A list of some of the most useful commands, including some events, to use if you want an added boost in your AGoT games, or you want to construct the world to your liking before you begin. These are HF bloodline events from Holy Fury. River crossing - saved spouse and spouse is grateful. HF.25289: Cheater was discovered. :) I hope you find this guide useful, IB https://ck2.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=HF_bloodline_acquisition_events&oldid=38298, Extra chance for player children to become Children of Destiny, Child of Destiny journey randomization tombola, Notification - Snake in Crib, Baby strangles snake, Notification - Snake in Crib, Baby befriends snake, Notification - Child is killed by wild beast, Player - Choose Destiny, inwards or outwards, Notification - Jailer gets to know of escape, Child of Destiny can choose to adopt culture/religion of newly conquered land. Engage in courtly intrigue, dynastic struggles, and holy warfare in mediæval Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, the steppes and Tibet. Other guy was cheating, you are the last one standing. Event Chain Bloodlines . Fired from on_offmap_ruler_changed. Loser declared rivalry because you mocked him. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Part of the bloodline event chain. Second-place loser of Brawling tournament notified. (diplomacy) - charitable, Characters need to interpret old map and pathways. Appeased: Having strong disagreement, Appeaser remained patient. Appeaser: use your martial education to improve opinion? CK2 is usually present as a tetrameric holoenzyme composed of two catalytic subunits (α and/or α′) and a dimer of regulatory (β) subunits. How to use? HF.25290 Returns after full moon rage, strange memories of wolves, probably just a dream... Howling at the moon (not if possessed or lunatic), Hunter instinct strikes unexpectedly (and awkwardly) at court, Hunter instincts in martial training (upgrade martial education). - Try again, change approach, or abandon quest, The scholars have established a lineage. Main cleanup event clearing all flags, modifiers, etc. Decide how to contribute to the festival. Below you will find a list of useful commands and events, including how to create bloodlines with traditional claims on duchy, or kingdom level titles and dragon hatching events. Appeaser: Notified Appeased has refused friendship. Opponent: notified previous character lost his temper and has thus lost the game. Vassal/Courtier receives invitation to festival. On the way to olgoi-khorkhoi (Mongolian death worm), Sacrifice to olgoi-khorkhoi (Mongolian death worm), ##########################################. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Ping event for the mission Recruit Your Child, Hero character wants you to Recruit Your Child. Appeaser: use your diplomatic education to improve opinion? Appeased: Feeling indebted for the nice visit. Name Inheritance Founding Method Opinions Other modifiers Event ID ... Child born from Virgin Birth event (SoA.5242) gets this bloodline; Active Condition: Must have the same religion as founder +10 Same Religion Opinion -15 Temple Vassal Opinion +10 Zealous Mid Tier Mask: Pick spirit to inhabit it with. A character is eligible for Beatification, Setting up Saintly Burial Site in a province. on_focus_selected: Changing to War focus. More Bloodlines is a mod for Crusader Kings II to add more bloodlines to game, Active Condition: Must have the same dynasty and religion as founder, Active Condition: Must have same religion as founder of bloodline, Active Condition: Must have same religion and dynasty as founder of bloodline, Active Condition: Must have the same religion as founder, Active Condition: Must belong to the same dynasty as founder, Active Condition: Must have the same culture and religion as Founder, Active Condition: Must have the same religion Founder, Note: Checks for requirements once a year(on November 25), Most participating defender in a crusade gains this bloodline after crusade is defeated, Note: There are 13 variants depending on your culture/religion/region with slight differences, Active Condition: Must have the same culture as founder, Active Condition: Must have the religion as founder, https://ck2.