You should remove any wilted flowers on a regular basis to stimulate the growth of new ones. Even if you’re not potting up, annual soil refreshment does them good. Begonia Maculata does very well in a mixture of sand, clay, and loamy soil inside a pot with good drainage. Fill a tray with water and allow the plant to soak it up through its porous base. Home » Begonia Maculata Plant Care – #1 Best Care Guide. No one wants a sad clown begonia. to monitor and check the overall health of the flowers before planting them Begonia maculata is also called the polka dot begonia due to its silver-spotted leaves.The silvery spots on the dark, olive-green angel wing-shaped leaves create striking foliage. ), as does sterilized soil. A southern exposure works well in winter months; east or west windows are fine year-round as long as you keep them out of direct light. The beautiful Begonia Maculata belongs to the long line of Begonia species. Unfortunately, otherwise healthy humid conditions increase this threat. This plant is highly susceptible to root rot. A begonia plant can be seriously injured even by a mild infection. Begonia categories include tuberous-rooted, rhizomatous and fibrous-rooted varieties. Water Spots on Begonia Leaves. Another fungal disease, botrytis causes soggy, brown splotches. It’s called “easy” and can be—but it needs pretty specific conditions in the way of humidity, light, and watering. Here is everything you need to know. Begonia maculata is a type of cane begonia that has thick stems that support spotted angel wing-shaped leaves. Begonia Maculata Care - How To Grow Polka Dot Begonia, How To Fix An Overwatered Plant - Step By Step Guide, Phalaenopsis Orchid Care For Beginners (Easy Guide). Decorate your place with our favorite no-fuss plants, Announcing our new Vera by Bloomscape plant care app, Plant parent starter kit: 5 tools your houseplant needs to thrive, This year, choose a living Christmas Tree, Build your own living tablescape this holiday. Insert the stake so that it’s angled away from the direction the stem leans. Why Is My Begonia Maculata Dropping Leaves? Although most begonias are grown indoors, these plants also work well as outdoor ornamentals. The begonia’s root system becomes water-soaked and discolored. Give it a good soak by bottom watering. Botrytis blight (Botrytis cinerea), also called stem rot or brown rot, causes brown, moist spots to form on the flowers, leaves or stems. You’ll also notice that its evergreen leaves evolve from olive green to emerald green, and are beautifully speckled with bright spots along the veins of the leaf. Can You Grow Plants In Pots Without Holes? If severe, the PRO TIP: An inexpensive hygrometer is a wise investment. The infected begonia plant typically develops a gray, fuzzy mold as the blight progresses. How to care for Begonia maculata: Begonia maculata needs bright indirect light, well-aerated soil that dries a bit between waterings, fertilization every 2-4 weeks, and temperatures of 65°F (18°C) to 86°F (30°C). The spots are translucent and turn brown with yellowish, translucent margins. You should start seeing roots in about three to four weeks from the time you planted them. The upper surface of the leaf is dark green with silvery-white spots, while the reverse is red. I am constantly looking for new houseplants to gradually transform my apartment into an urban jungle. NOTE: Use sharp, sterilized shears. Begonias are also a popular choice in cooler climates as an indoor plant-a great way to brighten up your plant. It begins with circular spots of white powdery looking cover on foliage … and spreads. A well-filled out maculata is a spectacular plant, but the bushy look takes some intervention. Correct potting is an integral part of the growth cycle of the Begonia Maculata. The head-turning Begonia maculata is trending now, but it’s been around for a while. The canes become sparse and leggy, because the plant tends to put more energy into growing up instead of out. Place the plant back on its saucer and back in its proper spot. If necessary, the plant will tolerate low light, but it won’t be happy in very dim quarters. The leaves will show scorched areas if they’re getting too much. Leaf spots of begonia are caused by a pathogen called The Begonia Maculata is a tropical plant, and, therefore, cannot thrive in cold conditions. However, if you need just a few new plants, you do not have to slice the leaves up. Begonia plants should never be placed in direct sunlight because they can’t tolerate high temperatures very well. Proper potting is another big factor. Inspect the plants for insect infestations. For best results, use half the required dosage of water-soluble fertilizer according to package instructions. Soil Propagation – The one-step method is to dip the end of a cutting in powdered root hormone and bury it in potting soil. "Begonias: Cultivation, Identification, and Natural History"; Mark C. Tebbitt; 2005. Its beautiful white flowers sprout in clusters from a single stem. read my article about when to water houseplants. Begonias should only be watered when the top soil is dry to the touch. The Maculata flowers between Spring and Autumn. The only thing easier than pruning a maculata is propagating it. Fertilize the begonias to provide the nutrients needed for the plants to support healthy foliage production. Some of … • A small amount of compost or inorganic fertilizer is a positive addition. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Maculatas bloom from spring to fall, producing clusters of white flowers with cheery yellow centers on a single stem. Anthurium Plowmanii – The Best Care Tips Revealed. The disease is very contagious. Caution: Do not place the pot inside the saucer of water because this could make the roots overly wet. The infected begonia plant typically develops a gray, fuzzy mold as the blight progresses. On the same note, be careful about how you water your plant. Spotted leaves must be carefully removed and burned. Maculatas like moist soil most of the time – never give them a drought – but they benefit from having the top half-inch of their soil dry out before rewatering. It’s not their standout feature. The chips decompose, but it’s not a concern as maculatas are frequently repotted and refreshed.

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