin reminds me of Hugo from Bobs Burgers! Fruit Loops are all the same flavor! To read is to voyage through time.”... Nightshift clerk and high-functioning insomniac Jack is back to work, trying his best to keep out of trouble. We have no idea if you’re really you anymore.”, Rosa raised her hand and said, “Why don’t we just ask her something that only the real O’Brien would know?”, “Good idea,” said Jerry, “Is Jack circumsized?”. I hope these never stop being created. I definitely feel like River with any of the Doctor’s. “I don’t hear anything,” blurted Rosa between rings. Which Doctor/Companion combos do you think actually hooked up on the TARDIS? “Oh, were you two not… ? I could hear her muffled scream and slams against the other side of the metal door. Why don’t we ask Kieffer? And those Gnomes. Do you want your brain to turn to mush right before you die? Everyone turned their flashlights to me except for Jerry, who was clapping along. A laugh-out-loud horror-comedy about a hapless insomniac gas station clerk. He could scream to his tiny black heart’s content in there and it wouldn’t bother us. Glad he stuck around in book 2. Yeah, that kind. We’d love your help. On the other hand, if his body is back, it means that the portal to hell must have reopened.

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