tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. Peter grasped the handle of the hammer and prepared for it to be heavy. He gave it a few tugs, then gripped it with two hands. Tony chuckles. The whole gang are once again at Avengers Tower and they have all been drinking and talking and just having a good time when Tony asks Thor if they can play 'Worthy or Not Worthy'. Clint was wide awake now and Bruce had a piece of bacon stuck in his mouth mid-chew. ", No one takes Thor's word that you need to be worthy to wield Mjolnir. He approached it, looking the hammer over. "Why doubt yourself?" Jane looked ready to bolt if given the word, and Maria looked ready to escort her out. Your review has been posted. In which Tony can wield Mjolnir and doesn't know what that means. His outburst had finally snapped his friends out of their stupor. Jarvis informed Tony. Thor replies softly, his left hand flexing on his thigh as if he's keeping himself from reaching out. He gave Steve a nod and went to sit back down. "Buck." The genius states but Bruce just shrugs and steals one of Tony's blue Air Heads off the table much to the man's astonishment. The elevator dinged signaling its arrival. It pains me to hear how you speak of yourself in such a loathsome way at times. And his only help is the merc he has a crush on, his friends, and some blind guy? He is now 21 and it's still a secret. It was just a regular day at the tower. "As I was saying, I'm not the comforting type, but I know you and you're a good kid. He does it more than once and it's the second time when he brings it up to Thor (telling Thor to stop leaving it lying it around) that he finds out what it really means. Steve nods too and tips his beer to him as well. Peter looked up when he had not gotten a reply and found everyone in the room staring at him with their jaws to the floor. Peter walked out of the elevator with his head down looking at some new models for his web shooters. He lost everything he loved. Bucky asks Steve quietly, so quiet that the other supersoldier is probably the only person that hears him speak. Thor gave him a confused look, opening his mouth to no doubt correct him. Most likely due to the fact that the last time Clint came into contact with an alien weapon, he was brainwashed and Clint doesn't want any chance of a repeat occurrence. "Why bother? You guys will love him.". This is a starker fic. Some of the others I.E. He loses his grip and Clint catches him with a laugh and the others, including Tony, laugh too. I already have a home here. Plus the Guardians. Bucky's eyes widen in shock as do Thor's and Bucky promptly lets go and backs away, almost tumbling into Rhodey and Sam's laps. Then Bruce kept trying, and trying, and growing frustrated and . Clint shakes his head when Sam asks him if he's going to try and no one, not even Tony tries to change his mind. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But not before leaving Mjolnir on top of the boxes of poptarts that he had claimed for himself. Thor adopted a ridiculous grin on his face as Tony scowled at him and the hammer. Come give it a try." 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Bucky sits back in his seat and takes another drink though Steve nudges his side. "Cause tonight I'm feelin' like an astronautSending SOS from this tiny boxAnd I lost all signal when I lifted offNow I'm stuck out here and the world forgotCan I please come down, come down'Cause I'm tired of drifting round and roundCan I please come down?". The whole gang are once again at Avengers Tower and they have all been drinking and talking and just having a good time when Tony asks Thor if they can play 'Worthy or Not Worthy'. Tony whispers, though Bucky heard it and Steve most likely did too considering the small smile on his face. Like you don't believe you are deserving of anything other than the punishment you inflict upon yourself because of the things in your past that you had no control over.". Hell, even a crazy person probably wouldn't think that. Steve was oblivious as he was still reading the paper. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Spoilers: AOU and The Amazing Spiderman (1&2)\. He hears muffled, urgent, and concerned voices in the back of his head but he can't concentrate on them. "No, he is correct Steven as no one but someone who is worthy can lift Mjolnir." My father will most certainly be shocked to hear that there is a mortal worthy of my power." "Bruce...you gotta help me..." He pleaded. Your review has been posted. However, she has Lily Potter's kindness and was a trouble seeker like James Potter. Steve was making waffles, while Bruce and Tony were tinkering with a few spare parts at the table. Clint tells Thor right before he tries to lift the hammer and can't, but just laughs it off and praises Thor. "Are you even pulling?" With his gauntlet hand he tried again. Steve just shrugged. Odin’s spell says: Whosoever, holds the hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. Also, the Avengers Team happened to be staying over that week instead of at the compound. The ancient weapon gives, just a sliver, just like last time Bucky supposes, and then it stays right where it is- undeterred. "Thanks baby." Clint piped up from sitting on the floor. Clint stated. Give it to me and I can do it.”