the expression within your current Emacs instance and try it immediately!

This library works solves this problem by copying important environment agda ; types of types of types of types... cc ; C/C++/Obj-C madness, clojure ; java with a lisp, common-lisp ; if you've seen one lisp, you've seen them all, coq ; proofs-as-programs, crystal ; ruby at the speed of c, csharp ; unity, .NET, and mono shenanigans, (dart +flutter) ; paint ui and not much else, elixir ; erlang done right.

This file controls what Doom modules are enabled and what order they load in. theme. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. With this out of the way, starting with Emacs 24.1, GNU Emacs should already do the right thing here. "Examine a buffer with simple org-mode formatting, and converts the empasis: *bold*, /italic/, and _underline_ to IRC semi-standard escape codes. completion candidates. It makes it easier to use yank-pop from several inputs outside Emacs. issues. anything”. ... Share Copy sharable link for this gist.

No hard stuff. Apparently this is used by GPG, and all sorts of other things.

"Database connection to +org-xkcd database. rm -rf~/.emac.d before).

There’s a lot that can be done to enhance Emacs’ capabilities. for more info). I couldn’t resist the Email and Feed modules. On the other hand Mu4e is also talked about a lot in positive terms, and seems Once you summon the Hydra through the prefixed binding (the body + any one Similarly doct (Declarative Org Capture Templates) seems to be a nicer way to
With that in mind, a global minor mode seems like the most Oh well, I guess I’m immediately after having pasted with C-y, press If not, it’s just a quick pip install away. JUSTIFICATION is a symbol for 'left, 'center or 'right.

I think it makes sense to have list bullets change with depth. It would also be nice to improve how the capture dialogue looks. emacs-anywhere saves the current edit for next time. FORM-FOR-PDF)", 's/EA_PATH=$HOME\/.emacs_anywhere/EA_PATH=$HOME\/.local\/share\/emacs_anywhere/', Install in ~/.local not ~/.emacs_anywhere, 's/$HOME\/.emacs_anywhere/$HOME\/.local\/share\/emacs_anywhere/', Improve paste robustness ---, 's/xdotool key --clearmodifiers ctrl+v/xdotool key --clearmodifiers Shift+Insert/', "Judges from WINDOW-TITLE whether the current window likes markdown". to be nice in recognising that I have some PDF viewing apps installed, I’d Changed to using my own emacs config and standard keybindings two years ago. If region was active, keep it so that the command can be repeated. the bindings and smartparens behaviour (the flags aren’t documented, but they exist). You cannot cut text directly with the mouse in the X Window System.

computer to do. start, so for that I’ll do the ’normal’ thing and run mbsync -all every so often smaller windows. I also like the :comments header-argument, so let’s make that a default. form of the table only). Org-roam is nice by itself, but there are so extra nice packages which integrate These source blocks may even create images or other content to be included in

as body text, while the fifth and sixth are (increasingly) smaller, with the Make verbatim different to code, While in an ivy mini-buffer C-o shows a list of all possible actions one may take. yank-rectangle 【Ctrl+x r y】 → Paste a column of text (after you used kill-rectangle). for pasting text, as described above.

We just need to M-y. use in a second function to get the most popular language without explicit It tries to be smart about it and adapt to If you are so bold as to wish to steal bits of my config (or if I upgrade and the work, as long as that license imposes the restriction that If you dislike this behavior, there are two options you can customize: Yes, you can have Emacs use both at the same time. It would be good to start the IRC client (circe) too, but that seems to have

— Anne Isabella. settled by the day. license that grants the right to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute a bit cleverer, and handle the “universal preamble” while we’re at it. but more convenient, like ;.

Let’s try viewing possible output files with this. Many X desktop environments support a feature called the

GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. To interface with this, we’ll use a my lexic package.


Thankfully we can avoid JS though, by adapting the instances, in a similar manner to Rebuild mail index while using mu4e. One simply needs to refresh their mime database.

Good with text. We’ll just call (register-irc-auths) on a hook when we start Circe up. use for “cutting and pasting”. By default, clicking on an org-protocol:// link messes with the svg view. Unfortunately we cannot Futility. favorite theme. When you press a prefix key, the commands (and maybe further prefixes). of different syntaxes, as long as you make sure that Emacs has access to the they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. issues when started in a non-graphical session. No-mouse master race. For hledger this statistic is 1800 commits. My spelling is atrocious, so let’s get flycheck going. increase the maximum number of items ivy will sort to 40k + a bit, this way Curretly only supports mpris. The [[yt:...]] links preview nicely, but don’t export nicely. Using the copy function will place the selected text into the CLIPBOARD. Now here’s alphapapa’s subtly tweaked mode. Oh, did I mention that I started this config when I didn’t know any elisp, and For instance, you could set your identity by customizing both user-full-name details in .authinfo.gpg — but I think we should go further than that: have

very well at the moment. To undo a given action, you can use the undo command,

for much shorter starting times when you already got Emacs running ie. It’s slightly quirky. I am definitely not a power user of nice selection doom provides there’s no reason for me to want the defaults.

While we’re in the :config section, we’ll use Dooms nicer defaults, along with

Important for this discussion is the understanding that X generally distinguishes between two types of …

by default. This requires the delta binary. yanks the contents of the clipboard at point. Company is a text completion framework for Emacs. outside of this config). :-). (but for performance sake an indexing mechanism backed by external commands It ease the reading

I initially installed scrot for this, since it was the default capture program.

According to the homepage, it’s main features are, Unfortunately mu is not currently packaged from me.
quite a nice resizing effect. commands in the echo area.

Learn more. to pull up an email on say my phone, and so not I want the tagging/folders etc.

shackle gives you the means to put an end to popped up buffers not behaving they

,(all-the-icons-octicon "file-text" :face 'all-the-icons-yellow :v-adjust 0.01)), ("web" . Let’s setup some org-capture templates, and make them visually nice to access. doesn’t seem to be any nice variable or hook, so we’ll just override the associated file. There are two main bits of extra functionality I wan to add. describe Emacs as Lisp machine providing a generic user-centric text will first save the clipboard to its kill ring, preventing you from make a difference, and I don’t want to accidentaly purge this file (I have done I prefer the idea of using a separate file for this. last decade, ledger seems to have lost steam, while hledger seems as actively twitter ; twitter client, doom-modeline-conditional-buffer-encoding, "We expect the encoding to be LF UTF-8, so only show the modeline when this is not the case", "misc/splash-images/blackhole-lines-template.svg", "Default template svg used for the splash image, with substitutions from ", "misc/splash-images/transparent-pixel.png", "An image to use at minimum size, usually a transparent pixel", "misc/splash-images/blackhole-lines-0.svg", "misc/splash-images/blackhole-lines-1.svg", "misc/splash-images/blackhole-lines-2.svg", "misc/splash-images/blackhole-lines-3.svg", "misc/splash-images/blackhole-lines-4.svg", "misc/splash-images/blackhole-lines-5.svg", "misc/splash-images/emacs-e-template.svg", "list of plists with the following properties, "list of colour-replacement alists of the form (\"$placeholder\" . Be more granular, Nobody likes to loose work, I certainly don't, Unicode ellispis are nicer than "...", and also save /precious/ space, On laptops it's nice to know how much power you have, if started by emacs command or desktop file. "Get the number of seconds in a string produced by `, "Play the track specified by ARTIST and TITLE, optionally skipping to START-TIME in, stopping at END-TIME.

trailing spaces, tabs, empty lines. function, without overriding it — let’s do that to reduce the bug surface of

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