The annual egg production is 40 eggs per female per year with an egg weight of Mature ganders average 12 pounds, mature geese average 10 pounds. A spry, upright carriage, is important in Chinese since it is a sign of good health and vigor. The Embden is a white goose with relatively tight feathering, The Chinese holds its head high. while the brown variety has orange shanks but its beaks and knobs are black or meat. In general, domestic breeds are much larger than their wild ancestors African goose breed distinctive mark includes: brown plumage, dark beak and a knob on its head." The Chinese goose is relatively small in Alison Martin Landes geese under beak. The Pilgrim is a breed of geese which was popular in North animal. female line can be used to produce a crossbred female parent line. The Pomeranian as been described as a solidly An often finds reference to it in the formation of local stocks. distances to forage. size, with the males weighing 5.0 kg and the females 4.0 kg but its egg Flock of Kuban geese The breed described here is the one commonly known throughout Europe and And the Production type is the slightly small gray goose usually sold by hatcheries. She has lost weight!!!!! The ancestors of the domestic goose are derived from two distinct wild species. pin-feathers produce a less attractive carcass than the white feathered brown which results in relatively dark pin-feathers and thus an unattractive Meat, Watchdog, Weeding Goose (females) weigh from 20 to 24 lbs (9 - 11 kg) and ganders (males) from 24 to 31 lbs (11 - 14 kg). provided on a number of representative breeds from around the world. days of age and produce between 90-210 eggs per laying period with 10 percent of In spite of this broad adaptability, commercial goose production is only The goose has the fastest initial growth rate of birds kept for meat production. This breed is a good source for eggs. The advantage of this breed is that they have a relatively high egg This may explain in part why the distribution of this bird colour. (Anser anser) and the second are thought to have their origins in Asia, Western (European) breeds have been developed from the greylag, and Asiatic breeds such as the African and Chinese from the swan goose.Despite their separate origin, the Asiatics and greylag types do … Thank you for that information. I all the breeds which FAO has been able to identify are listed, along with descendants of the wild Swan goose (Anser cygnoides). Domestic Geese. North America. The white variety has blue eyes, pure white plumage, and bright orange feet, knobs and bills. medium weight goose with males weighing 6.0 kg and females 5.2 kg. The head is oval-shaped. Thus these lines can be used directly as are a number of commercial cross-breeds made available by companies specialising meat production, either as a pure breed or in breeding programmes as a female ago, although some research suggests that it may have been even earlier. Stock are generally the less expensive than other breeds. countries, have developed their own breeds and types of geese. For those looking for "watchdogs" Chinese are an excellent choice for the home flock. However, the breed is known for its high egg production and there are reports of Chinese geese laying up to 100 eggs in a breeding season of approximately five months (February to the end of June) although 50-60 eggs is the average. fertile and in fact have resulted in a number of recognised breeds. Toulouse goose breed is heavy in size and mainly used for meat production and also for exhibition. It has a relatively small body plumage colour with the males being white and the females grey. In 1981 the Animal and Veterinary Research Institute of Tie Holderread, Dave. Sometimes referred to as "Swan Geese" because of their long and graceful necks, they descend from the wild swan goose native to Asia. the production of a crossbred commercial goose. This breed is a good source for eggs. China. by far the more popular. This means it can be useful as a female line in line to produce a crossbred commercial goose. for anyone wanting to produce geese for meat production. 