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=More_Bloodlines&oldid=41479, IB.201(for automatic bloodline depending on culture/religion/region) / IB.2001 to IB.2013 for specific bloodlines, 10/15/20/25 member of your dynasty is chosen Pope, This bloodline can be earned up to 4 times, None of the Wonders have holy_building flag, One of the Wonders have holy_building flag, Reform a religion with Dogmatic nature, Divine Marriage doctrine and Temporal leadership, Child born from Virgin Birth event (SoA.5242) gets this bloodline, 20 members of your dynasty is born inbred, On finding and killing white stag/lion/tiger/bear, On finding and sparing white stag/lion/tiger/bear, On giving birth to 20 children as a female, Must win a defensive war against a Norse or reformed Norse Ruler, Sacrificy the pope, caliph and ecumenical patriarch in the same blot, Sacrificy the pope, caliph and ecumenical patriarch during the lifetime of character in blot, Seventh son of a seventh son gets this bloodline, All count or above tier rulers in your realm should have 0 or above opinion of you(Not just direct vassals), Choose to duel death in For Whom The Bell Tolls event and survive, Choosing sacrificing someone on chess with death event, Get maximum score available in chess with death event, Do not have maximum score on chess with death event, Win a war against an enemy who has a realm size of at least 50 and whose realm size is at least 10 times(33.3 times for tribal or nomad) more than yours, Win 100 major battles as a female commander leading army, Win 5 battle field duels or have 50 duel experience, Previous owner must not have berber culture, Write 2 quality 4 book and 1 quality 3 book or 1 quality 4 book and 3 quality 3 book, Win a war against Charlamagne or Carloman as King of Saxony, Form Empire of Scandinavia or Empire of Germany as King of Saxony, A woman who has 5 deceased husbands before age of 45 gets this bloodline, Characters aged 100 and above get this bloodline (checks once a year), Conquer Constantinople as a Muslim Turkish ruler. Prey has fled, after wounding you and killing the other guy. King Arthur Bloodline: As a welsh ruler winning a defensive war against a norse or reformed norse ruler and forming empire of britannia rewards this bloodline. Child forsakes Learning studies for training. Appeased: choose if you want to learn the Appeaser's lifestyle trait. Spawn troops and move character. Appeaser: Notified Appeased has refused romance. Appeased: inform of Appeaser's attempt to socialize. tribal_festival_potential_friend_2 wants to (pretend to) befriend tribal_festival_potential_friend_1. Event HF.24231: Taken for Dragon Bloodline event HF.24232: on_death of Dragon Bloodline's founder, fire delayed event to change portrait HF.24233: Time has passed, ruler is believed to have actually been a Dragon HF.24234: Executing people by (dragon) burning HF.24235: Killed by (dragon) burning Random Warrior informed that he has earned money from loser. © Valve Corporation. On_five_years pulse handling the AI picking a Swaying target. Surplus manpower. Swayer notified ambushes are now illegal vs Swayed and viceversa. on_focus_selected: Changing to Rulership focus. Safety removal on_death and leave_society for Warriors of Ukko event troops. on settlement construction completed: check the Architect Bloodline. Child's random future abroad. on_death of sway/antagonize_target, clear persistent event target. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. Press J to jump to the feed. Loser declared rivalry despite your kindness.. Follow wolves alone, they run deep into the wild, Run and hunt with wolves, kill prey, eat raw meat, Return home, wife/lover/everyone is worried. On_death: Clean up event for outliner characters. event 62320 (gives you a small army with ships) event 62321 (now with a great general with great traits/stats) event CM.2000 (gives you a Formidable Fighter with great traits) event 76100 (to spawn a bastard) add_trait dragon_dreams (Natural Death my a$$) Below you will find a list of useful commands and events, including how to create bloodlines with traditional claims on duchy, or kingdom level titles and dragon hatching events. Appeased: Hidden event to pick a potential lifestyle trait (in case character has more than one for whatever reason). - Second row. On-action event: Divine Marriage due to Doctrine. Guest: Want to participate to the poetry competition? Appeaser: Character was impressed by your present. Other guests notified of kids eating the food. R5: Got a bloodline and a nice nickname for being particularly murderous. Guest: Want to participate to the tapestry competition? Physician: Hidden event to administer cure to Appeased. tribal_festival_potential_friend_2 wants to befriend tribal_festival_potential_friend_1. Guest: Want to participate to the brawling competition? tribal_festival_potential_friend_1 gets fake friendship event. Winner informed of friendship offer from Hero. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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