The F45 Lionheart reports that my heart rate does not go above 156 bpm even though I know when running I often sit at 160+ quite comfortably and trust me in some sessions I must be at my VO2 max! I was pleased that the company ended up doing the right thing it is just a shame that it took so long. In this same app it keeps a log of all of my workouts and I can even link up with my friends who I workout with so we can see each other's results and cheer each other on. Connects to phone but no app to see data in real time. Fantastic. Look online for a second hand one if you are keen as many people offload them after they realise how crap they are but for me I will keep it for competitive reasons. Six weeks and multiple emails later I still do not have a refund nor any form of a solution. I often get 2 reports sent to me after my session (someone else mentioned they also get this) with often different results? In the time of virtual fitness classes it would make sense to invest in your digital technology. My age,height and weight are correct. I own a FitBit and love it, but I feel in order to truly track a workout I must wear a HRM around my chest. It’s good, but room to improve. It’s inaccurate. I know you can link the hr monitor to other apps, but would be nice to have it all in one app. Doesn’t work. F45 Training is a network of group-training studios that offer high-intensity workout classes with a functional approach to fitness. I own a MyZone HRM that I've used for years and it has an awesome app that allows me to see my progress during a workout on my IPhone and when I complete a workout it creates an awesome bar graph showing the results of my workout. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements. -I was scratching my head as to why my Fitbit was saying 450 cals in a cardio class and I tend to go harder end up sweatier/get pushed by the owner/trainer so hard and then I see other peoples LionHeart results and they've done like 600-700+ at times - now it makes sense as the accuracy and also; as I am learning everyone is different some people will burn more and some will burn less even if they're going harder etc - that's what I really like about F45 in a nutshell we're all different and support each other the only competition you have is with yourself - and your goals! Like others have said (just like scales), the figure being exact isn't as important as being able to see the changes over time. I managed to clock up 46.5 pts in Moonhopper today; it's definately a good motivator and even if it is inaccurate as people say the key thing is consistently inaccurate. The log would state that for a 45 minu...Read more. Reset MindBody password and F45Life passwords to match (which is a security no-no I will add). If you “burn” more or less than the previous session. There are so many apps that it is difficult to keep up withIt would be nice if we had the ability to use the heart rate monitor for out of studio workouts and track within the app. Our ‘Team Training Life Changing’ philosophy is what drives us to constantly offer you the latest in fitness technology, like our LionHeart Heart Rate Monitor.​F45 Training has expanded it's fitness technology with the introduction of it's latest App - F45 Life​.​F45 Life is the one App you need to track your training progress​ and is now available for iPhone​.You can:Create a​n​ F45 ProfileRegister your LionHeart band to get all of your LionHeart reports in one place in the convenient activity feedKeep up-to-date on your overall stats, in the ​s​tats section of the appEarn badges for reaching ​m​ilestones, making it even easier to track your progressKeep your personal details up-to-date, including weight & your studioUpload a profile picThe F45 Life ​App ​will rapidly expand into a fully fledged lifestyle App, which you will be able to use in a variety of new and exciting ways, so watch this space​!​. As long as the tracker is consistent, you can use numbers to compare with other numbers from the same tracker. I gave it 2 stars and not 1 as it does keep me competitive during sessions trying to beat others while working out even though I am sure I am a lot more exhausted than some of the other people training but I have no evidence to ba... ck that up. Like others have said (just like scales), the figure being exact isn't as important as being able to see the changes over time. Love the product, it just needs more functionality! There is so much that could be done to enhance the back-end analytics and give a more comprehensive view of your workout. Overall not a very well implemented solution and the cost of the product feels like a total rip off and is clearly aimed at the cheapest solution possible to maximize profits. I did numerous classes with the LionHeart monitor and then compared the same classes with my Garmin and a Fitbit.

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