More … But I do enjoy a good tell-me-something-I-don’t-know post! It’s my whole inspiration for creating this blog. Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info, 15 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kiwi for Weight Loss, 31 Health Benefits of Jackfruits (No.2 Insane), 10 Proven Health Benefits of Avocado for Bodybuilding, 15 Proven Health Benefits of Figs during Pregnancy, Marvelous Health Benefits of Grapefruit for Pregnant Woman, 5 Proven Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit for Diabetics, Let’s Have Better Understanding of these Health Benefits of Avocado for Diabetics, 4 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon for Diabetics You Should Know, Check All of these Proven Health Benefits of Honey During Pregnancy. In some countries, they’re common. While I wouldn’t recommend eating random vines you find growing on the side of parking lots, I did taste the leaves. This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions: On Jun 16, 2020, Bigdaddy74 from Winter Springs, FL wrote: So, after having read some of the other comments posted on here, my question is, "other than pulling this weed up with your own bare hands, which herbicides will get rid of it?". More than I would have thought. I can usually buy them in the Indian market when they are in season. In Turkey, it has been used as a folk remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly stomach complaints. I live in Queensland, Australia and I first learnt about this plant by accident. Don’t get me wrong, I love spinach, but I don’t intend to eat it everyday. ---Medicinal Action and Uses---A liniment is made by adding the pulped fruit (without the seeds) to almond oil. Since then, the fruit is suitable for women who are likely to have a healthy skin. Could be. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Does anybody know a good safe way to eradicate it, or at least keep it under control? Momordica has a unique and distinctive taste which may not be appreciated by all who try it. As a landscape design specialist I strongly agree that these are not suitable garden plants for the average garden but for the specialist grower who wants something different, or for someone who wants them for their nutritional of medicinal value, In the more wild parts of my own garden I allow them to grow in limited numbers removing unwanted plants otherwise they do tend to take over, because the seeds are a valuable food source for a large number of our native birds, My partner who is Zulu fro... read morem time to time also harvests leaves to be cooked as a green vegetable . I took all the medicine given to me by my eldets. Leaves are used for liver deficiencies, blood cleanser/detoxifier, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, hepatitis A and B, inflammations, marsh fever, urinary tract infections and bile disorders. One is with small tender ones that are stuffed and pan roasted. Thank you for this real-life comment! Once you grow the balsam apple vine, you should be able to harvest plenty of seeds for future plantings and never need to buy seeds again. Please don't plant it. It is indeed a very noxious, invasive weed. They do not seem to be affected by any insects, parasites or the like....although our common black ant seems to love feeding on them when they have exploded. We use the leaves to make a bitter tea. Also, it can bring down blood sugar levels in diabetics and is used herbally for this purpose. The local Zulu name for this plant is intshungu. Leaves are also used to treat Malaria, stomach pain, cold, cough, fever and measles. In my area it reseeds prolifically, and can be a pest. I’ve heard of bitter melon (and cooked a good stir fry with it), but not the balsam apple. long and 12–120 mm. Found it! I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. It also seeds copiously and once established, you will NEVER get rid of it! It is a rare and fascinating herb. As the hair is strong, your hair may thicken and also can increase the confidence. So fascinating! Lots of fruits I haven’t seen before! It’s not an apple, and you don’t make balsamic vinegar from it. And was the plant pretty productive for you? So, the health benefits of balsam apple fruit are: Balsam apple fruit is a fruit that is equipped with vitamin C and it supports for healthy skin, or you can read in vitamin c 1000 mg benefits. That’s amazing.. Never knew about this balsam apple thanks for sharing.. Sadly, most of the knowledge about how to use it to treat wounds has been lost to time. The ripe fruits cause vomiting and diarrhoea, and can be poisonous. People suffering from vaginal discharge, Colic, Menstrual problems also seek the help of the Balsam Apple. Then, I went back to the bush and collected samples of the vine, fruits and seeds. Traditional medicinal uses Bitter melon has been used in various Asian and African herbal medicine systems for a long time. Greg – you’re awesome! One that deserves more study. Common Name Index Will cover everything and choke out your plants and shrubs. Male flowers are prominently bracteate (subtended by a leaflet), bract ± ovate, to 18 mm long. In others, scary. 