Soaking the enemy's attack on your shield will eat away at its durability. Let's make a high durability Tree Branch for a demo, using the Lightscale Trident. 8 comments. That said, they are fantastic at causing a status effect which can then be exploited further with a regular weapon. If anyone can figure it out how to copy in 187 durability, you are a legend. Durability transfer. Jump attack to damage the weapon once. That's right, the enemy blocking your attacks will drastically accelerate the destruction of your weapon. While the exact numbers aren't shared visibly in the game, there are a few ways to identify a weapon's current durability. Hardly a scratch. Post testing, it was found that the Master Sword's values do not work as expected. In the end, using a weapon for a purpose other than what it is intended for will greatly speed up its destruction. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Watch for that subtle sparkle. Through some accidents I found that you can in fact copy a weapon, bow, or shield's durability to another one, which means that you can get an entire inventory of Master Sword -level durability on every single weapon you own. If you transfer the durability of the Master Sword to another weapon, will that other weapon ever break? Durability transfer. Ancient Battle Axe++ now goes from meme quality to great lifetime weapon due to the upgraded durability. Using these weapons, the durability will decrease in exactly the same way as the traditional weapons they have parity with. Keep those eyes peeled, and find as many as you can. You'll nail them for 5 times that number before getting thrown off, and you won't lose even a point of durability on that weapon! For base weapon durability values, see this. This category of weapons consists of items that are better suited for things other than combat with the enemy. While you can transfer the master sword's durability, the damage cut factor does not get copied. a lot). NOTE: Credit for this guide goes to /u/TobiasAmaranth from reddit. | | | |, Press J to jump to the feed. - Best Remote Learning School, For Kids Age 5-14. This page was last modified on 23 July 2020, at 15:54. It doesn't seem to care what it is hitting be it a Moblin, a shield, a piece of fruit, or splashing into the river 100 feet away. Use these to save your precious weapon durability on your combat weapons. The Biggoron's Sword, however, can hit a staggering 111 durability with a Durability Up + mod, easily making it the best copy target. Just check the Weapons List and Shields List on this wiki! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Breath_of_the_Wild community, Continue browsing in r/Breath_of_the_Wild, All things The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I have a 100 damage Lynel club that lets me crank out 750 damage with Barbarian armor equipped. When Link's model glitches out and you successfully select a different weapon (model should not change, and the selection noise will be different: refer to video), you can now up durability. Master the perfect block and keep your shields in good shape. NOTE: You can look up specific durability values for weapons and shields. Sheikah Armor never sounded so good. Durability is a gameplay mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For some reason, the durability of the original weapon is now replaced with the durability of the copy weapon (the Trident). Damage taken by the master sword is divided by 4.7 when glowing blue. Great! Almost all shields break in one beam, Royals in two. Don't be afraid to throw items away. The actual durability of the Master Sword is capped at 40 regardless of powering: the difference is that when powered, the sword loses approximately 1/4.7 durability per hit. When you buy your house you will be able to gain access to three displays for each type of equipment. Those. Having two bottles of milk, both half consumed, is far less efficient than having one unopened bottle of milk and one in the trash, right? Traditional weapons would be things like swords, clubs, and spears. As you may already be aware, this glitch lets you copy in items. You can take your trusty Pot Lid and reflect back all the Guardian Beams you can muster, and it will never fail you! Fighting a Lynel? You can actually increase the durability of the Master Sword, even if you have the fully powered version. Nail them in the face, get on their back, and switch to your highest raw damage weapon. can you transfer master sword durability to an elemental rod? Doing this glitch on a weapon with the Master Sword results in a 40 durability weapon and not the expected 187 durability. Attack them once with an elemental weapon and then switch to a traditional one. I'd recommend some other weapon, referring to this sheet: Durability determines how long before Weapons and Shields break. There's likely some extra details about which shields are better for defense against which styles of weapon, but I admit I typically just used Flurry Rushes, and got hit by more stuff than I should have. That's going to cost you. Surfing down a rocky cliff? It turns out that the Flame and Thunder spears (not ice) can reach a max durability of 73 with a Durability Up + mod, bringing them to beat out the Lightscale Trident. hide. Surfing in the sand or snow? I always thought the durability was only an indicator of how long the weapon lasts before it breaks. Therefore, the internal durability does not actually increase and is pretty low as well. share. This hits even more stupid values if you copy in the Biggoron's Sword, with 75*1.5*1.8*1.3*2*110 (durability) for a n**ifty **57915 damage. Sadly, the elemental effect on these is fairly limited. The spring loaded hammer has 80 durability. Other weapons will break easier against those Guardians. If it's not in one of the above categories, you're either wasting your inventory space, or intentionally messing around. Korok Seeds. When using them for anything else, they will break very quickly. You can also aim-cast with the throw button. I think the hammer has 88 durability. While you can transfer the master sword's durability, the damage cut factor does not get copied. i like to repair my items with the springloaded hammer tho bcz it has like 200 or something. Like in many RPGs, your weapons in the LoZ: BotW can break if you are not careful enough. Therefore, the internal durability does not actually increase and is pretty low as well. These rods lose durability at a regular rate by slinging their magic. To put this into perspective, the (fully upgraded) Master Sword has a lifetime 188 (durability) * 60 (damage) * 1.5 (food) = 16920 damage. Just make sure you're throwing out the worn out versions and not the 'Brand New' versions. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Wait, what. Yes, the Master Sword doesn’t have an infinite durability, it just recharges it’s durability when it breaks. These are your standard weapons that are best suited for destructive cartoon violence against enemies. NOTE: Credit for this guide goes to /u/TobiasAmaranth from reddit NOTE: You can look up specific durability values for weapons and shields.

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