From: Unknown: New York 5/21/20. Unique hook slot that provides better hook-ups. Also that added with a paddle tail or a worm tail, makes then even better. At just about any Bassmaster tournament you attend, you will see the majority of anglers using plastic fishing worms in one form or another. There's beauty in simplicity, and its so nice that such a simple bait can be so versatile.

slowly reel it back, sometimes clicking the bottom on the retrieve. Comments: This spring and summer has been really tough. Comments: YUM's colors in my opinion are superior to Yamamoto, also to achieve a better fall rate wacky style, use the eco-pro tungsten wacky weight. Comments: When it comes to wacky rigging these are just as good as senkos. These should be your go-to best plastic worms for bass fishing! Works great around flats, edge or pockets of lily pad, rock drop offs, docks and any edge of heavy cover. I did this to save space since i have 10+ bags on hand..well they will (as other soft baits will) eat away at the plastic.. it gets messyPros: many color options / Price and durabilityCons: ? Only drawback is the lack of color selection these have compared to senkos. Comments: Wacky-rigged Yum Dinger using a Gamakatsu g-finesse wacky jig head has put more fish in my boat than all other baits combined including some of my biggest fish. BUY THEM NOW!

How To Choose The Best Lure Colors | Bass Fishing - YouTube Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased.

Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. The Dinger is infused with a proven scent attractant with enzymes designed to create a feeding frenzy. These plastic worms are three times softer and as much as thirty times stronger than any other plastic bait ever made. Doesn't appear to fall as fast or with the action of a Senko, but catches loads of bass, Texas or wacky rigged. And yes, these are better than Senko's! These trick worms are constructed from soft plastic for a lifelike appearance. The fall on weightless presentations has a sweet side to side motion, like a feather falling in the air. I used to take the yamamotos & the trigger X here in Canada, but the trigger x are huge & the yamamotos doesnt sink well. I have a hard time spending money other stick baits when the Yum Dingers hold up just as well as other brands. I have seen where they only last a couple of fish but so does other brands as well. Tested under the toughest conditions throughout the U.S. Plus these last a heck of a lot longer than senkos. Comments: I owe my pb bass to this bait, and it's great and a fraction of the price of the Gary Yamamoto senkos. This article contains incorrect information, This article is missing information that I need. It sinks slightly more slowly than a Senko but that makes it better for shallow water. Comments: Singer seniors same thing there all just cheap basically a cheap way to catch bass if u suck at fishing I definitely do t recommend, Comments: Great stick bait! Most of the higher quality plastic worms will last through several strikes. Yeah, that will get bites too sometimes, and I have caught fish on Dingers but not like on Senkos.

Forget the Yamamoto senkos and get these.

Comments: These things just catch fish. A solid bait for fishing for fun, but when the the catches matter I would go with the senkos. You can make your own choice, but I am going to stick to my dingers. The action on this plastic worm is very good. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A: It really depends on the quality of the plastic worm and how much abuse it has endured. I prefer these for wacky rigging, as their stiffness helps them bounce back better when twitched. They sink way too slow & don't have much action. YUM Dingers have a unique hook slot that provides better hook-ups and are heavily salted, contain Live Prey Technology, are a better value and don't tear up as fast as the competition. This past week I decided to try them at another lake & I absolutely slaughtered the bass. Remember also that some of the most popular plastic worm rigs are wacky and Texas rigs. Sure, senkos are good too, but for the price, you can't beat these. The Dinger became an instant bass fishing classic lure.

Pay 2 to 3 times as much for others that won't catch more or as many as the dinger if you like, I'll buy other tackle with my extra money. Color selection is great, black/blue laminate and junebug is all you need here in the tidal system of northeastern NC. The Strike King Zero is also a Bassmaster top pick. I also use the Watermelon Pearl. They’re deadly attractive when trying to get a fish to strike. Texas rigged with nail style weights if fishing deeper these things just plain work.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I use them to Texas rig and wacky rig. One of the most versatile soft plastics on the market, the YUM Dinger can be Texas, Carolina and wacky rigged, weighted or weightless, and catches bass when other lures fail. Texas rig this bait with a 4/0 hook and you will be good to go! Plastic fishing worms are made from a flexible plastic known as Plastisol. I have a caught four fish on one all black worm this past spring, so they hold up. Works very great around 1-15ft of water.

Definitely a hidden gem in the bass world. Newsletter.

Comments: they don't flutter on the way down like the senkos do. I wrote all those because I really believe in this bait and would want anyone to try it out and have fun too. Any active or inactive bass would see a slow jigging or shimmy worm as a super easy bait to eat. Put it on a 4/0 shaky head & pull it through cover on the bottom. If you plan on fishing the weeds for big fish try theses Texas or Carolina rigged, work great!

