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(Monster burps throughout), The 1 Million Subscribers Epic Chug (Feat. The video 100% belongs to Badlandschugs, not me. visit ... All Badlands Booker/Badlands Chugs merch, music, and more Available Here: Background music ... MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: It's perfect for avoiding copyright issues. (2 Million Subscriber Special), The Mountain Dew EveryDew Chug In a Giant Wine Glass, Jurassic World 2 Trailer, but Every Roar is @BadlandsChugs Belching, Calling Out Youtube's Soda Chugging Champion, Two, 2 Liter Coke Zero, Double Barrel Chug. Original Video: No Intention to Steal, Only did Video effects and Bass ... We do not intend any hate in this video. Big Man ... BADLANDS CHUGS IS BACK!!!! XD #BadlandsChugs #MegaBurpCompilation ... Big Man Mentality 2 album out NOW on Bandcamp! Support this man and his abyss stomach below because there is no other like him. Dunkin 2 Liter Iced Coffee Subscriber Boot Chug, 2 Liter Tizer, The Great British Pop Chug That Almost Goes Wrong!!! This Is A 16 Second Burp Of All Time!! Badlands Booker ... Get your Manscaped on! ⚫[MEGA Burp Compilation] Badlands Chugs LOUDEST Burps [EPIC]⚫, Badlands Chugs 1 Gallon of Thick Water and Then THE OCEAN! Ice Cold 44oz.

Check it out on Spotify Here: ... Big Ups to Daym Drops! Thanks for watching the video, leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed watching the video!

(Explosive Lion Burps!!! Check it out here! Strawberry Sprite Sipped Fast Thru a Straw, 2 Liter THICK WATER Boot Chug (Warning: Super Thicccc!!! Relaxing Cactus Cooler Chug in the Big Das Boot! Discord: ☆To become a channel member/find out more about it: ... Join the Discord group: Follow me on Twitter: Patreon: For ... April is National Testicular Cancer Awareness Month! 2 Liter Thanksgiving Diet Coke No Burp Chug (Massive Burp at the end!!!). Please ... Badlands Chugs - Badlands Merch - Check his channel here! Eating in excess is the definition of our health issues in society. Join my Discord server: ... Join the Discord group: Become a Patreon: Follow me on ... Timothy Janus, a pizza chef from New York City, has been crowned as the first ever World Burping Champion after delivering an ... Ooook, this caught me off guard, but.. BadlandsChugs Keychains are available NOW!! editing software: Hitfilm Pro ▷thanks for watching! Badlands Chugs, a Youtuber known for chugging soda, cannot stop burping it is getting really gross. Your watching Badlands Chugs! [EPIC BURPGASM], BadlandsChugs | Before They Were Famous | Worlds Fastest Chugger Eric Booker, 6 Mountain Dew Baja Blast Chug Challenge (2 Dudez Doing Thingz Callout), Longest & Loudest Burp Video BadlandsChugs, BadlandsChugs VOMIT in REVERSE *BACKWARDS VIDEO*, NO BURPING CHALLENGE (MOST EPIC BURP OF ALL TIME!!! Tostitos Habanero Chunky Salsa Pyramid Chug (out the Das Boot! Want one? Watch and see! 1 Gallon Chocolate Milk Chugged in way under a minute!! Video badlandschugs biggest burp - Nghe nhạc remix, nhạc cover hay hất - Nghe Nhạc Hay là nơi chia sẽ những video nhạc Remix, nhạc cover hay nhất, các bạn có … ), Mtn Dew Voo Dew 2020 Edition 2 Liter Das Boot Chug. Go to: and get 20% OFF applied instantly at checkout! Get 20% OFF + Free ... Badlands Booker Headphones Earbuds, and other merch Available on Amazon & Here: Music by ... BadlandsChugs | Before They Were Famous | Worlds Fastest Chugger Eric Booker SUBSCRIBE: ... Big Man Mentality 2 album out NOW on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS! Go to: and get 20% OFF instantly applied at checkout! Porta potty vid: Chugging vid: ... Get your Manscaped on! He has drunk beverages relating to trending subjects, such as a 2-liter Sprite Cranberry and a Chug Jug from Fortnite. If you want your clip removed contact ... [IMPORTANT]: SOME PARTS OF THE AUDIO ARE TAKEN OFF DUE TO COPYRIGHT CLAIMS! 2 Liter Sprite Cranberry Chug in Under a Minute! 2.7MB - 01:55. Check out 2 Dudez Doing Thngz #bajablast attempt and youtube channel. THIS GUY *BURPS* FOR A JOB! (2 Million Subscriber Special). Longest & Loudest Burp Video EVER Created! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code CHUGS20 at! Click here: ... Get 20% OFF @manscaped with promo code CHUGS20 at! BadlandsChugs is known for his drinking challenges which he calls "chugs", where he drinks beverages (such as sodas and juices) in large amounts. (Voo Dew, Liberty Brew, & Brisk), Badlands Chugs 1 Gallon of Thick Water and Then THE OCEAN!

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