Zhu Li interrupted the joyous reunion, however, as she was adamant about reaching Republic City as soon as possible, since she had inside information that Kuvira planned on attacking the metropolis two weeks later.[2]. Despite the alarm having been sounded, the group managed to reach the surface, where they reunited with Opal. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/TheLegendOfKorraBeifongFamily. Instead of going down to the ring to help Bolin or going with the other cops to secure the President. Next In Book 2, she has less screentime, being relegated to Mako's B-plot. She blames Kuvira completely for the division between her and Kuvira and Baatar Jr even though she was at least as guilty as both Kuvira and Jr were in the matter.

First appearance She gained airbending through Harmonic Convergence. Suyin's daughter. encasing P'Li's head in metal just as she was about to fire a combustion blast.

For tropes pertaining to Toph, refer to the, Suyin's eldest son and Kuvira's fiancé.

The earthbending soldiers broke through that barrier, however, though before they could apprehend the foursome, they and the mecha suits were all toppled over when Toph arrived and shifted the earth underneath their feet. In a manner of speaking, this was karma for her. Toph herself states that she thinks both of her daughters are great. Daughter of Toph Beifong, and the head of Republic City's Police corps. she and Jinora send Kuvira flying and manage to hold off her army with a large tornado. Liberation of the Beifong family by 123Four Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . It makes a lot of sense, seeing as how she and Suyin have barely talked to each other in years and she's resented her for her rebellious behavior. After defying Kuvira and Baatar Jr., he's thrown into prison alongside Baatar. Bolin accompanied them as well in his efforts to repair his relationship with Opal.[4]. After exchanging several blows, the younger metalbender managed to throw Suyin off the cannon, though before her army could apprehend Suyin once again, the woman was saved by Wei, who retreated with her into the protective circle Wing and Lin had erected. Start your family tree now Is your surname Fong?

"Yeah, but they don't have a daughter," the other boy added from his hiding spot behind the first boy. Lin's first appearance has her rightfully scolding Korra when the young Avatar caused damages to Republic City. Kuvira's factory During the course of the first season she gradually comes to respect Korra. she and Jinora intervene in Korra's fight with Kuvira, sending Kuvira flying before she could deliver the final blow. Participants Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Suyin believes that everyone deserves a second chance at life regardless of their past, to the point that she hires former criminals (and is one herself) on as her personal staff...unless you betray her (or, unless she even, She is very anti-authoritarian and does not like being controlled or seeing people trying to impose their will on others.

When Lin reappears in Zaofu, Lin at first wants nothing to do with Suyin and wants alone time. apologizes to her and gives her niece advice on choosing her own path. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. At that moment, Opal, Bolin, and Zhu Li arrived with Juicy, allowing everyone to escape to safety on the flying bison.

The living Earthbending legend and elderly matriarch of the current Beifong family. She even saves Korra's life. Turns out the biggest threat to her city was a little girl she took in as her apprentice and raised like a daughter named Kuvira. A mecha suit opened fire at Lin and Suyin, though Lin managed to evade the attack by severing the ropes that suspended the cell, letting it swing back to where the rest of their family was awaiting them. Date Attempted kidnapping of Prince Wu Forceful and uncompromising, Lin has a soft heart under her metal armour, and will do anything to protect the safety of Republic City. They're at her side during the botched Red Lotus infiltration into her estate, they take part in the attempted assassination of Kuvira, they're with her to cover Opal and Bolin's rescue of Zhu Li downrange of the Spirit Cannon (even extricating mom after her showdown with Kuvira went badly), and they're with her all armored up when Kuvira attacks Republic City. Probably the whole world," the other student said. Lin's flashback in "Old Wounds" shows her trying to keep her little sister, Suyin, from going down the wrong path. True to form, both of Toph's daughters hold high political positions; a police chief in a major metropolis for Lin and a community founder/leader for Suyin. to enter the Avatar State and lay Kuvira and her army to waste. Explore Fong genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. After a fierce exchange of attacks between the Beifongs and Kuvira's army, both parties hid behind earthen walls.

