On mine…..what I did was… pull the hammer all the way back to full cock, and cleaned the little adjusting screw you’ll see down in the hammer slot. File the left inside of the rear notch until it’s no longer shooting right. For example, the Undercover revolvers’ side plates aren’t attached by screws like, say, Smith & Wesson’s. I enjoyed the review Robert. They do make a great many models. Charter Arms provided the weapon, so back it went. The trigger is smooth, does not stack, and lighter than my J-frame which makes it more accurate for me. I agree that if I used the gun in self-defense I’d expect to have it confiscated and never see it again. Dad should know;it was his gun as a child. The only mission of the Undercover was to make a cheap, light weight, reliable, hideout revolver that could fire .38 Special ball ammunition in self defense of the owner. It has a serial number that begins with “88” and has the older exposed ejector rod. The CA Undercover I bought 4 decades ago when I did dangerous things (legally) and made enemies still sits loaded nearby. My wife bought a brand new Pink Lady and she had problems with the cylinder binding and could hardly pull the trigger. Was I as a law abiding, tax paying, hard working citizen less deserving of firearms ownership and exercising my 2A rights because of my lower income bracket? May have been a friend’s reload, who knows. It was one of the best-selling weapons of the 1970s and the 1980s in the United States. Bought the 38 special Undercover Charter Arms because of the weight and the dealer said it was good for a protection gun in the house, especially for my wife. After “e” mailing the company and letting them know about my Customer Service experience, I get a call from the Charter Arms C.E.O. Davis comes to mind when I think of slamfiring, exploding, or just malfunctioning at the worst possible time, guns. LCR. I took it to the range today and it made it to the 15th round and locked up… It is waiting for another return label and either another botched repair job or a switch for yet another POS. the cylinder wasn’t lined up with the barrel). While at the range, I noticed that the barrel with the front sight was twisted off to the right by approximately 5 to 10 degrees (no wonder I wasn’t able to place shots where I needed them to go on the target). I just wanted to give a little perspective between the older version of the CA Undercover.38 special made in Stratford, Conn and the newer version. Never fired I paid$150 for it which is a steal I think I bought from a friend’s father’s friend whom recently has gone blind I’ve owned several charter arms and owned one of the fist 44spl. If weight is a major consideration check the .38 cal. So since 1998 when the new law went into effect the only snub that isn't pre 1998 was Smith and the prices new and used reflect that. is always suspect ( they have their heart in it, but they need to make them much better than they do ). I could lift the Remington 22 single shot and so carried it down the stairs over at my Grandparent’s house after church. Hasn’t been that price and Ruger new has not been that price for a long time either. My wife purchased a Charter Arms Lavender Lady on 11/20/11, and we took it to our local range a few times. The Chic Lady did not survive, when I cleaned it up I saw the top strap was almost gone. I haven’t used it for years. I have to say, in all fairness, they are made in America and they are neat light weight weapons when they perform as they should. We fully intend to tell them we do not want a replacement from them. Simply put, the Charter lacks qualm-calming quality. I found a suitable replacement on my own: a Ruger SP 101 in .357 magnum. In fact, they even ditched the conventional small retention screws for a more modern route –having the cylinder yoke secured into the strong steel frame. [6] If the trigger is not being pulled when the hammer falls, the transfer bar will not be in position and the weapon will not discharge. Or do yourself a favor and instead of a Smith, buy a Ruger. I should add that when I go backpacking or fishing I usually bring more oomph, a stainless steel CA Bulldog 44. Forty some years ago and 100’s of rounds later NOT ONE PROBLEM ! It saved my life on December 25th 2006. Cobra Gunskins Pink Lady Gun Holster: Is Pink the New Black? I have .38 sp body guard #81111 any one know the vintage of this gun? He offered my wife choice of their inventory or a full refund, and I left it up to her how she wanted to resolve it, since it happened to her, with her revolver. Classic snubbie, but stainless, not blued. $90 3 Bids. BUT —. