Not recognizing Russo, Walsh initially assumed he was being robbed and told Russo that he only had a television which was worth any money and told him to take it and leave without doing him any harm; however, Russo got onto his feet and claimed that he did not intend to harm Walsh, questioning if he actually remembered him or not as Walsh shook his head. [7], Russo left Dinah Madani to find the dead agent and the dying Sam Stein as he made his escape, knowing that even if Stein survived long enough to be found by her, he would be unable to tell her Russo's deception due to choking on his own blood. Madani demanded that Russo lower his gun, but he refused and continued aiming. Russo settles down the crew from their heist, Although Jigsaw stood in silence, José eventually asked his opinion, leading to Bobby furiously insulting him as he noted how Jigsaw had almost gotten them all arrested, while getting Mike and Geno killed, claiming that everything had gone wrong simply because Jigsaw lost control. Russo calmly destroys the Anvil Headquarters, Once Russo had eventually killed all of the Homeland Security agents who he could find within the building, he made his way outside and calmly set off a bomb within the Anvil Headquarters. Castle managed to pin Russo against one of the mirrors, cracking it, as he attempted to plunge Russo's own knife into his eye socket. Russo agrees to execute Frank Castle himself. Dumont went on to explain that she eventually came face to face with that thing that had hurt her and this allowed her to heal, comparing the feeling to touching god. Russo has passionate sex with Dinah Madani, Choosing to forget about their drinks and distract themselves from their bad days, the pair headed back to the Madani Residence where Russo and Madani immediately began kissing and removing their clothes, at which point Russo then noticed several harsh bruises on Madani's body caused by a recent car wreak. I saw the movie and it was so touching. Even though he was primarily using her, Russo also somewhat cared for Dinah Madani, refusing to have sex with her when she was emotionally unstable and telling her a sensitive story about his childhood. Deceased Russo confessed to feeling hollow after defeating Castle, scratching his head out of stress while Dumont claimed that she had taken part in this mission only to make Russo happy. Wearing his Therapy Mask and also armed with Krista Dumont's revolver, Russo had then revealed himself to Hoyle and forced Hoyle to remove his gun and eject the magazine and round while he still aimed the revolver at his friend. Jigsaw made no attempt to make his presence known to Castle since he wanted him to go into his assassination mission with complete confidence, so Jigsaw could then take advantage and launch his own ambush and finally destroy his former best friend. Russo tells the Punisher and him are alike. Russo is horrifically mutilated by the Punisher. For viewers familiar with the comic book history of the punisher the twist midway through marvels the punisher that reveals ben barnes billy russo is actually working against his friend and. Yo what's going down guys so today's video I have a special guest and friend BluMaan who's showing us a slick back hairstyle with a disconnected undercut, his channel is linked in the description box along with links to his new products. With Geno also getting killed in the shootout, the Punisher was then forced into cover as Phillip began shooting at him with a sniper rifle, allowing José to run over to Jigsaw and pull him into their car so they could make their escape from the situation. He takes great pride in his handsome appearance, which fuels his arrogant attitude, to the point when after he sees his face horrifically mutilated by Frank, he begs to be killed. Russo commented on how his lawyers told him that he shot Hoyle, noting that he did not remember this, claiming that once he found out all he wanted to do was to call Hoyle and try and fix their friendship. Once inside, the stuttering Russo had explained that he did not know who else he could turn to in his time of need other than Dumont, who questioned how Russo had been able to find her apartment, to which Russo confessed that he had simply followed her home. Hoyle offered Russo the coffee, taking a drink out of his own to show it was not poisoned. These two bullets in his stomach did not even slow the furious Russo down as he dropped his gun and instead charged straight at Madani, pinning her against the wall while screaming in her face as he called Madani a bitch and he had questioned why she had to bring Dumont into their conflict. Russo told the story of when he and Castle fought together in Basra, which he claimed to be the best night of his life, before expressing his regret that Castle had been killed, noting that he missed him. As they completed their training together, Russo and Castle both underwent the gauntlet, in which they would walk through all their fellow marines while getting beaten down to prove their endurance as well as their physical strength, with Castle giving Russo a mocking prep talk before he went through the gauntlet first. With nothing written about the cause of his scars, Russo had decided to find out for himself. On behalf of Anvil, Russo promised that his priority would be finding Castle, who was still on the run after Lewis Wilson's death, and vowed that Anvil would contribute in anyway they could, questioning what had happened to Castle. As Castle expressed his personal distrust for Orange, Russo quoted a poem telling Castle their mission was the do or die. [1], Russo takes Dinah Madani out for their drink. Castle told Russo all that he knew of Operation Cerberus and their illegal actions in Kandahar, noting that he was now aware that Agent Orange, Major Ray Schoonover and Colonel Morty Bennett were all selling heroin and using the profits to fund their illegal assassination missions, mentioning that Gunner Henderson had been killed when he had tried to blow the whistle on the entire operation. Russo asks why Frank Castle disfigured him. Knowing that he was winning them all back over to his side, Russo promised that he would allow them to leave if they simply wanted to take this money and run, suggesting that instead, they invest the money in a Base of Operation as well as weapons to continue their Campaign to fight back against the entire system that had already been holding them down for so long. Getting onto his feet, Russo made eye contact with Castle and suggested that they meet that night for a final showdown to end their hunt, telling Castle to meet him by the Central Park Carousel, knowing that returning to the sight of the Massacre at Central Park would likely put Castle off balance emotionally and give Russo the advantage.

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