Not yet enjoying the benefits of a hosted ELK-stack enterprise search on Qbox? Many systems and network administrators also find it useful for tasks such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime. Drop us a line below. I am however able to run it on other ports like 8000, but when we are pointing to port 80 it doesn't seem to work.. http.port: 8000 (This works) http.port: 80 (Doesn't seem to work) where TCPD_TIMESTAMP is a custom defined grok pattern to match 2016-02-09 13:51:09.625253. This is how to index the nmap report into Elasticsearch using the script: In Sense, create the index that you are going to index the data to. will be indexed observing a common structured format: "src_user": "ciro""src_ip": """auth_type":  "ssh2", “src_user”:”gennaro”“src_ip”:””“auth_type”:”3”. Following the same approach, we will show how to use the Elastic stack to cover a basic network security use case, TCP host portscan detection, for which we'll implement alerting via email. Also some tagging or categorization of the data can be performed. The alert was triggered and intended watch action was performed. Depending on how you have elasticsearch configured, you may need to build an SSH tunnel to allow your computer to communicate with your elasticsearch node. Questions/Comments? This outputs the results to report.xml in the current directory. To be safe, scan only your own infrastructure, or get permission to do so. a portscan. To ingest your nmap scans, you will have to output it in a format that can ingest into Elasticsearch. There is a script called VulnToEs, which is available on Github, that can be used to index Nessus, OpenVas, Nikto, and Nmap results into Elasticsearch. I modified the elasticsearch.yml file to point to port 80, but it doesn't seem to work.. While we impatiently wait for Packetbeat Flows to be released and allow more out-of-the-box network protocol level capture capabilities, we'll use tcpdump capture using the below command for the purpose of this blog: the above command will listen on the eth0 network interface of the monitored host and capture all and only the TCP packets indicating that a new TCP connection handshake was initiated, also avoiding resolving IP to hostnames for faster execution; then we pipe the results to netcat to send them to our Logstash instance for event processing, which we assume here to be running locally. Have fun and remember to only run nmap or vulnerability scans against infrastructure that you own or have permission to scan. Discover how easy it is to manage and scale your Elasticsearch environment. Make sure to use screen and start Kibana in its own window. Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana are trademarks of Elasticsearch, BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries. Before you do that, make sure to install this: This is what you should have in your nmap-logstash.conf file: Now you can run logstash on your config. 5 comments Open Port Scan Detection #1615. Watcher is our friend here, all we need to do is to configure a service email account, then define a new Watch and define how to act when a portscan is detected. If you’re unaware, I warn you that using nmap to port scan IP addresses of infrastructure that you don’t own is most likely illegal in your country. Add your logstash config to the directory. Apache, Apache Lucene, Apache Hadoop, Hadoop, HDFS and the yellow elephant logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries. where SSH_AUTH_X are our custom defined grok patterns to match success/failure events. For convenience, we can launch the above command using a all time favourite linux CLI utility, screen. Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch B.V., registered in the U.S. and in other countries. To be able to use my config, you will need to download a template from the github page which is referenced in the config file. To use the logstash nmap codec plugin, you will need to install it. Specifically terms and cardinality aggregations. As we have extracted the information we were after (timestamp,src_ip,dst_ip) we can decide to trash message and payload fields: Next we send these events to Elasticsearch index logstash-tcpdump-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}. Nmap has a command-line argument which allows you to output the nmap results in an xml formatted report. Start Elasticsearch and then Kibana. Effectively monitoring security across a large organization is a non-trivial task faced everyday by all sorts of organizations.The speed, scalability and flexibility of the Elastic stack can play as a great asset when trying to get visibility and proactively monitoring large amounts of data. We are going to assume you have more than one report that you would like to parse. This article assumes that you know how to use nmap. This is