MA was starting him each game until the lockdown. … yep, in the midfield. I understand people have their issues with Ozil. We have 5 players to cover 3 (possibly 2) midfield spots. Play with fire, you get burned. Of course it would mean them wanting to do it, can they go dual citizen or do they have to renounce their original citizenship? He has do e some stuff behind the scenes. If you have any pride in what you do then you would find somewhere else to go and work. The prick deserves a kick straight in the balls, his ego will be shattered. Mesut Ozil is an extremely talented footballer whom the board are trying to bully out of the club as the wages they agreed, they now no longer wish to pay. Ah missed that, thought he was out for longer! I have seen many situations like that where a player is said not to be good enough or does not fit the managers playing style and even surplus to requirements…. He left for Sampdoria 6 months too early to be homegrown. We can change 3 players before the Europa knock-out rounds. Arteta used Cedric midweek. So, plenty of thinking for Mikel Arteta to do, and there might be one or two anxious players in the current squad. Only 5 to choose 2 from kolasinac sokratis mustafi ozil elneny. The sooner we’re rid of him, the healthier our Goals Against and Points columns will look”. Right, my reading comprehension failed! But his fat contract and London lifestyle are his priorities. ), he has played pretty much EVERY senior Arsenal game at fullback, wingback or winger. He’s Scottish. Arteta clearly rates, to some extent, Mustafi and we just have too many CBs so I think that will probably inform the decision. He is in U-21 list…plus what a waste sending such a talent to EFL be. “unable to accept responsibility for his flaws. He just wanted the money far more than playing football. Noting to do with citizenship, homegrown rule is about what association the player is with as a youngster. Saw him getting outmanouvered by 3 years olds all the time. Ozil……..well, he is simply out of favor. He is lazy and I can’t remember the last time he had a good… Read more ». player is sent on loan and gets no playing time. Why take a pay cut? The only reason it made any sense was because we intended to sell AMN, but then realised he is better than Soares. High press has become such an essential part of football and Ozil is basically useless at it. In the meantime, taking a pragmatic approach, I think he can provide a contribution as arguably our most creative player. 2 of the 4 will be left out. He is suddenly unable to kick a ball and should read “Football for dummies”? I’m pretty sure we’d have terminated Ozil’s contract and let him leave on a Bowman this summer, if he was willing to do that. I would say most clubs dont unless they planned to sign a free in advance. In response to press criticism, he responded: ‘This world is about money, so when you are offered those millions you take them. You don’t understand that ozil is out of favor for bouth Club and manager. And that shows it’s the exception not the rule. First, I would wonder why my boss didn’t like me. I would start looking for a new job and leave as soon as I get one. Several of these players – Willian has to be, Xhaka, Mustafi and maybe even Luiz could be eligible for British citizenship? There are 20 players in need of registration (out of 25 allowed) 1, and 15 non-homegrown players (out of 17 allowed) 2. The sooner we’re rid of him, the healthier our Goals Against and Points columns will look. Cedric is a good alternative at right back and Mari should be good cover at CB when the two we had their previously are in the last year of their contracts and not that good. Tackles and challenges are to be made by Defensive midfielders – such as Partey. Move on – says it all really. Basically, you choose to have your own version of reality and if the facts don’t align with those fantasies of yours you call the reality you just don’t give a fuck and throw a tantrunm… what a child. I thought mustafi was an home grown player… Name single player better than Ozil in terms of creativity in the current squad. The game moved on and left him behind I guess. Mikel Arteta has confirmed his Arsenal Premier League squad. Since Mari is injured and won’t be fully fit and available for selection until maybe late October / early November, I’m inclined to leave him / loan out for now. He didn’t even need to take a pay cut if the Saudi rumours were true. Martinelli will be one, I guess. Releasing players, by agreement, from their contracts makes them free agents as I understand it. Player returns and is then off loaded. I was convinced Kolasinac would have gone and maybe Mustafi and Sokratis. Name a manager or club clamouring to sign Özil before & since Wenger gave him his obscene salary? The fault lies with management who have not learnt from Chelsea’s experience 20 years ago. But then you have this consistent drive across three managers to keep him out (which to me speaks to something more than him because I can’t think of a situation where one player has NO use to three different managers), Emery’s admission that his exclusion came from above his head, no clear statement about… Read more », I can’t think of a situation where one player has NO use to three different managers. The rest of the squad, up to a total of 25 players, must be “Home Grown”. Exactly what I’ve been saying for months. