Bananas: Bananas are a fruit which are originally from Asia. Bananas are picked green and then ripened in special air-tight rooms filled with ethylene gas. Pinch this tip between your first finger and thumb – it will evenly split the collar skin, allowing you to prune it again. Commonly it’s a common myth that monkey is eating a banana. Although wild monkeys are fruit eaters, their diets are also supplemented with nutrient-rich insects, roots, nuts, and leaves native to their habitats all around the world. Your email address will not be published. A zoo in England even decided to stop feeding its monkeys bananas, because they're too sugary. You can't peel a banana incorrectly as there are no laws yet passed dictating such things, but I'm sure those claiming that humans do it incorrectly would like to regulate such things. Wild monkeys never face bananas, unless they are surrounded by human habitation. “. Account active The high sugar content in cultivated bananas is bad for a monkey’s teeth and can lead to obesity and diabetes. Monkeys like to eat bananas because these sweet fruits are found in the wild where primates live. That's all. “Of course the monkeys and monkeys are not stupid and give them a taste of eating them after they’ve been exposed to them,” Milton said. Where the bananas are or have been planted. How many bananas does a monkey eat in a day? Here’s how you open a banana-like banana: Ignore the handle-like trunk. Coquerel’s Sifaka Lemur – Propithecus coquereli – Profile, Golden Crowned Sifaka – Profile | Description | Facts, Milne-Edwards’ Sifaka – Profile | Description | Facts, Perrier’s Sifaka – Profile | Description | Facts |, Deloys Ape – History | Profile | Findings | Explanation. Sign up for Insider Select. "Compared to the food they would eat in the wild, bananas are much more energy dense — they have lots of calories — and contain much more sugar that’s bad for their teeth and can lead to diabetes and similar conditions," Paignton Zoo's head of conservation and advocacy Amy Plowman said in a press release. Monkey enjoys bananas. What does money? They also eat leaves, flowers, nuts, and insects in the wild. A study from 1936 even offered monkeys fruits, vegetables, nuts, and bread to see what they would choose to eat more of. “Bananas are much thicker than the food they eat in the wild – they have a lot of calories – and they have a lot of sugar that can be bad for their teeth and lead to diabetes and similar conditions,” said Penton Zoo Conservation Chief and Advocacy Amy Plowman said in a news release. I'm not sure where the myth that monkeys eat bananas started — I personally suspect Curious George — but it's time for it to stop.

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