what the captured raw data looks like. As a side node, if you like NMap, take a look at this blog post to see all the awesome things you can do using logstash-codec-nmap. Note that we could have multiple detections from different hosts, however for the purpose of this blog post we limit ourselves to detecting and reporting only the first one in the list. Remember, the script can be used for Nessus, OpenVas, and Nikto reports, too. On my server, the directory is located at /opt/logstash. # nfdump -Nqr fnf1.dump -o "fmt:%ts, %sa, %sp, %da, %dp, %byt, %pkt, %out, %pr" > fnf1.csv, http://localhost:9200/netflowlab/_optimize?max_num_segments=1, Port Scan Detection using ElasticSearch and Kibana, NetFlow Analysis using ElasticSearch & Kibana, Kibana dashboard showing various NetFlow metrics. Send a nice email to warn us! Critical skill-building and certification. © 2020. The response we receive looks like: From the above we can infer that host has initiated 41 different TCP connections against host which seems suspicious: is our attacker. NEK : Netflow + ElasticSearch + Kibana: One of the most fundamentals of security monitoring is to be aware of port scans which can be part of reconnaissance activity. Alternatively, you can create the index from your server’s command line using curl. A few seconds later, we receive an email: Et voila! elasticsearch.exceptions.RequestError: TransportError(400, u'illegal_argument_exception', u'No search type for [scan]') 各位前辈有没有遇到过这个问题,在2.x上测试似乎木有问题 Anyone is allowed to scan Next we'll see how we can use Watcher to automatically receive an email when an event like this happens. ​© Copyright 2020 Qbox, Inc. All rights reserved. Port Scan Detection using ElasticSearch and Kibana. PORT STATE SERVICE 80/tcp open http 8080/tcp open http-proxy |_elasticsearch: looks like elasticsearch For this tutorial we are assuming that you created a directory, “nmap”, where you will have multiple reports. Make sure you have the latest version of logstash, especially if you are having trouble installing the logstash-codec-nmap plugin. First we define a schedule, how often should the Watch be executed: Next, define what query search_type to run, on what indices and document types: Now specify what condition would trigger the watch: The above groovy script will scan our aggregated results and look for a unique_port_count bucket where the cardinality is greater than 50; so putting within context, if a host has established within 30 seconds timerange, more than 50 connection each using a different port against another host, we will call this a portscan. Elasticsearch B.V. All Rights Reserved. If you are interested in networking or information security then you are likely familiar with the port scanning tool nmap. Network Mapper is a free and open source (license) utility for network discovery and security auditing. The traditional SIEM approach relies on normalization of the data from raw, based on a schema. Posted In: ElasticSearch, Gezegen, NetFlow. You can create visualizations of your nmap data in Kibana and eventually create dashboards from these visualizations. I immediately can see that, TCP traffic nearly diminished, and only UDP traffic is hitting port 12201, which happened to be the GrayLog server's default port listening for logs send by the various app servers. This is just an example of how to leverage the Elastic stack for performing security monitoring, creativity is the only limit. You might need to install ruby-nmap to install this plugin. Navigate to your logstash directory. We're now at the stage where events are coming into Elasticsearch and we want to be automatically alerted when our monitored host will receive (or launch!) ... es_host: elasticsearch es_port: 9200 name: "Vulnerability Scanning Detected" alert_subject: "Vulnerability Scanning Detected SRC: {0}" alert_subject_args: Also host has initiated 2 TCP connections against hosts and, which seems legitimate. If you are making use of nmap, then you probably also use OpenVas or Nessus. How to Index NMAP Port Scan Results into Elasticsearch. For example a failed login, be it from a Linux. What we do here is scanning again through the results to pick the attacker and target hosts, plus the count of how many unique ports were scanned. We are going to scan, which is a host that is often used to test nmap with. When trying to detect whether a portscan against a given host on your premises was carried on , network traffic data becomes relevant. We have just indexed our nmap report into Elasticsearch. This script makes use of the Python API for Elasticsearch. Last, what action should our Watch perform once its conditions are met? I am adding it in a file named nmap-logstash.conf. You can check your scan results with: Now, we need to ingest this report.

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