google_ad_height = 600; Patrick Okon is a content developer at Agodi G.R.A: When the name “Agodi G.R.A” is mentioned, many things run through our minds. Ibadan is truly as unique as history says she is. Bodija is one of the most popular places in Ibadan. Buy memberships as a perk for your entire team. Getting around town is easy and cheap. With a population of 3-million people, it is the most populous city in the state, and the third most populous city in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area. In fact, Ibadan is the Number One place people run to when crises and violence erupts in other parts of the country. It is a few minutes drive from the Legendary Liberty Stadium. Summary of cost of living in Ibadan. Look no further as we introduce you Bella’s Court, it’s a private estate ... As important as it is, obtaining a Governor’s consent can be a daunting experience. I have curated a list of irresistible, cool, and pockets friendly areas in Ibadan belo. A residential neigbourhood with mostly breathtaking owner occupier country homes usually set on large acreage of land spices with lush green lawns, swimming pool, car-lots e.t.c. There are two of such estates within the region. by Nobody: 3:18pm On Jul 16, 2017 Toseny01 : Three bedroom flat in oluyole ring road 350/400,three bedroom in Jericho same range, three bedroom in akobo 180/250,bodija 250 /400, good schools kg1 average of 15 /50k akobo,ring road 40/100,bodija40/100 for nursery and pre nursery. You cannot drive for half an hour in any direction within Ibadan without coming in contact with one of these joints which serve up a few intercontinental and local dishes too aside the regular snacks, ice cream and drinks. Here we publish several helpful articles in various categories, such as how-to articles, where to find things, resources, business, interviews and reviews. Your email address will not be published. Met quite a few interesting entrepreneurs and looking forward to visiting again sometimes soon! We have discounts for #WomenInTech, tweet @nomadlist for info. Living in Oluyole is averagely affordable. I've lived in Ibadan for well over 20yrs. Why not take advantage of the opportunities in Ibadan right away. Oluyole Estate is under Ibadan South West Local Government Area, t is a blend of upper and middle-class residents. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. If you are considering domiciling in Ibadan then here are the best places to consider. When the name “Agodi G.R.A” is mentioned, many things run through our minds. Then Ibadan is the place to be. Iyanganku G.R.A is the billionaire G.R.A with first grade infrastructural facilities including a first-rated neigbourhood police station armed to the teeth. The Ibadan-Oyo-Ogbomoso Highway is nearing completion. Security personnel are highly visible in the city. There are two of such estates within the region. Why not plan your next visit to Ibadan and we will gladly help to connect you with a tour guide and the best places to stay in town. You will find peace in this great city and nowhere else in the country can you and your family feel safer. It gained recognition with the development of like named high brow estate shortly after the Independence of Nigeria. It's actually my hometown. Ibadan. These projects will obviously open up new areas in Ibadan for the establishment of institutional areas, housing and industrial estates. WE ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDE AFFORDABLE REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES TO GOVERNMENT PARASTATALS, COOPERATE ORGANISATIONS, GROUP OF PEOPLE/CLUB, INDIVIDUALS AND OTHER INVESTORS FOR THEIR END USE OR INVESTMENT. And you can be a huge part of it! Check any emails you got from Nomad List before. Based on Ibadan's cost of living, here's selected remote jobs that would cover your costs: Port harcourt is no doubt an amazing city. Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2020 Oluwaseun Osewa. After weeks of touring major Housing Estates in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, InsideOyo‎.com presents some of Ibadan’s ‘sought-after’ estates by the rich and classy. Even tastier and homely are the local bukaterias popularly known as 'Mama put' kitchen. Also the golf course inside the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), is a dream spot for golf enthusiasts. For classy and affordable ones, look towards Jericho, Owode and Felele Housing Estates. Commercial buses ply all routes and there are cabs and taxis available to take you on personalised trips. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ibadan is the third most populous city in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano which came into existence in 1829, during a period of turmoil that characterized Yorubaland at the time; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area. Many markets, thrice as many as Lagos can boast of, have been set up to display these choice goods. ‍ You can already start using most of the Nomad List member-only features now, If you have any feedback, please write it in the Feedback box in the bottom right of every page. Akure. That said, let’s take a look at the next city on our list, Ibadan, Oyo state. Ibadan had been the centre of administration of the old Western Region since the days of the British colonial rule, and parts of the city’s ancient protective walls still stand to this day. 1. It is a few minutes drive from the Legendary. Page maintained by, Australian Embassy in Nigeria Address, Phone, Fax, Email, The Role of Television in Electoral Education in Nigeria: A case study of NTA, 6 Steps To Collect Gambling and Gaming License in Nigeria, Analysis of Video Gaming Industry in Nigeria. Ibadan, Oyo State‘s capital rose to dominance in the early 19th century. Our aim is to provide daily living guide for Nigerians and her friends. Luxurious real... copyright 2020 Kukun is the nicest coworking spot, but very expensive, even by international standards ($90usd/week). Regular football is served by Ibadan's favourite sports club, 3SC, at the Adamasingba stadium. Apart from being a First Class low industry residential neigbourhood, it also prides itself as the seat and home of power. I've lived in Ibadan for well over 20yrs. The entry point of this city is at point 7. Onireke G.R.A is a fully developed highbrow and low density residential hub, Onireke G.R.A has always being the Lebanese colony of Ibadan. 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