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fortunate me I found your web site by accident, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate didn’t took place in advance! Fit and function were much better than that of the ‘Problem Child’. The gun was a tool. Close inspection revealed that it would not open in two cylinder positions . I was about to give up and start filing on the front sight but I decided to give it one last chance….I sat it firmly on a bench and began driving nails from 10-15 yds. Needless to say, I would not replace it with a newer version. By the same token, a duty revolver’s action should be like driving into a wall. While the Bulldog may look like your standard snub nose revolver from afar, take a closer look and you’ll be surprised to see how special it really is. Customers emerge from both establishments fat, happy and glad to be alive. Is this normal for this gun? This gun has been in the side door pocket of several Chevy vans, the glove box of everything from Corvettes to Trackers to my current STS-V, my purse or another bag and open carried in my leg holster. It doesn’t like 158 gtain +P ammunition, but it loves wad cutters and hydroshock wadcutters. History. I live in condition yellow and this is the gun I have on me at home due to the fact that it is so small and light I can carry it all day and forget I have it on me. One seemed a bit balky at opening a time or two before being live fired . The Bulldog has been available for the .44 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges. Is the finish as fine as my older Rugers? Mine works like a charm, but quality control at C.A. Although, the early wood grip (not smooth) model seems a bit hard to find. I ran about 400 rounds of lead ball and SWC standard velocity ammo through mine back in the 80s and know reasonably well where it hits out to about 20 yards. I got mine 3 days ago…went to the firing range for the first time with it and from 11.5 yards planted 10 rounds straight in the bullseye head and heart center of target…to me that must mean something ! The Bulldog is apparently intended for light, fast bullets, as with heavier and slower bullets it is less accurate. Two steps. This highly-rated and recommended .44 Special revolver is as practical as they come and it won’t break the bank either. After I ran about 100 rounds of hot factory loads through it, the cylinder would not open at all. I own Charter Arms DAO .38special undercover,it shoots to point of aim,does not give a lead shower,is reliable with anything I feed it,low power loads,+p loads ,if it fits it works!Used it in my states ,(Mississippi),enhanced ccw class shot a 98 out of a possible 100 great little revolver,depend on it every day,just did one change to it,I carry it in the appendix carry,so I changed the boot grip to the full combat grip,but it leaves the option,if I want to carry in the pocket during our very hot summers,to go back to the boot grip.Also looking forward to a 9mm revolver,and the .45acp version coming out in late fall.Ya’ll have a good one,and Keep your powder dry. He wanted to get a large frame small caliber handgun for me but I held out for something that I could hold up and steady for several moments with a big hole pointing at what was scaring me. [14][15] All Bulldog models have a cylinder of five shots. Charter Arms .44 Special Bulldog. The fact David Berkowicz & Mark David Chapman chose a Charter Arms has little to do with anything. Wife and I now both have dependable defensive firearms for every day carry . As for this barrel falling off, I don’t know how thats even possible without the gun having been in obvious need of repair. I still have my dad’s $30 1950s H&R Camper’s Special, 9 shot .22 LR . 38 2 inch barrel in matte stainless, and had to write again to say it is still shooting / functioning fine after close to 1000 rounds through it. In order to eliminate the common safety issues of carrying a wheel gun, the solid-framed Charter contains the dependable hammer block transfer bar safety system. That’s what they say about this gun? Picked up the replacement pistol this morning . In June 2007, a version of the Bulldog with new features[6] began to be produced by another company named Charter Arms,[10] but this time was distributed by MKS Supply. For an in-depth breakdown of Douglas McClenahan’s resilient enterprise, check out my company overview here. My Charter Undercover is one of the first to come out of the factory in the ’60’s. They made a wicked cool 45-70 Govt. Charter Arms, Rossi, Taurus snubbies are all crap. I’m a quilter and the first thing I did was make myself a little ‘sheepskin’ fabric lined corduroy gun-shaped bag to keep it in. One of those enthusiasts who gets off on the satisfying snick of a cylinder slotting into the frame? chambered and hidden. BANG! Stay off the 3rd rail-duh- don’t climb telephone poles to get the ball etc. H&R failed some part of the quality test, which was not solely based upon quality, but a company also had to meet regular production deadlines, and retain a set level of quality. Don’t remove the hammer, sear, or trigger assembles. Loaded with wadcutters or SWC standard velocity ammo mine performs quite well in the manner it was designed for. Colt had bigger problems around then and pretty much left CA alone by 72, and Smith backed off when lots of their hunting product customers grew irritated at S&W’s actions at deriding a product many of the big names in the industry actually owned one or two of. With a barrel length of 4.2", this .38 Special is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. I then put one small drop of red lock tite on that screw, and the rest is history.

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