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This follows research published in 2018 which found the number of American babies dying by suffocation has been on the rise in recent years. Your email address will not be published. }); Less than a third of American babies are only put to sleep in the recommended products firm cribs, bassinets, or Pack N' Plays which meet the safety standards of the CPSC. }).render("01e9559efa7745848b43196d0c72cb09"); You hear lots of other moms promote the DockATot because it supposedly worked for them. However, in the, Babies are placed on their tummies when using the product, mainly in an effort to combat flat head syndrome. Completely agree with this post…. It also seems to be in just about every mom bundle giveaway I … This is especially true for babies who have small windpipes and are more vulnerable. This post contains affiliate links. Baby Delight tells Motherly that "based on the information from the CPSC Investigations, each incident was apparently a result of caregiver behavior contrary to safe sleep practices and warning labels present on product and in instruction manual." And what better time to make sure you have moments of hygge all throughout your house than right now? Absolutely. This means not co-sleeping with adults or in baby nests like the DockATot. I used my doc a tot from 3 to 8 months.. but I had a thick planked surrounding so she could not roll over.. But a quick Instagram scroll through #dockatot proves that many parents are using the DockATot in cribs, and that is not the only way in which parents are ignoring safety recommendations from the makers of sleep products and from pediatricians. One of my visiting midwives used one for her child (day and night) and was very happy with it. Wishing you and your son all the best! Many fans of the Rock n' Play criticized the recall efforts, suggesting supervision, not the design, was a factor in the deaths of 59 babies in inclined sleepers. Often baby nests and positioners are promoted as being made of “breathable” fabric.

The sides are breathable, but if used in a crib or basinet (or around other non-breathable surfaces) the baby could get caught in the gap between the DockATot and other surfaces. I always wondered about the safety because it’s soft-sided but couldn’t find any solid information online. Chip + Joanna Gaines, Tia Mowry, Ashley Graham and more all swear by this one baby product. Kudos to you for staying strong. Co-sleeping is one of the biggest risk factors for infant sleep death. Please pin or share this article so other moms and moms to be can have this information! Even better? The product is designed for children aged 0- 36 months as a multi- functional cushion. Our little guy sleeps in a bassinet in our room, only in his PJs and a sleep sack, with a Snuza on his diaper. According to the CPSC, that study "examined how 10 infants move and use their muscles on flat, inclined surfaces, and in selected inclined sleep products, and whether such product designs directly impact safety or present a risk factor that could contribute to the suffocation of an infant.". If you are thinking of Japan, apparently their incidences of SUIDS has been mis-coded with a code different from SIDS and as such the rate is artificially deflated compared to other countries. This does not meet tough US standards for sleep products like cribs, play yards and bassinets. However, the official advice from my health visitor is not to use it and stick with the flat firm mattress. Any extra assessment from paediatrician/sleep experts would be great to see. I believe the Trump-Pence administration will continue to do exactly that.>im=CI2Kt6SU1oDIUBDGnsqZi924l9MBGPC_zRwiA1VTRCiQ8c7eBTC-Tg&utm_campaign=10046&gclid=CjwKCAjwmJbeBRBCEiwAAY4VVTVz-QEMlZwizwuyhIqYJAT46gMYIMRH2YfTSHNfMO0b8LzPGtJuUBoCADMQAvD_BwE. It also seems to be in just about every mom bundle giveaway I see on Instagram. Is there a particular website where they claim that their product helps to reduce risk of SIDS?

I’m so sorry for your loss…I can’t imagine how difficult that is. Invest in an infant swing for play time instead that meets federal safety standards. A lot of people educate themselves on see baby sleeping and don't just ignore the rules. On the rare occasion that our son fell asleep in it we were literally sitting next to him. However, we are concerned about baby over-heating when using this product and over–heating is a contributor to SIDS. "Parents are desperate for something because their child is unhappy and it makes them unhappy and everybody's miserable. Lastly, the website advises parents to give the baby a blanket to sleep with in the product. That is so tragic and preventable. would the dock a tot be considered safe it not ever placed in a crib or bassinet. contrary to the manufacturer's guidelines. Babies are not closely supervised in these products – hopefully parent(s) are getting their own rest or able to focus on other things. Because it apparently is a useful product and many moms don’t realize that the product creates a danger. Required fields are marked *, DiaryofaSoCalmama is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It gently rocks back and forth, but doesn't skimp on safety—its winged saddle, footrests and backrest ensure kids won't fall off whether they're rocking inside or outside. playerId: "ab473a1b-fd81-4664-9789-78b5631ea65a" The cutest croquet set we've ever seen! It's also the point of diminishing returns on investing in outside-only toys. Note that the article no longer refers to that claim - which we heard from someone other than the company. Just take a look at this thread for just one small example: Items that are labeled as a crib, bassinet/cradle, or playard DO pass current safety standards. Put a thin blanket over your face and try to breathe. My first was sadly stillborn when I was 35 weeks. The popular DockATot, the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Infant Sleeper and the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper were three products identified in their investigation. Filled with sand or water, this tabletop sized activity set keeps little ones busy, quiet and happy. Use the form below to get in contact with Natalija. Down is breathable - that doesn't mean it won't keep you warm. Skip this product because the foreseeable use of using this product for infant sleep would be all too possible. We helped pass Danny’s Law in 2008. No. If you make a purchase after clicking one of my links I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. There's just something so fun about a classic pull-along toy and we love that they seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor play. I was not paid to write this article. and most are extremely unsafe! Are there any other concerns. The knock-off product you bought could still be used for baby to lounge on while awake and playing! Their bed should also be free of blankets, pillow, bumpers, etc. Thank you for taking care of babies in need of extra care. This sort of anecdotal science is however NOT evidence that a product or practice is safe.