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Let’s show Ozil’s ego its proper place. Good thinking – Ozil was always set up for failure playing as a 10. Arsenal currently have 19 non-homegrown players, meaning that, as it stands, two will have to be left out of the squad submitted to the Premier League. By signing up for our Arsenal newsletter, you will receive a once-daily email, focused around goings-on at Emirates Stadium. Costly error. Good point. Ozil might not be hardest worker but he is unarguably our most creative player. Yep. If the decision came from the top, that explains why Emery tried to freeze him out, why Freddie would go along with that, why Arteta–newly hired and with a free hand– initially played him, and then stopped. Or decided you wanted to leave and had to buy out, or get your new company to buy out, the rest of your contract? Maybe they’ll arrange moves in January to go on a Bosman in the summer window. Gunnersaurus is a Diplodocus; they were a North American species. Can we at least use the facts we have and not assumptions (unfounded ones at that!)? Is this why we signed Saliba a few years ago, because it’s so valuable to have him count as home grown? Is this the reason they let Gunnersaurus go? Worth noting how no one is suggesting that Elneny deserves the chop. Here is a list of the homegrown players named in the squad. Don’t bother mate. Rooney is a player manager, so that’s apples and oranges, wonder if we can persuade Ozil to do something similar, since a loan doesn’t seem to be an option for him. Plus it saves us having to play Saka at LB when Tierney is injured. I am one of the few fortunates who do. The fault lies with management who have not learnt from Chelsea’s experience 20 years ago. 2. It maybe Kolasinac and Sokratis I suspect..Ozil maybe given a chance since we couldn’t sign Aouar…besides their combined wages is less than his…if you have to lose the money.. Move on. Too late now though I think. (whilst he’s injured – then register him in January when someone like Kola or Sok leave), Mari should be back in training around the end of the interlull. Makes no sense. Plus one CB, probably sokratis or mari (arteta has shown he has a use for Mustafi and already… Read more ». Or “Euh, forgive me, but I’ve got a contract”? I’d presumed it was just England, I.e. I’m no Ozil fanboy I can assure you. Another possibility could be Mustafi and Kolasinac. He will be, but not yet. Those 19 are: Bernd Leno; Alex Runarsson; Cedric Soares; Gabriel Backwards and sideways” as Qwaliteee said…. Sokratis for sure reports he wanted free release and I guess just payoff ozil. Mari? Comparing football to everyday life is flawed, it’s not a like for like comparison. Is it only over a certain age? At the moment, Arsenal have 19 senior footballers in the squad who don't fulfil the Premier League home-grown player criteria. Whatever it may be, something else beyond training ground effort is at play. Hasn’t been at the club long enough. The formerly loaned, nearly forgotten Egyptian has impressed his manager and fans alike. Arsenal may have the financial flexibility from sales to buy a midfield upgrade such as Thomas Partey or Houssem Aouar. 2 of Ozil, Sokratis and Mustafi. Ozil no way! Soares and Mari are definitely in Arteta’s plans…as perceived from his team selections and talk, Nd we just signed them this window…to kind of de-register them? Is the definition English? Hector Bellerin. Neither of them have started this season, so i don’t see how you can perceive that from team selection, though pablo mari has been injured. Saliba is u21 and not among the 19 listed. In the meantime a vacancy has occurred at the club now Jerry Quy has gone so if he wants to get back on the pitch become the club’s mascot which involves a lot of charity work his people constantly tell us he does. It doesn’t mean that the bogeyman will get any game-time,… Read more ». Put on “garden leave” so unable to play for anyone else in the interim? My point is that both seemed like panic buys. There’s more chance of Harry Kane playing for Arsenal this season than Ozil. He just did not want to. As per my specific phrasing, I can’t think of anyone. It could also be that he came here seven years ago, found stability, built a family and is now being forced out of it. Between the … The rules there state that the ‘A list’ can contain a maximum of 25 players, two of whom must be goalkeepers. Mari was probably signed in the hope that we get to move on sokratis this window. But your argument is, as Giuseppe puts it – incomprehensible. There’s also an additional list of each club’s registered Under-21 players who are eligible over and above the squad limit of 25 players. Elneny? This is not a difficult decision at all. I would have thought he’s been on garden leave since lockdown. To include a new midfielder, three of the current non-homegrown players will have to leave: three from the contingent of Sokratis, Torreira, Mesut Özil, or Sead Kolasinac.

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