From full suits to shorty's, we've tested a range of styles in different waters, 9 best wetsuits for every type of watersport, Sustainable and organic kids' clothing brands, Paraben and sulphate free shampoo & conditioner, 10 best panniers that keep your kit safe while commuting or touring, 9 best running sunglasses: Protect your eyes whatever the weather, 10 best running armbands: Carry your phone while you jog, 10 best stand-up paddle boards for every ability, Lululemon’s classy long-sleeved one piece, everything you need for a watersports holiday. It is worth mentioning that you may find your regular size does not match up to the ROKA sizing as our tester found a size and a half down from his regular size fit like a glove (the brand has 10 sizes for men and 12 for women, so the range of sizing is impressive – and the returns policy means you can try a suit and swim in it to check the sizing). Fit: With fuss free stitching and a smooth fit, our testers thought this suit fitted like “a second skin”. At 5/4mm, it can cope with most English weather. Although all of the wetsuits feature some type of neoprene fabric design, there are, in fact, differences between these neoprene fabrics. For those of you who are swimming in very cold water temperatures, I recommend reading my article on the best wetsuits for swimming in cold water for some even warmer wetsuit options. Next, we have another Blueseventy wetsuit. These suits feature higher and better specifications and will give you a bit more of an advantage over your competitors. .post-detail ol { Suitable for cold machine washing, it's a breeze to maintain. Thus, apart from a popular winter wetsuit for women, the manufacturer also offers you a lighter version that will perfectly suit for enjoyable spring and summer swims. Performance: Comfortable in and out of the water, the specific stretchable design lends itself very well to allowing unrestricted movement on the shoulders. There is a lot of inventive language about neck bands on suits, as manufacturers try to solve the conflict between a neck band that is tight enough to keep out water, and not so tight it strangles you (or rubs). Furthermore, the suit also claimed the Triathlete Magazine editor’s choice award as well as the Lava Magazine’s best value wetsuit award. BH1 4NB. Find out how to take advantage of the TYR discount on the Swim England Membership site. It features a 4:5:4 buoyancy profile which will optimize your body position, technique, and speed while swimming. In terms of performance, you should look for a suit with as much rubber versus material (neoprene) as possible. You can feel the thickness of the neoprene. As if you are looking to get in the water in the months of December to April then you will need to look for a flexible and good quality winter wetsuit. Happiest swimming in skins and has little experience with wetsuits. The higher the cell value, the higher the quality of the fabric. Plus, it is easy to maintain and can be machine washed on a cold water setting. Best Fitbits For Swimming: Top 7 Waterproof Fitbit Trackers, 15 Best Nose Clips For Swimmers- Expert Guide And Benefits, Best Snorkel For Swimming Laps: Top 10 Swimmer’s Snorkels, Open Water Swimming Gear: 10 Essential Pieces Of Equipment, 13 Best Wetsuits For Open Water Swimming- Expert Guide. The close fit still allows for ample movement in the arms, though our testers found it a little more restrictive than other wetsuits. The flexible lycra can also handle chlorine, so it can comfortably withstand chilly lidos. This is some of the most durable fabric out there and your wetsuit will likely last for years to come.

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