Black/BlueFlake, Watermelon RedFlake, and Mardi Gras are some of my go to's. Comments: These rank up to senkos, better... they are the best product for the best price. This is still good if you don't want to spend 7 dollars a pack on Senkos. Comments: These are a great bait I have fished them for not even a month now and caught more fish then I did with any other baits I bought them because they were cheap and they worked like magic on the wacky rig. You can't beat the price either. Zoom plastic worms are great, especially these grubs!

Once cooled, the plastisol solidifies and retains the shape of the mold it was injected in. Anything that has a green pumkin coloring tends to work as well for bass. Comments: Awesome bait! Floating design is great for post-spawn fish and bass suspended in brush or other covers, they can be straight, Tex-posed, wacky or Carolina rigged. Comments: Have to say that personally I prefer the 5" Yum Dinger over the Sinko. It is now my go to bait and have caught more large mouth bass on that set up than any other. One of my top go to drop shot baits period. From: Drew: Colliers, West Virginia 4/27/17. A very large variety of plastic baits, known as soft plastics, are also made from plastisol using the same procedure. Pure Passion, Loaded with bang pure crawdad and shad oils, The Package Height Of The Product Is 1.02 Centimeters, The Package Length Of The Product Is 12.7 Centimeters. Comments: This bait is awesome! Why this set up is so effective is because the weight of Dinger, light hook, small line all created a very slow sinking worm but with a shimmy. Comments: Good color selection, I like the junebug & watermelon candy. This basically keeps the plastic fishing worms from drying out and becoming brittle and more easily torn. Conclusion: Culprit has developed a formula that continues to attract bass in all conditions. This allows a fish to smell and even taste the plastic worm and offers a better chance of the fish taking the bait. They are durable however. I owe my top 10 largemouth bass to the dinger, and I will stand behind them forever. This is an incredible lure. However you fish them, you're going to catch something. Comments: I started using 5" Yum Dingers about a year ago mostly on an Owners shaky head hook.

Comments: These are a good Senko-style bait for the price, but it just doesn't have the same action or softness. Comments: The yum dinger is one of the best sinko type baits around, they last a long time & they are cheap. 10/10. The environment and species you are going after have a large impact on the type of plastic worm that works best. They are very durable and hold up very well when catching multiple bass on the same worm. They stay on your hook better than senkos! It gets ripped very easily. Pair it with a trapper hook and watch the magic. About me. Mann's Hardnose Jelly Worms-Pack of 10, Black Grape, 12-Inch, Gambler Lures Floating Worm-Pack of 12 (White, 7-Inch), Zoom 011019 Fat Albert Curly Tail Grub Bait, 3-Inch, 10-Pack, Watermelon Seed, Culprit C720-02 Original Culprit 7-1/2-Inch Worm Red Shad, 18-Pack, Zoom 006116-SP 6-Inch Trick Worm, Set of 20, Motor Oil, Yum Lures YDG502 Dinger Fishing Bait, Watermelon/Red Flake, 5", How to Eat Sea Urchin: Uni Catch and Cook Guide, How to Hook Live Shrimp to Attract Your Target Game Fish, When to Catch California Halibut – Season Guide, Googan Baits Open...Sniff...Catch!! You'll be hooked on this combination. Up north I love the rainbow trout color along with summer gill and camo. "one bait one fish." These super-soft, big-bass baits glide effortlessly through the water with incredible fish-catching action while staying in the strike zone longer. Doesn't have as much wobble as the Yamamoto senkos, but I've only caught perch with those. YUM Dingers have a unique hook slot that provides better hook-ups, and they’re tougher than similar baits – so you get more fish per bait than any other. The local lake just wasn't producing, nor any other lakes in the region. A: Most plastic worms are not great for the environment. For me, I love sight fishing largemouth with a wacky rigged dinger. Comments: I've noticed a number of comments regarding the lack of shimmy/wiggle on the fall. Ultimately a bass will hone in on any worm between 4" - 6", but its nice to tailor to your preferences. Wacky rigging, or Texas rigging, this is the bait for it all! This soft plastic bait presents a very subtle life-like action that even highly pressured fish can't resist.

Our main color on clear water and against the big rocky ledges is Elders Magic, but had great success with other colors also. Comments: The yum dinger is one of the best sinko type baits around, they last a long time & they are cheap. When looking for the best plastic worms, keep a couple of things in mind. Comments: No quiver action on the fall, green pumpkin looks terrible.

And for the ned rig guys, hey, save money and buy these.

The only difference is that the Dinger sinks slightly slower than the Senko and is MUCH more durable yet half the price of Yamamoto. I put a feathered treble on the back hook and it suspends very well when using 10 lb.

I throw Texas rigged with a 1/4 ounce weight & its lethal after cold fronts, all the stages of the spawn & even in winter dead sticking it. Texas rigged, wacky style and even pitched into heavy cover.

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