The key here is to cut enough off so that your pineapple flesh isn’t pitted with the hard remnants of the skin pocketed into the flesh, but not so much where you’re left with barely any fruit at all. I’ve had pineapple the fridge for over a week without any issues. I’ll admit, the beauty category here is left a little unloved. That means you should keep it in a cool and dark cupboard, possibly in the pantry or in the kitchen. Yes, pineapple, like most fruits, does not have to be refrigerated, although it keeps longer if it is refigerated. And as you can imagine, I’ve cut up A LOT of pineapple over the years! Technically, you could cut out the bad parts, especially if it’s relatively small. How long do pineapples last? At this point, you have pineapple that’s ready to eat! 14 Best Savory Main Dish Recipes with Pineapple, The rind should be firm but yield to slight pressure, The base of the fruit should smell fragrant know, like a pineapple. Thankyou Tiffany for this useful way to cut pineapple. -- NRD, "Really great on grilled chicken and fish. The more pineapple you cut, the better you’ll get and the easier it will be to find that sweet spot that’s just beyond the skin but not into the meat of the flesh. All rights reserved. Simmer for a few minutes longer and sweeten to taste. I ate it with chips, too. There should be nothing wrong with the pineapple slice. You want to get as close as you can to the leaves and the bottom, so that you’re getting as much fruit as possible. Thanks! If it's rock hard, it's not ripe enough. If you need to store the pineapple for longer, freezing is the way to go. Same thing if there are some soft spots or bruises. This means that for every minute you take food out to rearrange your fridge, contemplate eating it or forget to put it away, it counts towards the two hour window of leaving food out. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. But life happened, and you couldn’t stick to that plan. When it comes to cut pineapple, 3 to 4 days in the fridge is what you can expect. Most whole, fresh fruits can sit out at room temperature for a least a full day without suffering any quality loss — and many fruits will keep well for up to a week unrefrigerated. How long do pineapples last? Finally, add a label with name and date if you like. Pineapple is naturally acidic, so it won’t go rancid very fast. I think I wait too long. You can also make a point to turn the pineapples over each day (perhaps right after you pour coffee?) If the fruit looks and smells okay, cut it up and see how the flesh is doing. Yes! You will give it an extra three days if you store it in the fridge instead, preferably covered in a perforated plastic bag. Definitely a hit among the whole family. You could also eat the core – a different kind of pineapple, I guess. And then slice off the core from each quarter. You can use parchment paper, wax paper or even plastic wrap. With my luck, I’ll forget I put the pineapple in there until hours later. Canned pineapple comes with a best-by date on the label. Gravity will still pull the juices to whatever part of the pineapple is sitting on the surface, but the juices will be far more distributed. © Copyright 2020 StillTasty LLC. FOR A CURRY, your method is best, and VERY EASY TO DO. But the pineapple's spiky crown, the tough, prickly rind -- a whole pineapple can seem inhospitable, an impenetrable fortress. A good idea if still interested in eating is to reheat in the microwave to kill any microorganisms. There are, of course, certain health risks associated with spoiled foods so always remember to practice food safety and enjoy your foods before their shelf life has expired! But there are also tons of both sweet and savory recipes that call for pineapple and demand your attention. The fruit will become softer and turn a darker gold color and just not taste right. From the kitchen to the bathroom. Slice again lengthwise into quarters. I also ate a ton of “bubble waffles” way before people in the U.S. had heard of them. Bring to a boil, turn to simmer and cook for 45-60 minutes. For this, don't just guess -– by knowing exactly how to keep pineapple in the fridge, you will be able to confidently keep this tropical fruit fresher longer. And don't miss our 14 Best Savory Main Dish Recipes with Pineapple. So looks like pineapple will now be a more regular fresh fruit for us. And those strips? Most people store pineapples standing up straight, as seen in the very first image of this post. Your email address will not be published. Please note that despite its looks, pineapple is easily bruised, so don’t put anything on top of it. I’ll make this next time and see how it goes! When it comes to canned pineapple, as long as the tin isn’t leaky, bludged, or rusty, the contents of the can should be just fine. You may have even used it to help heal your sore throat during a bad cold. When the top leaves start to lose color and dry out, it’s now or never when it comes to consuming the fruit. Next, you’re going to cut the pineapple in half from the top down. This causes all the juices to flow to the bottom of the fruit (thank you gravity!). Once you do it once or twice, it’s also really fast! Use a very sharp knife (I have and recommend this set) to cut off each end. How long can fresh fruit be left out at room temperature. First, you need to cut off the top (where the green pokey leaves are) and the bottom (the flat-ish part where it’s harvested from the plant). If you’re concerned about it going bad, use the smell or taste test. It was also sold as a street food on a stick. Similar to the skin, there’s a sweet spot where you’re cutting off the entire core but very little flesh.

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