Aware of this, It sounds like it is, but if you move it, it sounds off, human mistake. 00:09:720 (3) - Again there is no sound here, the triple happens on the next tick and it would feel much better if that slider was moved to 00:09:833 - Keeping it a slider and just moving it on the time line would give a nice feeling to the gameplay here. I feel like having those 00:12:333 - 00:10:515 - clicked make sense so I'd prolly shorten 00:10:288 (3) - but just make sure to silence both slider end if you do that cuz theres no sound on the blue ticks there. 00:43:697 - I dont think this break is justified? Changed spacing?, not removing the NC because there is no need and it's not confusing. I find it fine with the amount of triangles I used for the map.

Thanks for the suggestion but I really feel like mapping harder songs is the right way to go, more when it's a song that I like more. 00:10:856 (5) - No sound here, I'd just delete that circle really no point in having random triple, the music has really cool rhythm but it feels like you mapped a lot of things kinda randomly :/. This video is unavailable. This sound doesn't just stop, and moving the cursor a little is not really a major problem. This song is really, REALLY exaggerated, I felt like exaggerating even in hard diff makes it display the song almost perfectly. I guess it breaks flow for some players, I shall name it: Bloody Stream... No need, there isn't a noticeable sound and makes the map boring, "Normally" would be 2 sliders or weird instrumental break... i don't think that is too fitting, As you see, Your mod didn't quite help, thank you! I'm just gonna say that after I did it, it came out disgusting, however, there was no sound on the blue tick, Yup, nothing was mapped randomly, I just made some mistakes, Again, this breaks the whole thing and doesn't make sense, there is a stronger sound that just took over and your explanation is really bad, Slight pitch change, emphasis that those sounds just took over.

osu! » beatmaps » LiSA - Gurenge (TV Size) beatmap info Toggle navigation. 00:13:242 (1) - I'm not really sure I see a reason for this to be a 1/1 slider over just continuing the previous rhythm since the trompet or whichever instrument you're trying to follow there start 00:12:788 - anyway. Changed, but I wanna keep the spacing/release, I feel like I wanna show new players slider speed changes, but I will take it down a bit, Pretty colors stimulate the mind, New players also don't mind NCs too much, I see, my testers didn't have any problems with that, but I'll do a thing, Ending it in white tick there seems appropiate, Moved On screen, lemme check if I wanna keep it in blue or not, Not either, the distance is too small to call Jump really, These are too far away to Blanket them nicely, but I made it look like it, No much difference, and would be an unexplainable 3 Actives combo, The song gets more intense, this creates a buildup and it's effective at transmitting the song. 00:11:992 - Here you miss a sound that would make this feel much better again and more consistant with well, what I'm suggesting since the beginning. Move 2 so it points to 3 and and makes a better triangular pattern, This might be because it's the only Stream I hadn't have to change, You are right! 00:51:424 (1) - Could be interessting to make this slider and extrended slider to the blue tick and then mapping the drums here to give a cool build up to the kiai but thats more a suggestion, keeping actual rhythm can work too. Sadly, this makes the rhythm too dense, and then osu!


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