Television Quiz / Avatar: The Last Airbender Beifong Family Tree Random Television or Cartoons Quiz Can you name the members of the Beifong family from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra? The Legend of Korra Book 4 | The Beifong Family Tree | Nick Administrator | February 4, 2015 | Family Tree | 1 Comment The Beifong family has produced 3 generations of smart, strong, and sassy benders! When she was young, she drove the getaway car in a robbery with her two "friends" (Terra Triad gang members) but refused to treat it as anything other than "no big deal". Also when sabotaging the Colossus in the finale. Outcome "Operation Beifong" (only appearance) Suyin's husband and the city architect of Zaofu. Throughout the episode she becomes more and more distraught and angry over the events. The liberation of the Beifong family, also known as Operation Beifong,1 was an event during the formation of the Earth Empire. She does this again in "Enter the Void" where she decides to face P'Li, rather than letting Suyin do it. 14.

Invasion of the United Republic of Nations Place Despite their fierce resistance, Lin, Suyin, Wei, and Wing found themselves surrounded and outnumbered by Kuvira's soldiers.

[2], Somewhere safe, Suyin and Lin thanked their mother for her interference and Lin and Toph reconciled their differences that had caused them not to speak with each other for twenty years. Formation of the Earth Empire working for Kuvira, not listening to her warnings about her, which inadvertently led to her family's kidnapping. Finding the family suspended inside a wooden cell, Lin ordered her mother and Bolin to catapult her toward the prison, where she used a metal blade to cut an opening through the wood. However, she is the Blue Oni to Kai's Red Oni, which is best demonstrated in "After All These Years": when the food they had prepared to give to an impoverished village was stolen by a bandit, Kai still jumps right after the said bandit without thinking of a plan, especially after his suit was slashed - an extremely reckless move that could have cost him his life had he been alone. Toph's second daughter and Lin's half-sister. As they overheard that there would be a demonstration of the spirit vine cannon in the presence of all the factory workers and soldiers, the group decided to use the moment of the test to infiltrate the base and save their family. She is the leader and co-founder of Zaofu. Social Security (Government site), 10 Top Tips for How to Bust Through Your Genealogy Brick Wall, Social Security Death Index: Uncovering Hidden Clues, Fairfax Genealogical Society 2018 Spring Conference and Expo, Death Certificates and Where to Find Them, Using The Social Security Death Index – Dick Eastman, Even More Places to Search for Death Records, Find Your Ancestor in U.S. Naturalization Records, Searching the Social Security Death Index. Following Bolin's directions, the foursome made their way over to the facility, where they discovered with seismic sense that the Beifongs were held in an underground cavern. In "The Aftermath" they're all working together without any apparent difficulty. However, when only Baatar and Suyin remained, they were discovered, since the architect was afraid of heights and screamed while being swung to safety. refused to accept responsibility for anything, refusing to accept responsibility for her crimes, mastery over earthbending and metalbending. assassinate Kuvira, when her former protege promised she wouldn't do anything if Su and Zaofu would not resort to violence, actually resulted in her family's imprisonment (sans Opal, Lin, and Toph) and Zaofu being taken. Opal and Lin tried to convince the world leaders to launch an attack on Kuvira, though after they refused, Lin and Opal planned to rescue their family by themselves. Saved by Darryl Narcisse. They've been captured alongside their mother by Kuvira in "The Battle of Zaofu. Gets worse in "The Battle of Zaofu" as her home town is conquered and her family taken prisoner. upbraids Bolin for his support of Kuvira, which ultimately led to her family being imprisoned and then trying to reconcile with her by sending her a note claiming he'd broken his legs in order to try and trick her into going on a picnic with him. As "The Legend of Korra" series finale approaches, it seems one final mystery regarding the Beifong family tree will be revealed. teaming up to fight with her and Lin in Zaofu and Republic City.

BolinLinOpalSuyinTophWei and WingZhu LiMilitary of the Earth EmpireKuvira There are already 371 users and 1,417 genealogy profiles with the Fong surname on Geni. She also snuck up behind Kuvira and tried to crush her with a boulder. In "Night of A Thousand Stars" when the fight breaks out in the arena between Bolin and the President's would-be kidnappers. However, as she told them that Zhu Li had been sentenced to die in the abandoned town by a shot of the cannon, Bolin left to save her, followed by Opal on Juicy, while Lin, Suyin, Wei, and Wing decided to try to take out Kuvira's new cannon.[2].

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