Map. Thanks, and all the best to all of them!

Still, due to their complexity, it takes time; however, we'll prioritize, focus and make solid attempts to resolve these in the beginning of 2020. Well, they acknowledge their problems and own up to them. New detailed and exact map of the railroad network in Chernarus, Apple trees are now displayed on the lootmap, Updated maps for DayZ 0.62 stable release, Add a map version for DayZ 0.62 experimental branch, We've added a Donation page. If the duping and desync issues are completely resolved, I feel like this game would be in pretty good shape. Loot Categories of Chernarus+ are now displayed correctly. DayzUnderground is 100% community funded & all donations are greatly appreciated. On behalf of the DayZ team, Julien The 13th DUG faction and group territory plus points of interest map is here, guiding you across Chernarus on the DayzUnderground server. Make sure you read: DayZ Wiki Disclaimer before you go any further. I very much appreciate that they are at least communicating now.

Support loot icons added for super markets, fuel stations and hospitals. idk, after they update optimization, game engine and graphics - game actually so good for playing in 2020 century)0))0) yeah DayZ in Alpha was so bad u know but right now its so good game #2. iZurvive now supports the DayZ Standalone and uses its map as the default.

Performance now no longer depends on the number of activated icons. Enhanced the top navbar, especially in regards to smaller browser windows. Unfortunately, DayZ Asylum is shutting down. They even give us some dates. With release of the server files, this is now useful for server admins and modders to get find in game coordinates at certain points in the map, The distance measurement tool has been updated accordingly and is now displaying the distance in meters very precisely, We have updated the stying of the maps according to your feedback. The 12th DayzUnderground territory and points of interests map The new DayzUnderground territory map is here! the AK-M is dipslayed in the game as KA-M for copyright reasons, so the wiki now also shows KA-M, For the same reason, the Offroad Hatchback is now called ADA 4x4 in the Lootfilter, Vehicles that currently do not spawn have been removed from the lootmap, Items that were previously in the game but are currently not have been removed, Items that were missing in the wiki have been added, Each item now has information about in which loot categories the item can spawn, Each item now has a link that shows the map with the loot filter configured to show all locations where the item can spawn, Group Invite Link now contains the current map, Lootmap has been updated with new water pump locations, Join-Group Links that you can share to join a specific group now work again, Its now possible to search for locations by x/y coordinates, It is now possible to use the location search via hotkeys (STRG+F to activate search, ENTER to select to jump to the first search result), Fixed some inconsistencies with the location search, Fixed a bug that caused blurry loot icons when zooming in, Base Building Material (Planks) added to the Lootmap, Under-the-hood improvements in our build process, We have changed the location name overlays to be drawn dynamically into the map rather than being drawn into the tiles.

Share this post. Added MrBlue and Queenie to streamer section, Fixed some problems with resource caching which could lead to a mixup of loot icons, Animals added to the lootfilter. Current DayZ versions: PC Stable: 1.09.153419 (18 September 2020) PC Experimental: 1.10.153524 (29 October 2020) Xbox: 1.09.153419 (22 September 2020) Xbox Experimental: 1.10.153494 (22 October 2020) New Location-Link Feature: By appending #location=x;y;zoomlevel to the url, you can go directly to a specific location that is also marked with a non-persistent marker. Chernarus+ now includes train tracks in topography and satellite view. This is much more than most gaming companies will ever do. iZurvive was overhauled with a completely new interface, lots of bugfixes and other niceties. This checkbox will be displayed after the second time it was shown. The Origins map has been updated to version 1.7.7, Lootmap for DayZ Chernarus now updated with data from DayZ (mostly concerns vehicle spawn points), Lootmap for DayZ Chernarus now updated with data from DayZ 1.7.7. Various bugfixes that should help with some browser specific issues. Wiki: Added Glock19 and FN FAL to the wiki.