“I’m sorry but I don’t want to lose another person that I love. No assumptions, no judgment, just encouragement. Magnets and stuff," Clint offered from his perch on the back of a sofa. She smirks. But when Parker Luck™ strikes again in the form of his school taking a trip to SI (seriously, FRIDAY, how the everloving fuck did that happen? He looked around and noticed for the first time that he was definitely not in his lab. Then Sam hops up and makes a show of stretching much to everyone's amusement. If you don't like the ship. "You are worthy." I think since I have gotten this idea down I can finally focus my attention back on my other story and try to complete it :), Tony goads his employee to lift Thor's hammer when he tricks Peter into crashing the party. Even Natasha, Maria and Jane paused in their conversation to see what was going to happen. Tony laughed as he saw Peter get off the elevator looking down, oblivious to his surroundings. He watches as Tony stands, dislodging Clint's hand where it was comfortably and naturally gripping the inside of his thigh. "This'll do the trick," Tony shot his companions, who had been silent as they watched him, a cocky grin. Bucky shakes his head in disbelief but then he looks at Thor's encouraging smile from off to the side and Bucky steels himself before looking at the hammer. He doesn't know if it's his doing or Thor's or if Mjolnir really does have a mind of her own and the hammer is doing it by itself, like it's trying to make Bucky rethink his thoughts about it being wrong somehow. Thor grinned. "I uh…." "No, too low-tech for you pseudo-gods. So Bucky swallows thickly before stepping towards the table. Bucky swallows, feeling as if there's a great weight settling on his shoulders and it's trying to crush him. Tony jests and the others jeer. "Hell, I'm game." Tony unconsciously gulped and asked Clint, who denied. And he suddenly- though not so suddenly ever since Thor stepped closer- can't breathe. Bruce vacillated, as Tony tried to goad him on or bribe him with new equipment. "Really?" Nobody expects Tony Stark, genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, to be worthy of wielding Mjolnir, least of all Tony Stark himself. His last thought, as he tugs on the handle, is how inhumanly beautiful those eyes are. Read Mjolnir from the story Avengers Watching Scenes by Gamora_189 with 1,378 reads. He only tells his teammates that the baby is his. His nose was slightly swollen but he didn't have a bump on his head. Let me show you!" Tony could hear Jane rave about some new discovery or some such. Steve still felt them staring as he continued to eat his poptart and read the paper. So Peter created his own hero - Spiderman. (Semi-spoilers for Age of Ultron - see notes inside). ", Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Thor needs to think about where he drops mjolnir. "Wait, does this mean that Bucky can rule Asgard now?" And to put a cherry on top of all of that he lost his home. They are all there because they want to be and it feels good that they have all gained this weird, unbelievable, and beautiful family. It's the 1980's in an alternate universe. They don’t think of Spider-Man as such. I'm sure those who died don't blame you at all." "It's physics. OR 5 times Peter met an Avenger, and the one time Spiderman met them (all while he struggles with an abusive uncle at home), Has child abuse and minor depressing thoughts (nothing too graphic or bad though). It’s like talking to a solid gold brick wall. angry. Instead, he cradles it against his chest as he heaves in and out and rests his forehead against his knees as he squeezes his eyes shut. He's been working for me about six months now. Tony wanted a … "And FYI Captain….you wielded it.". He feels like he always does during a panic attack, like the walls are closing in and the room is blurring out in front of him, turning white- like frost against a windowpane. Bucky takes a breath, and sniffs before steeling himself and sliding himself a little closer; letting his legs extend next to Thor's and setting Mjolnir in his lap- she is not heavy and unmovable on him like she would be on anyone else and Thor notices with a pleased smile before looking back up at him.

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