Required fields are marked *. C) CD This portion was designed to test a candidates ability to perform upper-level high school math including, but not limited to: The best way to practice for this portion is to find a quality study guide and work through as many problems as you can. MECHANICAL COMPREHENSION: • Only MOVABLE pulleys provide mechanical advantage. Each piece of DNA is described using either A, C, G, or T. Each component is organized in a unique and particular order. He was sure it wasn’t noticeable, but it still bothered him for the better part of the morning. which of the following statements is false? A) Obtain a steeper glide slope This does not necessarily mean always knowing the technical terms, but you do need to know what happens in simple mechanics. The PTO will decide the place for each meeting and method of delivery. Then, you’ll not only find the correct answers, but do it quickly as well. This can give you a false sense of confidence in that  you’ll find the test to be too easy, when in fact it is not. Additionally, you should be aware of their practical application, such as volume, velocity, or properties that affect the pressure. 5. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. C) Because the eye of the storm is made up of cyclonic air movement, a hurricane is thought to be the most violent of all natural phenomena C) Everyone has about 3 billion T components in his or her DNA or genetic makeup And below you can see our individual reviews of the top 3 based on their practice exam questions. Attempt this set of flashcards which are simple and easy and learn about ASTB Mechanics Comprehension with us. Mechanical Comprehension Test: Items contained within the mechanical comprehension portion of the ASTB include topics that would typically be found in an introductory high school physics course and the application of these topics within a variety of situations. Which of the other gears in the system rotate the same way? What is the sum of the internal energy added to the product of the pressure and volume of the system called? Time to Complete: 10 min. 5. If you want to take your best crack at it then we suggest you pick up a quality ASTB study guide. Which of the following people is known as ‘the father’ of the United States Navy? C) 6 inches The ASTB refers to the Aviation Selection Test Battery exam that measures an applicant’s quantitative and verbal skills. The NATFI is a type of personality test and can’t/shouldn’t be studied for. A woman sits in a dragster at the beginning of a race. He puts a pyramid- shaped block under the plank for it to pivot on. It’s clear, concise and gave much better examples than the others did. What to Expect When You Sit for the ASVAB Test – Plus, 7 Tips to Help Ensure You Ace It! Directions: Below are 5 passages each with four possible answer choices. The fact that this reading comprehension exam is adaptive makes it very different from similar parts of other military flight exams. C) Using the first two digits of their compass direction What is the approximate measurement of normal atmospheric pressure. You can retake the test as many times as you want and each time you retake it we will reorder the questions. The best way to practice for that is to use a flight simulator. Do go through them and get to see just how much you might learn in the process. In order to crush this portion, you’ll need to have knowledge of the following: This is not by any means the only topics you should be prepared for.

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