Pinterest. I just finished watching an episode of The Dead Files on The Travel Channel. We don’t live far from that rural area so we are pretty much freaked out to venture outside when its pitch black. July 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, October TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows. Steve and Amy travel to Nebraska to help a couple convinced whatever's in the house is trying to break their marriage up. A 28-year-old man is dead after drowning in the Hartford mill pond Saturday, August 15, 2020. Several people have died while visiting holy hill. The day a California woman moved into her dream home, her life began to fall apart. Radio Host. On October 28th a woman named Mindy Rossette posted the following sketch and message on my Washington County Paranormal Facebook Page. Researcher. Watch The Dead Files Season 15 Episode 12 - Absorbed Add to Watchlist Amy and Steve visit a horse farm in Hartford, Wisconsin that is threatened by dark forces. One can’t solve a mystery by introducing a second, equally puzzling mystery. The crew explores New York's oldest mansion and a haunted bar. A Tennessee family adopts a baby boy, sparking a paranormal firestorm. She's convinced the dead are to blame and wants Steve and Amy to investigate. S10, Ep5 3 Mar. Also nearby is Hogsback Road, an area that local teenagers claim is haunted by an even stranger cryptid, Goatman. The crew investigates the desolate former mining town of Bannack, MT. The crew heads to one of America's most haunted houses in San Diego, CA. It seemed to brace for impact as my car barely missed it. A retired homicide detective and a psychic communicator examine crime scenes individually, and after coming to their own conclusions, they compare their findings. A West Virginia woman is convinced her ten-year old son is attracting violent dead people into her home. A Connecticut woman, convinced the dead are trying to rip her family apart, calls in Steve and Amy to investigate. Steve and Amy head to a horse farm in Hartford, Wisconsin, where a family is threatened by dark forces. Required fields are marked *. If anyone else encounters something similar to either of these creatures, or has any information pertaining to Mindy’s upsetting encounter, please contact me. Interestingly enough, I talked with a man two weeks ago following a Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk who described a creature similar to one Mindy saw outside of his house in Southern Kewaskum. A desperate New Jersey family is convinced the dead are going after its four kids. It looks vaguely like a tailless kangaroo or wallaby, but just how did one of those make it’s way to Southeastern Wisconsin? He instead saw a 4-foot tall, grey-brown creature with a horselike head running extremely fast down the snowmobile trail before it dashed away into the woods. Those who have seen the drawing so far have remarked that it looks extraterrestrial to them, likely because of that large head that resembles the classic “grey alien” description given by alleged UFO abductees. Steve and Amy travel to Slaughters, Kentucky where a terrified woman believes the paranormal broke up her marriage and is torturing her kids. Steve Investigates a Murder 02:10. It was tangible. The desperate owner of a Minnesota hotel calls Steve and Amy in to figure out why the dead are scaring away all her employees and customers. The crew travels to the St. James Hotel, once host to Wild West legends. “I really want to know what that was. Get our latest show and host news delivered to your inbox. Guardians of the Dead Recap 05:07. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thighs especially. Steve and Amy head to a horse farm in Hartford, Wisconsin, where a family is threatened by dark forces. An Ohio woman is terrified for her mother, who lives alone in an active and violent house. 2018 Legs seemed to bend back at the knee like a dog’s. I wish I’d seen the face but it braced itself and tucked its head down.

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