A sniper scope is a particularly high-magnification sight, which is usually mounted on a sniper rifle, depending on individual needs. Description: Light and tough, the FastFire series puts an unmistakable, bright red dot on your target to give you an immediate speed and accuracy advantage. Saturn sights are usually mounted on the side sight base “MPR45” or a magnification sight.If you still can’t think of what to choose, choose a small sight, only need cheap escape from tarkov roubles to buy it, easy to use, and highly compatible with accessories. Skier Level 4Price: 27915 rublesErgonomics-4 Shooting range 300 0.255Kg Mode: 1Full portrait of NOKK Master Wu in R6. This sight is clean and easy to use. The key feature of this sight is a rimless reflector attachment that doesn’t block any field of fire sections; instead, reflector is protected by thin and durable visor that is almost un-noticeable when firing. Mechanic Level 4Price: 27300 rublesErgonomics-2 Shooting range 200 0.317Kg Accuracy + 3% Mode: 1XPS3-2 and XPS3-0 upgrades. Description: Military grade sniper optical scope PSO 1M2-1, manufactured by Zenit-Belomo. ( Log Out /  It ’s just a side rail. Burris FastFire 3 Reflex Sight. Peacekeeper Level 3Price: $ 308 (black)Peacekeeper Level 4Price: $ 302 (sand)Ergonomics-4 Shooting range 800 0.64Kg Mode: 3. Description: Unified rifle sight USP-1 is designed to conduct accurate fire from AK-74N, AK-74 M, AN-94 and machine guns RPK-74N and PKMN in the daytime and at night on glowing and illuminated targets. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Optical sights Collimators, in general, the most commonly seen Sight is usually this series, cheap and easy to use, and highly compatible, as long as there are guide rails can usually be installed, used for close range and mid-range combat. Description: Military grade sniper optical scope PSO 1M2, manufactured by Zenit-Belomo. Assault scopes, as the name suggests, are specifically designed to hit long-distance sights, but the relative price will be higher. Jaeger Level 2Price: 32098 rublesErgonomics-3 Shooting range 800 0.48Kg Mode: 2I do n’t think this sight is easy to use. Usually, these builds perform well, as recoil or any other important weapon property shouldn’t be a problem. Trijicon RMR mount for a Sig-Sauer pistols, Kiba Arms International SPRM mount for pump-action shotguns, La Rue Tactical picatinny riser QD LT-101 mount, Weaver extended multi-slot base for Remington model 700, 30mm ring-mount AR- P.E.P.R. The sight has a flexible adjustment of the multiples, as well as a fairly accurate range finder, facilitating the operation of combining, measuring the distance to the target and entering the aiming angles. производства "Burris" для установки прицелов, Крепление 30 мм. Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm (Magnification), 20. Let’s take a look at these Sight data guides and prices. Description: Open type reflex sight designed for precision aiming of sport and hunting weapons at different types of targets, including quickly moving ones. Omninesia.wordpress.com provides the latest Escape from Tarkov guides, the most detailed graphics and video guides, Tarkov some common problems encountered in the game can be solved.

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