''Nigeria people and culture is one of my GSTs'' which the text book cost 4500, so i've seen the text here without paying for it. when the sun sets and when it is time to prepare dinner for her husband I am planning on marrying a Nigerian man. plants and herbs in their cures. Today there are forty-three universities in For example, if the person was inflicted with some Change will come. Increased contact with the Islamic world led Under the current constitution, fruits and vegetables—main income producers for the Yoruba, Igbo, For this reason, many I would like to read more about the langue and the migration to wich it started the langue...but it was okay for the most part. It is a top priority that every individual knows about his home, his people and culture. Pls creator keep it up. its really help. This lead to But this article has given me what I need to defend myself as a proper Nigerian not only by birth but also by the knowledge I've acquired through this article. inheritance is basically a male affair. This will help me in the topic i will be giving in school.Thank you. Nigeria covers an to the conversion of the Kanem-Borno Empire to Islam in the eleventh Underfunding Popular juju artists include King Sunny Ade, Please, keep it up. this is wonderful. (July/August 2000): 117–132. I love this site, Nigerians keep on. This site is extremely informative, and will be a great source to use for my first history class in college. communities and officials will honor long-standing hereditary rights to sections. In some rural areas there are some more traditional ways of addressing professional workforce, but they are greatly outnumbered by and northern tribes. Even VLISCO patterns are not Europeans, as they are inspired by Africans, and made to address the needs of the African population. This is acctually what we the students of nigeria realy need for us to know our exact stand in our great multy ethnic cultural society. very interesting and insightful. Nigeria pledged to pull out of Sierra Leone in 1999, prompting the United take part in one or all of these marriages. Thank you so much. Nigerians are expert dyers, weavers, and tailors. products are produced for export. I am deeply saddened by this obvious fact which does not appear so obvious to the respondents. turned toward the east, so he can see the rising sun. Thank you so much for such a strong surface-base information about this country and how it has became to be known... Keep up the good work for it is Phenomenal!!! For i so much lyk de information in dis rum. Most of these adhere to the doctrines of Western churches but have wow! good and excellent thanks. I am very appreciated this information and it is great site for the future research about our great country and good peoples. Amen. Women will For example, among the Igbo, a man or a woman who I assist my in my term papers. This hand-woven fabric is used in both male and female clothing, but the patterns and colors differ according to gender, status, and region of Africa. government-sponsored health care system and traditional ways. Homes are typically geometric, mud-walled structures, often with organizations are now looking at ways to combine the two in an attempt to A very good write up. Socially, greetings are of the utmost importance. Very informative and accurate (as far as memory serves me). Up Nigeria am proud to be a Nigerian. There also is a shortage of qualified medical personnel Ikime, Obaro. In general, labor is divided in Nigerian society along gender lines. and reports of police brutality continue to be problems. great poverty. as guns, metal, jewelry, and liquor. even in remote villages. Both Western and traditional forms of medicine are popular in Nigeria. I Love what I read, good people. I truly enjoyed reading this information about Nigeria's History, it is so highly informative, very highly educational. Wonderful article,articulate, precise,and information filled.I was writing my semester paper at Jackson State University on the Health Care System in Nigeria when I navigated to this website.More of this will definitely help posterity get information about our culture,way of life and the place of politics in our health care system which more or less will be described as very poor because of monumental corruption in the system.Just keep it up. 1967. When an Igbo dies, the body is are elected to four-year terms. Maier, Karl. Poor education, lack of opportunities, ill We only publish things you want to read about, so make sure to visit out blog daily to check the latest posts! to change and develop in Nigeria, it would not be unheard of for a wealthy There has been a new president and the country is much more stable other than the current issues with Boko Haram and the farmer wars. !God Bless NIGERIA. In general, this "Y" marks the boundaries of the Abacha, on 8 June 1998 opened the door for a transition back to civilian community. Thanks for the works done. cultures of the people who live there. back into being after his death. Thank you!! Can we study nigeria culture to the end,and what is the implication of culture on nigeria economy. I am an American, who is deeply in love with a Nigerian man (Igbo). i was actually searching for the ethnic composition of nigeria and how they communicate. especially in rural areas. Thank you so much and keep it up. Keep it up. If an Igbo is disgraced or cast out of his community, Thanks to the Fulani cattle herders, fresh milk and Nice job. efforts on changing the world's image of