Season 1. Oona and Gil, why do you have sunglasses on? Oona hugged Nonny!" Molly: Gilly, relax! Oona is sometimes emotional, but she's never seen crying in the show. Oona's just pretending to be a dinosaur! Ducks in a Row! Mr. Oona: Deema's the big bad wolf?! Please post any fanart you have on your profile, in a forum post, or in a blog post. Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure! Oona hugging Goby after Nonny made him disappear, Oona: Nonny, why are you looking away from me? Bubble Guppies Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Nonny has more lunch jokes! Oona: (evil laugh) Gil: Molly! Nonny: ha uh nothin. Bubble Puppy! Gil: IT'S A T-REX!! Trending pages. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oona: (laughing) HA HA HA HA! I'M SCARED OF THE BIG BAD WOLF! The Crayon Prix! -some 2010 noona fan, Oona wearing Deema's sunglasses from the Nick Jr. Summer Bumper in 2011. AHHH! (screams) AHHHHHHHHHHH! Trick or Treat, Mr Grumpfish! Oona; Nonny; Zooli; Mr. Grouper; Bubble Puppy; Little Fish; Lobsters. Oona: Gil why would u barge into my house so ur dog could spit on my carpet just- Gil: It was an accident, Note: I took that screenshot on YouTube and Oona was saying, "If you're hoppy and you know it! Oona will scare me because there's a real live dinosaur! Martin; Officer Miranda; Jackson; Sandy; Snails. What a laugh! This gallery page is for pictures that come from official sources, such as the show, merchandise, promos, etc. Call a Clambulance! Here are some Bubble Guppies episodes with crying clips on it. The Rockness Lobster; Rotten Tomato; Dragon; The Color Monster; Ball Hog; The Marching Bandit; Episodes. Bubble Baby! This gallery page is for pictures that come from official sources, such as the show, merchandise, promos, etc. The Puppy And The Ring! Build Me a Building! WHAT IS THAT!? Please post any fanart you have on your profile, in a forum post, or in a blog post. ", "AWWWW! She won't scare you. In Call a Clambulance! In Bubble-Cadabra! Petrol ; The Mayor; Miss Jenny; Shelly; Story Segment Characters. Oona: AHHH! Oona quickly hugged him, happy that he didn't actually disappear. Don't worry Oona! She was seen very worried because she thought that Goby had disappeared until after he re-appeared.

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