Pulaski Franklin Credit card payments may be made over the telephone by calling 1-800-2PAY-TAX Prairie Montgomery Online Property Tax Payments in Arkansas Offer Convenient, Touchless Options Ahead of Oct. 15 Deadline . Jackson The state does not accept a "Fed Wire" as a valid EFT payment and such payments may be subject to the "Failure to EFT" penalty. Izard Crawford NO, an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (EFT-1) is not required with the ACH credit payment method. Fuels (except IFTA) and Dyed Diesel Taxes. Crittenden Mississippi Paying by Credit/Debit Card? 501-340-6040 | treasurer@pulaskicountytreasurer.net. Tax Payment Information. Perry “Now more than ever, it’s important to offer citizens a convenient, safe and secure option of paying their taxes without having to visit an office in-person,” said Debra Buckner, Pulaski County Treasurer. Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP) Register a new business or file reports and pay Withholding Taxes, Sales and Use Tax, Motor Fuels Tax (except IFTA) Dyed Diesel Tax, and Natural Gas Severance Tax. Jefferson County, Arkansas 101 E Barraque … Van buren The ACH credit payment method allows a taxpayer to transfer funds by instructing their financial institution to debit their account and to credit the state’s bank account using the CCD+TXP format. If I pay electronically, can I file my return electronically? Tags. On January 19, 2010, ATAP was expanded to include Withholding, Natural Gas Severance, Motor Benton Go to Franchise Tax Payments NIC Arkansas and county tax collectors partnered to offer payment services to … Locate your county on the map or select from the drop-down menu to find ways to pay your personal property tax. Searcy Having served the public sector for nearly 30 years, NIC continues to evolve with its federal, state and local government partners to deliver innovative and cost-effective digital government to constituents. ATAP is available for most taxes administered by the Revenue Division. Marion 2009. Tax payment is transmitted with the correct tax type code for the specific type of tax being paid. Want to avoid paying a 10% late penalty? New businesses may be registered online at www.atap.arkansas.gov or submit form AR-1R, Arkansas Combined Business Registration Form. Option 1 - ACH Debit Payment(s) - Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP) 501-324-8915 | bob@ark.org, Debra Buckner | Pulaski County NIC Arkansas operates Arkansas.gov, the official website of the State of Arkansas, which offers more than 1,000 state and local online services and works with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) to help state government entities web-enable their information and services. Home Income Tax Individual Income Tax. ), Store banking information for use during payment submission, Maintain all tax account types via a single login, Assign 3rd party logins (CPA, power of attorney, responsible party, etc. Check out all the ways DFA can serve you. Taxpayers who filed either by mailing a paper tax return, or using e-file may use the credit card payment option. Read full article. Individual Income Tax. List of Arkansas counties that currently offer online payments of personal property and real estate taxes. Online Property Tax Payments in Arkansas Offer Convenient, Touchless Options Ahead of Oct. 15 Deadline . Phillips Can I wire a payment? Developed in partnership with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) and NIC Arkansas, the ar.gov/tax website and property tax payment services provide the accessibility, security and privacy policies that are standard for State of Arkansas information technology. Note: Taxpayers with more than 50 parcels assigned to their taxpayer ID are NOT setup to pay online at this time. Lonoke “While Pulaski County Treasurer offices remain closed, county tax collector locations around the state typically have lines in the days leading up to the deadline. Chicot The deadline for accepting online tax payments is October 15. Union Option 1 - ACH Debit Payment (s) - Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP) New users sign up at www.atap.arkansas.gov or click on the ATAP link on our web site www.dfa.arkansas.gov. Poinsett Online payments are available for most counties. Johnson Cleburne Monroe Logan Calhoun Be sure to pay before then to avoid late penalties. ATAP is a web-based service that allows taxpayers, or their designated representative, online access to their tax accounts and related information. To begin making a secure payment, taxpayers simply enter either the parcel or tax-ID number provided on their tax statements or search by their name or address. Effective November 1, … This site was created to give taxpayers the opportunity to pay their taxes online. Taxpayers can visit ar.gov/tax from a computer or mobile device and search for their county from the drop-down menu or interactive map. County Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments List of Arkansas counties that currently offer online payments of personal property and real estate taxes. Prior approval or authorization of an ACH credit payment is not required as long as the following conditions are met; Payments received with any of the following conditions: Invalid Arkansas account ID Number, Invalid Federal ID Number, non-registered or applied for accounts, closed accounts, or other conditions may result in those payments being returned to the sending entity. October 1, 2020, 6:00 AM. Payments can be made online until 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 15. Any taxpayer with a valid Arkansas account ID can file and/or pay electronically. Contact your financial institution or software provider to determine what information they require to format and submit payments. ), File a return using XML return upload for selected taxes, File an Annual Reconciliation for Withholding Tax. Pope (1-800-272-9829) or over the internet by visiting www.officialpayments.com and clicking the "Payment Center Link". NIC Arkansas announces expanded payment services to help taxpayers avoid standing in line to pay their personal property and real estate taxes. Pike Clark Saline Notifying taxpayers of any delinquent on deficient tax amounts; transfering accounts to Legal and Collection Sections for additional activity; providing administrative procedure and revenue estimate impact statements for all proposed legislation; providing administrative support for purchasing, personnel action, budgeting and inventory control of section personnel and equipment. All Rights Reserved. Residents of Pulaski County who prefer to pay their tax bill with cash are encouraged to visit one of the convenient, drive-thru payment lanes at one of three participating Centennial Bank locations or select walk-in bill payment retailers. Online Sales and Use Tax Filing System THIS SITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Newton (1-800-272-9829) or over the internet by visiting www.officialpayments.com and clicking the "Payment Center Link". In the COVID-19 era and beyond, NIC helps government agencies rapidly deliver digital solutions to provide essential services to citizens and businesses alike. On November 16, 2009, the Arkansas Revenue Division initiated a new tax Pay-by-Phone IVR # 1-866-257-2055. Please visit the ATAP website at https://atap.arkansas.gov/ to view a demo and sign up. Stone ATAP became available for Sales and Use Tax Accounts on November 16,

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