', Unfortunately, UK Alliance has shut down, so we've removed them from the communities list. Survivor514 3 Survivor514 3 On the Coast; Members; 3 9 posts; Joined: November 26, 2014; Posted January 8. Huge performance increases when loot icons are activated. The 17th DUG faction and group territory plus points of interest map is here, guiding you across Chernarus on the DayzUnderground server. Loot markers were sometimes not displayed correctly after zooming, Added anchor tags which will allow sharing specific map positions and zoom settings (just copy the current URL), You can now share direct group join links. Everyone suspected it was going to be Survivor GameZ, but they came out of no where with Livonia. Meet the characters. Remember during the ps4 launch stream where they said "there would be no new content for the rest of 2019 as they were going to concentrate on bug fixes"?

Fix issue where scrolling in the loot menu would hide parts of it, New communities:, The Gents of Novo, Added support for the playstyle marker pack. Carry rags in pants, top and backpack so if you get shot, not all of it gets ruined Pretty self explanatory.

You can now measure distance by pressing the small measurement button on the upper left on your screen. With 2020 around the corner, we are finishing our new roadmap, and we will share our goals, highlight the key updates, and talk a bit about this second year of post-release support, in January.

Removed Partner Community DayZ Intel because they are not active anymore. The 19th DUG faction and group territory plus points of interest map is here, guiding you across Chernarus on the DayzUnderground server. it doesn't fix everything, but it is nice to have acknowledgement, at the very least. Ponds are now displayed as a landmark icon. looking forward to seeing that roadmap.. On the server-side front, we have deployed a small update on all platforms that will help with some of the most common crashes. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

Balancing is pretty brutal, but I feel like it would be ok to deal with if those 2 core issues where resolved. Firestations are now categorized as military loot (again). It would be a phenomenal game without desync and duplication! The loot filter state should now be stored and loaded properly, Items in the wiki have been renamed to how they are actually named in the game, E.g. Kos geared boys.. We are very well aware of their impact on the game and are working on them. Massive performance improvements when zooming in and out. Learn the map, use external maps, hiking trails are useless unless you're into some kind of challenge or a role-player Just use external maps such as, enough said. Link to post Share on other sites.

With 2020 around the corner, we are finishing our new roadmap, and we will share our goals, highlight the key updates, and talk a bit about this second year of post-release support, in January. GobboKirk . We have been thrilled to see our players exploring the game, sharing moments, and expanding the game with mods. Welcome our new Partner Community: HIHB Gaming. Farm loot icons added for the barn and the cow shed. How come no other game after years of development struggle with things like desync and inventory issuee, silent /invisible guns and flying cars etc. Added a checkbox to disable further dialogs when username or group is not set. If you like iZurvive and want to support us in our effort, please consider a donation.

iZurvive provides you with the best maps for DayZ Standalone (up to date for DayZ 1.09 Release Version for PC, PS4 and Xbox) with loot positions, lets you place tactical markers on it and automatically shares those markers with the friends in your group. Loot Dropdown has now been renamed to Filter, Group Visibility can now be controlled in the Filter Dropdown, Update Livonia Satellite Map with Hiking Trails, Add new Points of Interest: Tower Crane and PA System, Added 'Military Freight Containers' to Lootmap, Markers are now updated in realtime via WebSockets, Change to new API Implementation (experimental), Each community now also displays the platform they are playing on, When you post a marker, iZurvive now remembers the type and group and will pre-select them for the next marker you post, Update Workshop Map Chiemsee to Version 2.0, Update format for Share Group Links for compatibility with iOS & Android Apps, Improve server logs tool to accept incomplete logs from 1.07 servers, The Distance Measurement Tool on Livonia is now measuring the correct distance again instead of double the distance, Update Livonia Satellite and Topographic Maps, Use STRG+C (on Windows) or ⌃+C (on Mac) to copy the coordinate at the mouse cursor to the clipboard, Enable Serverlogs Feature for additional Maps: Livonia, Deer Isle, Chiemsee, Chernarus Mod, Namalsk, Origins, Taviana, Tanoa, Altis, Stratis, Abramia, Add new DayZ Map Livonia for current Experimental Branch, Destriction of Base Objects (Fence, Watchtower) is now displayed, Use the new Server Log Reader to display Log Events on the map, Showing and Hiding Events by Type and selecting a time range help you to audit whats going on on your server, Community Information for DayZ Community Hub has been updated.

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