Or does it run in the family? Air, sea or land. Destroy the three wooden walls and get the trophy. West of GCR mast, end of a destroyed ventilation system. Can you get yourself there? Move to the left from where you collected last three trophies. On the ground flour, in the northeast section of the smelting chamber is a barrel. Look on top of the Church’s roof that is locked by a nearby Tyger Panel. Each of these are on either side of the large door to the final room of the Chamber of the Demon. There is a locked door in the northeast corner of the Armory. You can have in Manager’s office in the corner. Do you really need to hammer it home? People aren’t the only unstable part of this city. Look for it behind a destructible wall south of previous trophy. Where can you get a wonderful view of the past? You can see top of the question from most places in the district. There is a destructible wall under the crane. Get yourself on the road leading to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse and look in the west of the Church and you will find it. There is a trophy inside the chamber holding Mr Freeze. Find a small train cart running through the Steel Mill on the south side of the tunnel. Switch to detective mode and align the riddler marks to solve this riddle. Stop the hot air using the freeze blast and you can get a trophy behind it. Use the Batclaw. From one of the rooms in the second floor of Wonder Tower is a pressure pad. On the left side of the REC controlled door, you will find a fragile wall. There is cage behind a wall northwest of the gate entrance to Steel Mill. Northeast of destroyed overpass, near the north wall. Look for in the corner of the first building nearby. Above the last door before entering Wonder Avenue proper. ", Subway 3-1: In the lower lobby of the station on the western end is a sign for Vicki Vale's show - scan the sign to solve the riddle: "BOARD at drive-time? Zoom in on the Wonder Tower and scan it to solve this riddle. Look for a water cooling chamber on the wall on the top floor. You will find four riddler marks, destroy them with explosive gel. Find the gate in the southeastern corridor of the trophy room. How should you mark the location of that trophy on your map ? The trophy is behind the wall. You’re a dummy if you don’t try and buy one. Look for it on top of digger’s arm next to the entrance to the Subway Maintenance Access tunnels. Apply pressure against the wall to get the riddler trophy. How do I get Batman Riddler trophies blocked by Catwoman gates? In the loading bay section when you take down Joker’s door, use the electromagnet to destroy the fan at the back of the room. You can find a trophy here. You can find the dot on the ledge. Scan the photograph for the riddle. Smash through the window at the end of the corridor where you found the last trophy and get the riddler trophy ahead. There are two penguin status on the table at the bottom of the Iceberg Lounge. To the left of Wonder Avenue, you can find a trophy inside a baby’s carriage. Zoom in to scan it and solve the riddle. All the collectibles in the Steel Mill area of the Batman Arkham City. Behind a REC controlled gate to the west of the Chamber of the Demon. The south west corner is the place to look for the trophy. You will find a teeth inside the Subway Terminal when you are dropped down from the Maintenance access tunnel. Stand at its right and use detective mode to find the riddler mark. Use the Line Launcher to get through the wooden panel to retrieve the trophy. Glide and grapple back up to the reach the trophy cage at the top and get the riddler trophy. They say the more things changes the more they stay the same. There is a set of iron bars you can unlock through the Tyger panel. Use the upgraded Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the case then the Batclaw to collect the trophy. It is southwest of the entrance to the Courthouse. This den is where the vicious animals take your treasure, is it theft, if it’s already stolen? You will need Cryptographic Sequencer to get the trophy. Look for the floor access grate on the north platform of the torture chamber, just above the ice. Bruce Wayne has never felt quite so wanted. Use the batclaw to get the trophy. It is in the east side of the building. Look for it on the wall northwest of the raised overpass leading to the Industrial District. And then head to south for the final pressure pad. You would need upgraded Cryptographic Sequencer to get this trophy. In the Secret Corridor, there’s fence with a mine blocking it. Park in his spot and you may just get a ticket. Just above the door that Batman might open using an electric charge, you’ll find the trophy. To open the case, you are going to require an upgraded Cryptographic Sequencer. Center of the district, on top of the Naval sign. Access the highest one by climbing on top of the entrance to the Subway to the east. Find the San Maroni restaurant on the east side of the tall central building. Saving him leads to a discovery — the Riddler has informants everywhere. Sprint through the pressure pads in an alleyway on the south side of the building in the northwestern section of the district. On the other side, look for a grating on the ceiling you can move through. Use Line Launcher and travel between these three pads without touching the ground to open the cage and get the trophy. When you enter the museum, take a right and go to the room on the northern side. You need to hit all three Riddler points on the ceiling with your Batarang within time limit. Are there hints for all of Riddler's trophies? While moving through the Wonder Avenue (main pathway), look for a small gap you can slide under to collect the trophy. Crouch inside to get to the trophy. How Strange? You can use the Tyger panel to get inside. 5. Grapple on the gargoyle above the entrance of the church and drop down on the edge to the left with a destructible wall. I wonder how you can land an appointment with this milliner? Southeast corner of the large building with rooftop garden – it is north of the previous camera location. There is a pressure pad on top of the building west of Bank of Gotham.

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