To make more close match please add more details of your stamp in request. This Christopher Columbus stamp was issued as part of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition’s 400th-anniversary celebration of the explorer’s arrival in the New World. At that gathering, the draft was presented. Submit Ken Lawrence explains how to understand and identify the rare ones. The stamp commemorates the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, whose term spanned from 1829 to 1837. He was appointed the first Postmaster General of the Independent United Colonies at the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1775. Looking for a stamp one cent ben franklin green? 1908 marks the start of the Washington-Franklin era - … If you prefer to get more results with less accuracy please use less words to describe the stamp – sometimes it could be better way to find what you need. According to, a block of four Black Jack stamps was listed in the 2018 Scott 84 catalog at $80,000, bringing this difficult-to-value stamp at $20,000 per piece. It’s priced between $3,250 for unused mint stamps and $35,000 for used ones. On the Blackjack, the grills come with letters C, D, E, and F, with the D Grill being very scarce. The Trans-Mississippi Stamp celebrates the creation of a 6,442 ft-long arch bridge over the Mississippi River to connect the eastern and western halves of the United States. Franklin 1c one cent blue u.s. postage facing left Harding 1 1/2c brown united states postage Liberty statue 8c blue red in god we trust u.s. postage Identifying features of the 1923 Scott 552 include: There are several notable issues of the 1-cent Benjamin Franklin stamp that are rarer and harder to find, making them highly desirable for their value and significance. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. U.S. #803 1938 1/2¢ Franklin Presidential Series Issue Date: May 19, 1938 First City: Philadelphia, PA Quantity Issued: 2,028,847, In 1753, Franklin was appointed deputy postmaster general of the American colonies. His likeness dons the first stamp issued by the Bureau of Engraving and painting for postal use. Benjamin FRANKLIN 1 CENT RARE * THE United States Postage STAMP C $1,336.60 0 bids Known by the collector's catalog number as the Scott 318, this stamp features blueish-green ink that printed using the horizontal coil printing method; this stamp, found in fine condition, may have a value of several thousand dollars. According to Mystic Stamp Company, this 1857 George Washington stamp is priced between $650 and $10,500. Because of his historical importance to the US Postal Service and to United States history, the US Postal Service has issued over 130 stamps with his image. The Civil War had recently started and, along with this stamp, many other stamps and paper currency were printed by the finance the Union’s effort to suppress the rebellion. Cookie Policy, German States - North German Confederation, Do not shoot multiple different stamps at once, oval shape on envelope george washington green 1893 2cents, Stamp Wiki - Useful articles about stamps and philately. Presently, only 100 of these stamps exist. Collectors displayed great interest in the stamp and European collectors eagerly sought the Columbian stamps from American tourists there. Stamps appear on list of most valuable American stamps because they are very rare. This is the central image of the twenty-four cent Declaration of Independence tribute stamp. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Its estimated value is between $330 and $4,500 depending on its condition. The Mississippi River and St. Louis afford great inspiration for this $2 stamp. View cart for details. The 30-cent “Shield, Eagle and Flag” stamp represents another example of an inverted stamp. This helps explain the high value of it. This 24-cent postage depiction of the biplane honors the “Postman of the Skies.” On May 15th, 1918, the Postal Service first delivered mail by air from Washington DC to New York City. Stamp Wiki - Useful articles about stamps and philately If you want to find out more about how collection stamp pricing works, check out our stamp collectors price guide! Issues of this stamp are priced between $725 and $2,500 depending on their condition. Yet, the error makes this one of the most valuable US postage stamps. For more information please see our Benjamin Franklin served as the Deputy Postmaster General of the Colonies under British rule until 1774. Throughout this stroll through the most valuable American stamps, you have seen features and the history which makes these sought-after collector’s items. It could have appeared on a list of the most valuable US postage stamps in 1893 because it already came at a high price and very few were printed. The admission ticket for the 1896 Republican National Convention held in the city provides the centerpiece for the stamp. Collectors, however, did not experience gains. However, the United States was embroiled in the 1890s in the Spanish-American War. Feel free to share any ideas you have for the most valuable US stamps. Hobbizine stamp value guides list prices in new and used condition. Post stamp Benjamin Franklin Stamp 1 cent Rare Great investment LOOK PERFORATION $3,200.00 As you see, many of these predate the 20th century and are very rare items. The 1867 Ben Franklin stamp is valued at up to $935,000. The Scott 552 Ben Franklin 1-cent stamp does not have a watermark. The “Inverted Jenny” is a Curtiss JN-4 biplane which erroneously is printed with its wheels up. To optimise the results of your search and to make it more precise, we recommend narrowing its criteria. Embossed letters, known as grills, serve as devices against the illegal use or forgery of the stamps. Benjamin Franklin is one of a number of non-presidential figures who are immortalized on stamps. John Marshall was a United States Supreme Court Justice and Secretary of State in the early 19th century. The stamp does not have a watermark. This Benjamin Franklin stamp with the “z” grill and its horizontal ridges fits that bill because there are only two known in existence. The resulting blueish cast of the appearance of the stamp makes these 1-cent Ben Franklin stamps known as Blue 1-cent Franklins. As another first impulse tool stamps, the shield and eagle symbol was the first that depicted someone or something other than a national leader. Wondering what your old U.S. stamps are worth? At the center of this worthy nominee for most valuable US postage stamps, you will see John Hancock, John Adams, Rodger Sherman, Robert Livingston and Benjamin Franklin. The likelihood of Civil War loomed over the country when he took office in 1861. The 1867 Ben Franklin stamp is valued at up to $935,000. Postage stamps commemorate the people and events that shape the United States. Notable issues and features of rare and valuable 1-cent Benjamin Franklin stamps include: {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. These feature the deep green ink printed on a slightly different paper that has a blueish-gray tint. The Franklin stamp finds itself within a series of stamps including presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Several stamps on our list of the most valuable US stamps were crafted in the Civil War era and the years shortly thereafter. The 16th president of the United States served during the most divisive. The Franklin stamp finds itself within a series of stamps including presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. It gets the moniker “Black Jack” from its background and use and filling or outlining some of the letters in black. If you are a serious stamp collector looking for Benjamin Franklin 1-cent stamps, searching eBay allows you to consider listings from around the world in a short amount of time.

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