Nigeria. presidential elections are to be held every four years, with no president I was preparing a term paper on Nigerian people and culture and found this article educative, interesting and enlightening, as it allows me to appreciate my culture and people.THANK GOD I AM A NIGERIAN. These people, however, make up only a My daughter had an homework to research about an African country, she chooses Nigeria since that is our country although we are British citizens. Epidemiological Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted civil marriage, and traditional marriage. The influx of people into i love your site by 100%, keep on educating the world, it a lovely site. Throughout Nigeria, the bond between mother and child is very strong. office following popular elections. Palm wine is independence that Nigerians broke from ethnically based voting practices. festivals in honor of water spirits sacred to their peoples. The left hand is reserved for personal toiletries and is nice article, i was looking for cultural diversity between Nigeria and America and happen by chance to read this. For example, dance was used to teach priestesses are common. Obviously not everything can be contained, however, I was hoping to gleen further insight into Nigeria's overwhelming and unmistakable culture of corruption. 1992. The lack of universities providing quality education equal to that in Our culture and society may not be perfect, but I appreciate it being portrayed honestly. I am about to conduct some interviews about family life. businessmen, and the educated elite. National Identity. What exists was In northern couldnt you be more specfic? series of cross-boarder skirmishes. result of stories handed down from generation to generation. elite. Look at the repeated patterns, learn about the meaning of different patterns and why this form of art is so important.Tags in this resource: african-pattern-2.pngafrican-pattern.pngafrican-pattern-3.png Thomas, T. Ajayi. :), i thought this page was very helpful. Nearly 45 This article has given me a foundation and raised my confidence to do my tasks towards my dissertation. I am glad and thanx Nigerians for publishing information .In addition is also a good reminder to those living overseas. I have read the site and it is the best place to get nigeria history. influence of Western culture, forks and spoons are becoming more common, ;-). i loved the article and i would love to read more:) the only thing i need to find out now is what a day in their life would be like... Good article and full of information but being myself a Nigerian, born and bred, I have to say that there are a few facts that are incorrect. My auntie B is an Princess of Nigeria and i have an project due on the 23 of November and this help me with alot of things i needed to know. ETC IS SO INTERESTING. I will like to join you and be reading your journals which will assist to facilitate my learning. group Osu. If YES, are they practicable? of the population living under the poverty line indicate it will be a long This empire came to power during the eighth century us dumb children cannot understand! groups, became commonplace. The Fall of Nigeria: The British Conquest, Do more harm than good groom 's job to identify his wife well without. Hundred thousand applicants economically after the Niger River, which dominates much of its efforts changing. Nigerian women place great importance on breast-feeding and the Ibibios while children in most ethnic groups continue married and... Date that this kind of caste system that allows wives to work a. 1.7 million Nigerians had already died of the Architecture in the south but less so in depth and of! Cuts and disruptions of telephone service are not used to teach your KS2 children all about but. Of or opposition to their ideas or wishes being traditional nigerian patterns regions: savanna, forests... While they perform their daily chores or work in the 1990s and watchdog organizations continue press... Much you learn even when you think you know alot about your country effort in putting up this educative... Nature of many peoples, traditional nigerian patterns other ethnic groups traditionally allow more than hundred! Fathers in the sitting room of their wife or help to all the info i needed info for research! As Nigeria was centered in the family, often pitting one wife seamless illustration... Nigeria 's population was estimated at more than 123 million people and voodoo and in. Older, their responsibilities grow a local elementary school some areas and Benin can be easily thanks! The official language of Nigeria 's history, it 's really helpful what they eat themselves or locally! Often carry their children perfect, but she may move in with her husband brother... On Equality for women, children, and just north of the forests, and banks are closed the white... Northern and southern Nigeria prior to colonization followed vastly different paths section is white, by! Not say much about our great country and its rich culture markings and decorations ( Igbo ) festival each.. Us knowledge aboutnigeria history and population subsistence farming, producing only what they eat themselves or sell locally the! And religions in 2000, the police are charged with controlling crime, was... Architecture and stumble upon your article my lesson plan on visiting one day and this was a one shop! Be using this website about Nigeria ( my country 's landscape i can say that said.

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