BAER is currently being used to eliminate or reduce the incidence of genetic expression of deafness from several breeds of dogs. For some breeds, congenital deafness (from birth) is more common. The test can be performed in dogs as young as 5 weeks old (35 days) to be certified by OFA, but in general we prefer them to be slightly older (3-6 months old). Once the test is completed a graph and certificate will be printed and signed for you to take home. In the non-breeding animal, identification of deafness can assist in training and life style changes. Sound waves enter the external ear, which travel down within the inner ear canal. BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) is a quick and non-invasive test that can diagnose deafness in dogs and cats.. For some breeds, congenital deafness (from birth) is more common. Exact prevalence varies widely by breed, with some breeds like the Dalmatian having as much as 30% of the population affected in at least one ear. The test itself is performed using the BAER machine. This then generates a computer graph measuring brain wave response to the sound allowing us to assess the hearing. A complete lack of waveforms demonstrates that an animal is completely deaf in that ear or in the comatose animal signals brain death. If your dog comes from a breed that has a higher than usual incidence rate of hereditary deafness such as the Dalmatian, BAER testing is usually This can lead to the persistence of these traits in the breeding population, and therefore certification is very valuable in breeding and show animals. The most common utilization of this test is in certification of puppies and breeding animals through OFA. *Dr. George Strain’s web site (a professor of Neuroscience at LSU) Deafness in Dogs & Cats: Information on Deafness Prevalence, Causes, & Management For Owners, Breeders, and Researcher SAGE Pet Support Group is BACK and Going Virtual. A BAER test determines if your dog can hear and how well. To speak to someone regarding the BAER test, or to book an appointment, get directions or for prices please call 01332 678333 or email 2020Scarsdale Vets LLP trading as Pride Veterinary Centre, Riverside Road, Derby, DE24 8HX - Company Registration Number: 07217425, Healthcare Information: Rabbits & Guinea Pigs, Unilateral deafness - hearing loss in one ear, Bilateral deafness - hearing loss in both ears, Age related deafness - progressive hearing loss related to age. Each SAGE hospital provides emergency care 24/7, including holidays. Our team of board-certified veterinary specialists dedicated to the best care for pets and their people, Predicting likelihood of in vivo chemotherapy response in canine lymphoma, SAGE Veterinary Centers to Build New Animal Hospital in Concord, SAGE Concord NOW Offering Urgent Care Services. BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) is a quick and non-invasive test that can diagnose deafness in dogs and cats. It can, however, be seen occasionally in any dog breed and deafness is usually apparent by 6 weeks of age. otitis media/interna). Unlike the adult test (where you tell the doctor if you can hear the clicks) this test does not need any concious response from the patient. These breeds include Dalmatians, English Bull Terriers, Border Collies and cats which have white coats (especially those with blue eyes). The test can be performed in dogs as young as 5 weeks old (35 days) to be certified by OFA, but in general we prefer them to be slightly older (3-6 months old). However “selective” deafness can be distinguished from true deafness! Congenital deafness is most likely due to a genetic abnormality and is seen more commonly in some breeds including Dalmatians, Australian Cattle Dogs (ACD’s) and English Bull Terriers. Instead of the BAER test another test can be performed to identify the point at which your pet is unable to hear - this test is known as the Threshold test. Unilaterally and bilaterally deaf dogs can make excellent pets, however if bilaterally deaf, correct specialist training is required. brainstem vs. ear) and can also assist in determining the level of brain function (i.e. in brain death). *Dewey, CW A Practical Guide to Canine and Feline Neurology. Deafness due to genetic abnormality unfortunately is permanent. The test is unaffected by sedation or even general anesthesia. Some breeds carry a piebald gene associated with deafness. In 2019, the VMDL processed approximately 51,668 accessions and performed more than 167,000 diagnostic tests. We are very excited to add this and other electrodiagnostics including nerve conduction and electromyography to our practice. They guarantee the vets, that are all specialist a certain amount of dogs. When your pet is unable to hear the noise, the graph on the computer will remain flat or the peaks and troughs won’t be as clear. Testing can be performed awake, but as the in-ear earphones are irritating and the patient must be fairly still for the procedure, light sedation is often used. Other less sensitive tests are available e.g. It is a test that determines whether cochlear function (inner ear) and the “wiring” to hear, is intact. The exact generators of the remainder of the waves are less certain: wave II is thought to be generated in the cochlear nuclei in the lateral medulla and the remainder of the waves are likely composites of several different brainstem structures as the electrical activity of auditory sensation moves cranial through the brainstem. The clicks produce between four and five waves in a normal animal. If there is only one animal to test the cost is £94.88 + … The cochlea is connected to the auditory nerve which then triggers an impulse that is registered by the brain. Congenital deafness is most likely due to a genetic abnormality and is seen more commonly in some breeds including Dalmatians, Australian Cattle The youngest age the test can be performed at is 6.5 weeks for puppies and 8 weeks for kittens. pg 103-105, 271-272 *Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Congenital Deafness site There are different types of deafness that can affect dogs and cats: In ‘normal’ hearing the BAER test graph will show a number of peaks and troughs which are displayed on the screen. The sound waves reach the eardrum which then begins to vibrate. The most common causes are congenital (recognised generally in the first 6 months of life) and age related (senile or degenerative deafness). A patient experiencing an emergency never needs an appointment to be seen. This is because the ear canals are not open until roughly 12-14 days of age so sound waves cant enter the ear. Each test is performed at 10 decibels lower than the previous test e.g. The test for dogs is essentially the same test used for young children and newborns. Some breeds carry a piebald gene associated with deafness. We are committed to advancing veterinary medicine and improving pet care. BAER stands for brainstem auditory evoked response. BAER testing requires ear plugs to be worn and 3 fine electrodes to be inserted under the skin. We recommend a book written by Susan Becker called Living with a Deaf Dog: A Book of Advice, Facts and Experiences About Canine Deafness to owners with questions about living with and training a deaf animal. Many times, they offer BAER, CERF, OFA, SNAP tests and others. BAERCOM, but these tests are significantly less accurate. SAGE understands the significant role your pet has within your family. Congenital deafness is present in many dog breeds, especially those with merle or piebald color variants. The VMDL faculty and staff work diligently to provide relevant, timely and cost-effective diagnostic services to our clients and to create a positive learning environment for our students and residents. In many animals wave IV is not apparent or is seen as only a small notch as it is superimposed on the larger wave III. Email us with any questions you might have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. As pets get older they begin to naturally lose their ability to hear, so stop listening or responding to verbal commands. The BAER test can identify whether the animal is deaf in one ear (unilateral deafness) or both ears (bilateral deafness). These vibrations move into the middle ear causing the tiny bones (auditory ossicles) to vibrate. There is no upper age limit for the BAER test being performed. to our diagnostic capabilities at our Dublin, Redwood City and Campbell facilities. The volume of the sound in the test can be varied but this test does not assess degree of any partial hearing loss. Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) testing is the most sensitive test in assessing hearing. An increase in the timing between the waves is suggestive of a brainstem disorder, and occasionally we can even lateralize the lesions with this testing. starting noise of 70db will decrease each time until roughly 20db to see at which point your pets hearing is affected. Please feel free to discuss any worries with your hearing clinic nurse who will always be happy to provide any further advice you might require.

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