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"Weetabix - the chicken nuggets of cereal" —Erin Zimmer, "This looks like what people eat in the future instead of food" —Max Falkowitz. Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Magazine article

Would you pay $6.00 for a gallon of orange juice? Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. I have yet to explore this road, but mark my words, I will.

Sweets maven Carrie professed her dedication to Weetabix as part of her affection for all things British, sharing her joy in the novelty of eating cereal that is all in one piece and love of the plain, wheat-y taste. Weetabix's latest ad, which enters Adwatch at number 11,with 59% recall, marks a breakaway from its 'Have you had yours?' Obviously it was just a ploy to get people to buy more Weetabix.


I really should stay out of cereal based debates.

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Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! It's probably considered to be a big breakfast for a woman. have 4 2moro to impress you colleague even more. ? "If I remember correctly, you don't want too much milk with it.

The British love their biscuits, and their cereals are no exception. You absolutely do have to eat it fast. An unknown error has occurred. A gameshow-style bell rings out, and the strapline 'Withabix', in the cereal's logo typeface, appears. Old advert jingles you can still quote today ... [he sees that the crew of said ship are eating Weetabix, general panic ensues] Shiver me timbers! Lay flat in bowl. If I ate less I would be starving by 10am!

Something somthing abandon ship swim for shore! I dug a spoon in and was mildly horrified to find a mushy pile of wheat, entirely unappealing. Maybe your colleague dislikes weetabix or/and due to so many people eating much smaller amounts due to stupid ideas around 'the thinner the better' maybe 3 seems 'too much'. Still have questions? If you see something not so nice, please, report an inappropriate comment.

Topping it with fruit is the best.".
I stand corrected! Frankly I had never noticed it before but apparently this cereal has joined us from across the pond for some time. i think most people have 2 and children are having 1 or 2 as that's what is shown on the weetabix advert.There is nothing wrong with eating 3 it's fine..2 weetabix wouldn't fill an adult up.

Pour over milk until they're half submerged (making sure to splash the tops so theres no dry bits) - sprinkle sugar over the top of the weetabix (I'll do about half a tsp) - wait a couple minutes for them to absorb the milk and go soggy. Well, then. I used to coat them in a layer of sugar but nowadays I would probably try it topped with fruit," said my friend Grace. Some scavenger species will peck the meat off a chicken carcass (cannibalism? What does Homosexual 2% ("Fage" Greek yogurt 2%) taste like.

I got all the delicious grainy flavors, enjoyed its soft and flaky texture and ate up every last bite.

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