This is the hut configuration I use for my leopard geckos. Once you have made it all the way around, you can go back and trim any jagged edges. Mealworms are fatty. Please note that some under tank heaters are attached with a sticker (adhesive), and cannot be reused on the other side of the tank. Doesn't have to be right on top of your heat source, but near it is fine. It is where they can warm themselves while feeling safe and secure. Yes, leopard geckos absolutely need at least one moist hide in their habitat. If you live somewhere that it gets hot in the summer, like I do, even just the ambient temp can work pretty well. If you are collecting sphagnum moss yourself, make sure it hasn’t been sprayed with any pesticides. If the gecko doesn't eat within ten days, seek expert assistance. on Introduction. While this Ible is intended to save you money, I think it is important to state that keeping reptiles is a financial commitment, as with any other pet. One unexpected benefit for me was that the humidity inside the Leo hut helped clear out Buddah's (gold, first pic) clogged tear ducts --a problem our vet has been trying to fight for a year! A. Don't handle or disturb it too much at this time, except for feeding. 2 years ago. Good sphagnum moss shouldn’t have rubbish in it, such as sticks, dirt or thorns. Again, use a heat resistant tape for this. Don’t allow it to get too hot in the tank (not higher than 93 degrees in the hot side). Gravid leopard geckos might even lay their eggs in a moist hide. Know that you do need to invest in some core quality products to keep your geckos healthy, and that not everything can be a DIY budget affair. Total cost = $5-$8 (for the bedding material) vs. $10-$25 for a store bought cave. Use your best judgement. If you choose to breed, do so responsibly. The humid hide should be fairly enclosed and have moist paper towel (when shedding) or coco fiber for substrate. SAFETY NOTE: Never use a "heat rock" as your gecko's heat source. It is advised not to use single use plastic containers (such as ice cream tub, takeaway boxes etc.). Their appetite may reduce or the gecko may not be able to reproduce if living in a stressed environment. Crested geckos, for example, absolutely need UVB to form their bones properly as they grow. This reptile shelter offers a fantastic security hide for your leopard gecko and comes in a choice of sizes. Another great product is this Gecko Cave by Zoo Med, that will look naturalistic in a habitat. If yours end up liking it, consider dropping me a vote for the On a Budget contest ;). I believe part of the instinct behind that is so they are protected from predators and other crabs while they shed. You can also find more interesting posts on leopard gecko care on this page. Other affiliate programs include Clickbank, Swell, Custom Reptile Habitats. You want it on one side and not in the center so that it creates a heat gradient. Paper towels are also not suitable for egg-laying females, as they need to dig and hide eggs in the substrate. Reptiles do tend to become stressed living in captivity and stress can result in health problems and behavioral issues. Don't worry, if you have had your gecko for some time and it still won't come out the hide, then it could mean you are doing everything right. Q. Participated in the Makerspace Contest 2017. If you have more than one leopard gecko, then you will require a larger hide. In summer, when it gets hotter, make sure to see what works the best. When it comes to sizing, you need to ensure it is large enough for your gecko to get in and out in comfort, while being able to move around their hide with ease. The instructions will differ for the DIY moist hide and the commercial hideout, that you will need to fill with the substrate. Recessing/hiding it may make them more attracted to it as a place to dig and do their thing. And not only in the moist hide, but also in the whole tank. First I'll show you the "Leopard Gecko Version" for terrestrial geckos, then we'll do an alt version for arboreal (tree dwelling) species like Crested Geckos that can also be used as a temporary nest box. Therefore, one of the important factors is to ensure the hide will be dark enough. Put the lid of your container on, making sure it is fully closed all the way around. Choose a plastic container with a lid, that is bigger than your leopard gecko (it should comfortably … Available in most garden stores and some pets stores. The cool hide should be placed on the coldest side of the tank, as far away from the warm hide as possible. It is best to have all three types of hides, but if you don't have enough space you can "make do" with a warm hide and a moist hide (that acts as a cool hide as well). Made from food grade resin, it offers a realistic rock design. This article will tell you how to make a simple and cheap leopard gecko enclosure. Keep an eye on new geckos in hiding to ensure that they are eating. We will also discuss leopard gecko moist hide ideas, DIY leopard gecko moist hide ideas and what is the best substrate for a leopard gecko moist hide. If your species dictates, a UVB bulb. In addition to this, it is very important that you note if there are any sharp edges and sides to the hide, which could potentially injure your reptile. Did you make this project? I don't know if there's any scientific evidence to support this, but I wonder if they also enjoy the "green" smell a bit. Both of these factors are very important because it will help keep the humidity stable for longer, and prevent growth of harmful bacteria. Do not try to house Leopard Geckos together. Higher humidity is essential for leopard geckos to shed successfully. I had an LG back in the day named Vin and I thought that he was an easy pet at the time, but 16 years later I've realized there's so much I didn't know, but they are still great starter pets. Make sure you cover all the sides with rocks or leaves for no light entering the hide. Your leopard gecko will also use hides … Reuse moss by washing it or replace towels once a week. Now here are some places you CAN save money! This hide is realistic in design and can be a wonderful decoration in any terrarium, while offering valuable hiding for your leopard gecko. Therefore, you need a substrate that you can use to keep the hide moist. The cool hide is a great place to cool down, while remaining hidden and safe. This is where your gecko will go when digesting food or when feeling on the cool side. Our classroom gecko, Sunny, was a former breeder that I got from a semi-local LG breeder at a reptile expo. Recycled Gecko Humidity Hut: I've been keeping leopard geckos since I was 15 years old, and have experienced the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to terrarium products. Before use you will need to give the hide a clean with some mild soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly before including it in the tank. You can soak the hide and decorations in a bucket of warm water and anti bacterial cleaner. It comes in a natural color, working in all tank designs. Make sure that the sphagnum moss is not dripping water (better not to soak it) and only spray it with water when it becomes slightly dry. An excellent corner hide, the perfect choice if you are limited on space and struggling to find where to put the third hide. I live in fort worth tx and in the summer there are lizards climbing on the walls of my house. If you are thinking whether you need to place leopard gecko’s moist hide in a warm or cool side of the tank, then the answer is the warm side. The hide is made from a non porous exterior which reduces the risk of bacterial growth, while offering an easy to clean product that simply requires soapy water, a rinse and dry off before being returned to the enclosure. This is where your gecko will go to find shelter from anything that scares them, too much light or even to hide from the heat. :), About: I am a teacher outside of Boston and I love making cool stuff! People like having options, and leopard geckos do, too. Leopard geckos do not prefer homemade hides over store purchased ones, so this decision is completely up to you. It can be tricky to be precise when cutting plastic with scissors, so don't expect to get a perfectly round hole as you'd see on a birdhouse. Your gecko's body temp needs to be kept at a certain level in order for digestion and other processes to happen correctly. A coat of plasti-dip or maybe even an application of hot glue all the way around the mesh disc edges seems like it would work.

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