Lluvy Gomez Name: Kahlen RondotPlaced: 2ndAge: 33 (Will turn 34 on Dec 19th)First Call Outs: 3Bottom 2: 1Twitter Followers: 1,029 (@KahlenRondot)Instagram Followers: 5,170 (@kahlenrondot)Kahlen Rondot IMDB, ANTM CYCLE 4At the beginning of the competition, Kahlen’s lack of confidence sometimes got the best of her; however, she consistently produced excellent photographs; at the final judging panel, the judges noted that Kahlen had provided one of the best portfolios in all the previous cycles. She previously appeared on Cycle 5 … Christina was an absolute sweetheart on the show. Height The news devastated Rebecca, as she clearly tried her best to deliver what the judges were looking for. And here we have, the worst photo ever girl! In the first photoshoot, she complained about being last to shoot with Nigel, which was ridiculed by Nolé. She also appeared in Bride Nouveau, Mom's Advice, Glam Couture and Fashion Xchange. She was spared from elimination, but the experience did not seem to affect Brandy that much, as she continued to act rudely towards the other girls in the group. She’d probably leave the same week she did on the show. She only got one first call out from me, her kloofing picture, which is by far the best photo this cycle. I don’t think she’s a bad person, she just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut once in a while. I don’t understand the hate she gets in the fandom. Sarah has not pursued modeling actively. She eventually recovered from her disappointment and went on to appear on Spike TV and in various fashion catalogues. ... Christina was signed with Passport Model Agency. For the first time ever, Tyra loses her cool when one model pushes her over the edge, and the participants pose for an intimate lingerie photo shoot. Too bad she had trouble transferring her natural beauty into a photo. From Rebecca’s fainting, to Lluvy’s “worst photo,” to Brandy’s antics, to Michelle’s skin disorder, to Tiffany getting yelled at by Tyra, to the deadly sins photoshoot, to the Nelson Mandela prison cell drama, to Brittany screaming “SHUT UUUUUUP!!! All in all, this was a very nostalgic and epic cycle, and one of the best the show has ever had. Name: Christina Murphy Placed: 5th Age: 37 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 43 (@christinantm) Instagram Followers: 260 (@christina_fashion) Christina Murphy IMDB ANTM CYCLE 4 As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, her lack of personality were always being scrutinized by the judging panel. I generally like the pose. Easily the most moment not only in ANTM history, but in TV history.

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