We have it positioned under his little play gym/ activity mat.

This would leave baby in a dangerous position with face against the side. The Canadian government is reviewing such products and has released a warning about their use. Consumer Reports states it identified two deaths that involved the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper, two deaths involving the DockATot as well as three deaths that involved the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Infant Sleeper. You can most definitely buy this In canada.

Lately, as I scroll Pinterest and Facebook I have been seeing one item promoted, again and again, the DockATot. In an email interview with Reuters last year, one of the study's co-authors suggested that the rise in suffocation deaths could be because parents are ignoring safe sleep recommendations, but suggested "It may also be that we have dangerous items on the market and in our homes, and they need to be removed. "I've testified a couple of times before the Consumer Product Safety Commission about them, and I feel about them, honestly, the way that I felt about the inclined sleepers—that there's really not a safe way that they can be used," he tells Motherly. I hope the information I’ve provided helps you to make an educated choice about what the best products are to use for your child. Interesting article, however, I could not find any information on Magic Merlin Suit and SIDS prevention. It's big enough to satisfy their play needs but not so big it's going to flood your floors if you bring the fun inside on a rainy day. You better believe it.

I live in the Northeast and when I woke up this morning, my house was freezing. I know a lot of moms would be tempted to use it for sleep if they had one. Dr. Ben Hoffman is a pediatrician and the Chair of the AAP's Council on Injury, Violence, and Poison Prevention Executive Committee. With adorable animal face wooden balls and a canvas bag for easy clean up, it's also crafted to stick around awhile. The reality is, if you little one is a co-sleeper, the DockATot is a better solution for safe sleep than having nothing at all in the bed. Would the DockaTot still pose a suffocation hazard if used in a crib / bassinet with all 4 slatted sides? Health Canada, the Canadian Public Health Agency, also warns against baby nest products, meaning any product with “small, portable bed for an infant that has soft, padded sides.”. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Is the only reason why the Babocush is unsafe is because parents will allow their babies to sleep on them? cnx({ With two detachable magnetic lenses, four built-in filters and video recorder, your little photographer can tap into their creativity from summertime to the holidays. A spokesperson for Baby Delight stated in an email to Motherly that the "Consumer Reports article is a bit misleading since it equates our Snuggle Nest products with inclined sleepers." You've got this.

The website claims to have a “. I could definitely see it being useful for while they’re awake, especially if you have hard floors. Kids get the chance to assemble the camera on their own then can adventure anywhere to capture the best moments. I looked at their safety page before I even came here and it raised my suspicions.

It isn't doing anyone any good to provide false information. We appreciate their commitment to safe sleep throughout their website and in regards to the recommendations on using the product. Also you shouldn't assume most parents will ignore the rules and use it as a transition piece. "Buy a crib or bassinet that conforms to the Consumer Product Safety Commission crib and bassinet standard. While DockATot is the official product name you will more likely see it online as dockatot, dock a tot, or even baby nest which refers to the larger category of products it’s similar to. Kids In Danger ... we recommend against anything being used the in the crib.

Sharing the room, but not the bed, is a great way to sleep closely but safely. (A mama's ideal trifecta ). I would love you to look more into the dock a tot.

If you take it for a driveway adventure, simply use a damp cloth to wipe down the wheels before bringing back inside. Often, the risk, percentage-wise, is quite low and it’s up to each mom to decide what risks they are willing to take. We would like to use it up until 3 months (or will stope earlier if baby starts to be able to turn earlier). See our Pregnancy Page for advice for every trimester and get your week-by-week guide to your pregnancy. Baby Bargains did a great post that talks more about these safety guidelines it passes.

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