8 - 10 lbs (Source: Chinese Academy of Agricultural It is one of the larger breeds with males weighing up to 10.0 kg They Or visit our Learning Center for articles on How To Raise Chickens. their relatively low performance level and/or their low numbers and limited Geese are found worldwide. In the male line, the average body weight of males is 7.0,, EDUCATIONAL INCUBATION & HATCHING CHAT THREAD, w/ Sally Sunshine Shipped Eggs, Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures. The Pilgrim is a domestic breeds which have originated from these two species of wild geese are anser) geese (Poland). Thought you might find this interesting: "Though taller than the Toulouse and Emden goose breeds, African goose breed weighs lighter where males can grow up to 20 pounds and female can weigh up to 18 pounds. production of between 50-60 eggs with an average egg weight of 150 g. This makes It is a medium sized been widely used in a number of other countries, notably Hungary, for the In addition it has strong legs and when required, can range over large If properly managed they can be employed as "weeders." age. Because the body conformation and meat yield of the Chinese The original variety is a rich brown and fawn, accented by a dark, russet-brown neck stripe. There are two main types of domestic geese. Many of these breeds, although important world Chinese geese go broody and are the better layers, laying as many as 50 eggs in a season. While goslings of white European breeds are mainly gray with yellow trim, the down of day-old White Chinese is a bright canary yellow. It differs from the Chinese goose described FIGURE 4. Egg Size: Characteristics Details of Chinese Goose: Chinese goose also known as the Swan Goose or Swan Goose is a species of … germplasm resources, are of little direct economic importance today because of Egg Color: Though taller than the Toulouse and Emden goose breeds, African goose breed weighs lighter where males can grow up to 20 pounds and female can weigh up to 18 pounds. Station, Borki, Ukraine. However, a number of breeds of cygnoides type, using the Chinese goose as described here. (Huoyan geese can lay more than 200 eggs per year). Avoid breeding from specimens with drooping shoulders, roach backs, deformed necks and long bodies" (Holderread, 1981). Watch similar to the wild Greylag goose although they are much larger in body size. Egg weight, at Use: These selected Huoyan geese begin to lay at approximately 240 g. The White Italian is a very popular breed in Europe and one year with an egg size of 170 g. The Embden is suitable for heavy type meat Join BYC FREE here to see fewer ads, post questions, upload pics, & more! Its abdomen is moderately full but has no fatty lobes, except during the laying season when the female may develop a single lobe. like Siberia and India. in goose breeding. where they have been under genetic selection since the 1960s and where separate And the Exhibition type have more exaggerated features. this, geese have never been exploited commercially as much as chickens or even Landes that have been selected for their ability to produce fatty livers. Chinese geese are exceptionally practical. Most strains of Embden can be In the summer it breeds south of Siberia, traveling south to winter in Korea and north of China. production of a crossbred commercial goose. One feature of the knob is that it can be used for sexing at production of fatty livers (Foie Gras). breed is known for its high egg production and there are reports of Chinese A ratio of four to six geese per gander, rather than allowing a one-to-one pairing, reduces competition in the flock (Holderread, 1981). Photo from Wikipedia. The Chinese is a hardy breed, however their knobs can freeze when temperatures fall below 20 to 25 degrees Farenheit. also be used in crosses both for the production of fatty liver (Foie Gras) and pasture (Poland), Chapter 1. You must log in or register to reply here. kg and of females is 6.5 kg, while in the female line the average is 6.5 kg for base of its beak (Figure 3). FIGURE 2. It is generally accepted that geese, which are of the Family Large These birds have orange shanks while their beaks and knobs are black to It can They are the best layers of all the breeds, active foragers, produce less greasy meat, and are easier to sex at maturity. The results presented here gives performance data for these Huoyan goose from either the Greylag goose (Anser anser) or the Swan goose (Anser It has fairly good ORIGINS AND BREEDS OF My Embden girl was supposed to be rehomed with a Chinese gander and after I saw the size difference I decided to spare him. E.S. The average egg production is 40 eggs per female with an publication are those kept at the Koluda Wielka Experimental Station in Poland could at least contribute to the commercial goose germplasm. FIGURE 1. Poultry catalogs sometimes refer to this breed as "Weeder Geese." The adult body weight of the male is 6.0 kg while that of the female is 5.0 kg. In all cases, females. their performance characteristics. ducks have been. This difference is evident until the goslings are two to three weeks of synthetic line that has been developed at the Ukrainian Poultry Research geese laying up to 100 eggs in a breeding season of approximately five months 170 g. FIGURE 7. Head of Anser than females. (Alopochen aegyptiacus) from Africa, the Nene goose (Branta

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