One or more Percentile Layers could not be displayed. Select a Chart above to display the chart, or press the 'Create Chart' button to the right, to make a new Chart. Avoid swimming, wading, or other activities. The COUNT selected Data Sets have been hidden. Southwest District Health (SWDH) and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) are issuing an amended health advisory for BROWNLEE RESERVOIR. Storage began May 5, 1958. Map has failed to load. No more than TOTAL can be exported at once. Stream Flow Data.

Unable to reset the data, grid was not found. An unexpected error has occurred: Unable to retrieve the Charts list. Prior to Feb. 2, 1959, nonrecording gage or levels to water surface at present site and datum. These access points and camping areas are managed by the state or Oregon, the BLM, and by Idaho Power. An unexpected error has occurred: No map/layer groups specified.

Current fly fishing conditions are not going to be good today. An unexpected error has occurred: Map settings not specified. See the water level elevations at the different boat ramps on Brownlee Reservoir. New information indicates harmful algal bloom areas have expanded on Brownlee Reservoir. Filters have been applied to the data based on Data Sets, these will be removed if you switch to no Parameters. Fishing for catfish has been good upper reservoir. An unexpected error has occurred: Layer type: TYPE not supported.

Boiling and filtering the water can increase the risk. An error occured trying to filter the map by the spatial selection.

WebPortal account linked to TYPE Account: Are you sure you want to remove the Link to this TYPE Account? Solar Power Options and Customer Generation, Have Idaho Power present at my school or event, Commercial or Irrigation: Overhead/Underground, Overhead and Underground Power Line Safety, Trees, Safety and Electric Reliability: Frequently Asked Questions, Cloud Seeding: Frequently Asked Questions, Ducted Air-Source Heat Pump – Existing Homes, A/C Cool Credit: Frequently Asked Questions, Shade Tree Project: Frequently Asked Questions, Home Energy Audit: Frequently Asked Questions, New ENERGY STAR® Manufactured Homes: Frequently Asked Questions, Free Energy Saving Upgrades: Frequently Asked Questions, Multifamily Energy Savings Program: Frequently Asked Questions, New Construction and Major Renovations: Frequently Asked Questions, Irrigation Efficiency Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions, Irrigation Peak Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions, University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab (IDL), Solar 4R Schools: Frequently Asked Questions, Idaho Power Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Incentive Offering, Water Information: Frequently Asked Questions, Daly Creek Youth Hunt: Frequently Asked Questions, Fairgrounds Road Property, American Falls, Doing Business With Us: Frequently Asked Questions, Idaho Power Standard Terms and Conditions/Supplier Code of Conduct. Cyanobacteria are a natural part of Idaho’s water bodies. The reservoir has been drafted approximately three feet per day for the last eight days and was at an elevation of 2,024 feet above sea level as of March 9.

An unexpected error has occurred: Please try reloading the Chart. We think the more you know about dams, the safer you’ll be.

Last updated 8/12/2020.

Are you sure you want to continue to the Chart? Find water temperatures and dissolved oxygen levels at specific sites. Learn more about algal blooms, which can create a potential hazard for humans and animals.

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The selected Parameter has no reference periods, and will switch to a Periodic interval, clearing the current Chart. Fishing for bass and crappie has been good.

There is no Data to display for the selected Date, Zoom Level or Approval Level. Brownlee Reservoir will likely be drafted below an elevation of 2,020 feet for most of March and April.

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More severe symptoms affecting the liver and nervous system may result from ingesting water. If the error is persistent, please contact your WebPortal Administrator.

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