Where battleships are generally geared towards selfish, single-target damage, carriers are geared more towards support and aoe damage. Anybody who’s played an MMO or many other single-player RPGs will likely be familiar with these basic roles. As you fight far more trash fleets than bosses, your ships need to have sufficient eHP to stay alive across every fight. Furthermore, Yukikaze is an amazing supportive ship that helps out the entire fleet. The remaining two ships in the vanguard are both cruisers. Furthermore, we’ll present examples of top-tier fleets built by top players in the game. With thousands of hours of game time in popular titles such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft, Jack has experienced most video game genres. Azur Lane… Once again, Yukikaze brings a lot of utility to the rest of the fleet. In this guide, we cover which things are important about the composition of your fleet in Azur Lane. Z46 should probably be the final ship in this vanguard as Z1 really helps their survivability. Therefore, you should bring both to have a balanced frontline that is able to burst down powerful foes in need, but also chip away at tanky enemies and withstand their attacks. Any enemy who sends out a bunch of ships at once will have a bad time. With three high-damage battleships on the backline, each with a salvo attack of their own, you can’t get much more concentrated damage, which is perfect for bosses. Due to the general lack of variety in destroyer loadouts, there aren’t any particularly apparent subclasses. Two common destroyers will cost 7 fuel each, for a total cost of 14 fuel per fight, while a super rare heavy cruiser will only cost 12 fuel. This encourages utilising multiple fleets; one to kill the boss, and one to fight enemies until the boss spawns. The auto AI is incapable of utilising torpedoes effectively, and the auto AI’s tendency to eat unnecessary damage will often prevent you from equiping oxygen torpedoes, further reducing your torpedo damage potential. While battleships and battlecruisers specifically are functionally identical in practical applications, monitors and battleship-carriers function slightly differently, but while still providing the same fundamental functionality. Given these statements, when running a single backline ship, battleships are the most logical choice. Additionally, the second battleship can be moved to the flagship position should the initial flagship become too heavily damaged by enemy shelling. While you don’t want your ships to die outright, you also don’t want to go overboard on defensiveness. If you’re looking to take down a strong boss with a ton of hp, then this fleet by Vieille Garde is sure to do the job. Notably, we have enlisted their name, what kind of class they belong and their position, and which nation they serve. Reportedly, B tier will eventually run out of steam unless you know how to handle yourself in battle. As backline aux guns are vital in protecting the main fleet against certain threats, primarily suicide boats, but rarely production types, having a good coverage pattern assists in interception. Having at least one support ship can significantly improve the rest of your fleet.

Salvo attacks have little area of effect, which means they won’t be much help if the enemy sends tons of ships at once. The Azur Lane tier list that we have brought you is totally based on their power, stats, oil and crew costs. Lastly, torpedo attacks are great at bursting down enemies. You need to have sufficient defenses not to get taken out by burst attacks from the enemy, but you also want to have enough damage so they can’t out sustain you.

Healers and zombie ships are invaluable here, and otherwise generally tanky vanguard units are preferred. We’ve found this to be the optimal way to go about oil efficiency if you’re only looking to create a single team, want to have powerful ships, and don’t want all your oil used up instantly. The last battle of each stage features at least one boss, which has a ton of HP.

A ton of AoE damage is exactly what you’re going to get with this fleet by Rorona that has two incredibly powerful aircraft carriers on the backline.

Cruisers are the core of your vanguard.

Throughout his life, he has achieved impressive results in many of these games, reaching high-diamond at his peak in LoL, attaining more than 1000 solo wins in Fortnite, and collected multiple Cutting Edge achievements in WoW. Making it easier for you to assess the individual ability of each Azur Lane ship, in one … As you cannot meaningfully overkill bosses, fleets should be equipped around dealing the maximum amount of damage possible, nearly all of the time. || An Exclusive PixFuture Partner, Azur Lane Tier List: Complete Break Down of The Best Ship Tier List. When looking to build a cheap farming fleet, running a singular battleship is nearly always ideal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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