7 m, finely, rather sparsely crispate-pubescent, especially at nodes, Broadly ovate, reniform or orbicular in outline, cordate, usually somewhat pubescent, 10–90 mm. They are invasive, and take over anywhere if not pulled up. It gives you smooth and soft skin as well as protects it from pimples or acne. We use to suck on the seed when we were kids. Habitat. The combining of less fat and lots of dietary fiber makes balsam apple fruit can help you to lose weight. I would eat it without question. It came to my yard as a weed and it covers everything in a matter of days. I will make them and post the recipe when I get them next. Me neither. Top 5 farm stand finds! In the four or five months that they have been growing and producing fruits - I have NOT encountered any dying off of the vine, no yellowing of leaves, the fruits seem to develope at many different sizes and also have noted that no birds or bees seem to favour this plant. I’d say, oh I don’t know, chives are a much bigger problem if they go to seed. ---Constituents---Has not been examined qualitatively. A very easy plant in this area, but not recommended unless you can attend to it almost daily during fruiting season. It is highly invasive. For the best result, it is better to combine the consuming of the fruit with other healthy foods. You might not like it, but I love it!! They sound too dangerous to me to buy sell or use. What a shame we don’t have more variety in our fruits like that, but it’s a self-perpetuating cycle…don’t have them, don’t learn about them, don’t try them, don’t have them. Is it native to the US? They are ... read more, This summer many beginning gardeners probably tried ... read more, Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the ---Poisons and Antidotes---As for Bitter Apple. It is commonly used as an anthelminthic, and in the treatment of fever, uterine bleeding, syphilis, rheumatism, hepatitis, skin disorders, and stomach and intestinal complaints. Lessons from my gardenlife. What zone are you in? This weed is not recommended to anyone, unless you plan on your entire yard, house, trees, lanai screen, bushes and flowers to be covered in it. From what I can find, balsam apple has some of the same things, perhaps less. Pulverized plant is applied externally against malignant ulcers. A MODERN HERBAL Home Page, © Copyright Protected 1995-2020 Honestly I’m fascinated by the way Asian fruits and vegetables pack such a nutritional wallop, so to speak. You should get a lot of unripe, green balsam apples from each vine, and, but be careful, as the residents of South Florida have discovered, the plant can become a bit invasive. I think it’s just the seed pods. I grew bitter gourd/melon this year and have several times before in years past. The cost to you would be the same. Since then, the fruit is suitable for women who are likely to have a healthy skin. Ashley at My Heart Beets wrote a funny post and recipe for the cousin of the balsam apple (even though she refers to bitter melon as balsam apple, it isn’t, but they’re close). On Aug 9, 2001, mystic from Ewing, KY (Zone 6a) wrote: Momordica belongs to the cucumber family, Cucurbitaceae. The author states that the seeds contain a purgative oil. With all of those health benefits of balsam apple fruit, there are also similar benefits in other fruits or you can read in health benefits of alasa fruit, health benefits of apple mango and health benefits of green apples. In the past, the whole plant has been used as an ingredient in arrow poison with Strophanthus. Granny started early so now I’m totally vegan. Seed soaked in water and then inserted in the neck of the womb is a method of producing abortion practiced by the Mbula tribe of N Nigeria. There are many references to this plant's medicinal and food use in parts of Africa. Concoction made by infusing the fruit (minus the seed) in olive or almond oil, is used as an ointment for chapped hands, burns and hemorrhoids. So they’re like eating a puffer fish, only eat here, here, here and here! My older generation has passed on before I learned enough on how to start this plant. This year I made Indian style pickle with them. It is used in the treatment and prevention of hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The bright yellow flowers, flower all day, every day here and we are experiencing new plants popping up everyday also...the pods when explode open to reveal the bright red pulpy seeds are dropping to the ground and they just keep forming new plants!!! Home » Food & Bevarages » Fruits » 8 Health Benefits of Balsam Apple Fruit. The balsam apples themselves begin life as adorable little yellow flowers, which become lumpy, warty green fruits. This looked and sounded very much like a vegetable we use in India, the bitter gourd. I have worked hours and hours to remove every root and it just keeps coming back. Young, green fruits and leaves can been eaten raw, stewed or fried. The fruit is 4 to 6 inches long, oblong, pointed and furrowed lengthwise. Even though I enjoy strong flavors, I am not so sure about eating any quantity of balsam apple raw. I’ve lost 60 plus lbs and over 10 years maintained the loss so it’s more a lifestyle of good choices. The fruit probably prevents the hair from hair loss that it may lead to a healthy hair. What are the uses? This fruit can also be used to induce abortions.

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