Editing your essay. Purchase essay online! Pay special attention to it, and think about it after you’ve completed the writing. Why is it so complicated? Do not try to introduce any new idea that was not initially mentioned as this will make everything irrelevant. First, the writer should look back at the body and trace the main points presented. Is it formatted according to the instructions given. The main element of the introduction is the thesis statement. Details. Is it engaging and does it convey the main message? Hence provide sufficient facts and evidence that backs up your point and helps you investigate the topic. While editing, you need to focus on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Ask all these questions to make sure that you end up with an excellent paper. Thus, another purpose of writing this type of essay is to acquire that vital skill. If you have an expository essay prompt, first of all, get ready to spend a while finding all types of information sources and conducting in-depth research. Explain the role of Astronomy in Ancient Greece, Define the consequences of the invention of the Internet. Expository writing, in its turn, branches out into a wide array of disciplines, including: To give you a few examples, such written pieces like news articles, press releases, business letters, scientific journals, and term papers are all embodiments of the expository essay. Check that you have all the elements of an expository essay: Reasons. Does the conclusion highlight the significance of the thesis and summarise the key points? Paragraph 4: Body, 3rd point/argument with supporting evidence. . Each idea should be placed in a single paragraph. Students often get frustrated when they are assigned an expository writing assignment. In the street, I had been the most articulate hustler out there. Are all facts and supporting arguments valid? A transition sentence that connects one paragraph with the next and ties your ideas together. Without these in your writing, your work will be considered irrelevant or incomplete. Also, you can ponder why the topic is relevant or important personally for you or your audience; think about how it correlates with the broader context. Next, you will have to carefully proofread and polish your work until it looks perfect. Is it easy to read and understand? Conclusion that re-states your topic. It is always a good idea to use grammar checking tools to ease the process and save some time. However, you should be careful when you deliver your ideas. Correct … Connect them by use of linking phrases. Your analysis, in which you explain the significance of the evidence. This is where the writer tries to convince his or her audience with regards to the position taken. This marks the commencement of your work. The essential parts of an expository essay are the introduction, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. We have tested thousands of candidates to present you with the best writers available. They are not only essential for this type of text but also applicable to other texts. As a rule, expository writing is done in MLA format and typically has a standard 5-paragraph essay structure: When are such tasks assigned? Hook - a statement, dilemma, or question that gets readers’ attention, for example: 72% of teens are playing video games, with 9 out of 10 of them engaging in this pastime as a form of addiction; Background and context for the topic: Over 200,000 homicides take place worldwide among youth between 10-29 years old. However, each of these parts has specific elements that should be taken into account while writing. Therefore, be sure to have them at the tip of your fingers each time you cogitate about composing such a paper. There are 5 main types of expository essays: Now, when you have a clear understanding of the key terms, know the basic structure, and the purpose of this work, you may wonder how to write an expository essay. Paragraph 5: Conclusion with a concise summary of your key points/arguments and a thesis restatement. He or she should use sufficient and strong evidence drawn from the work of research and back it up with correct examples and quotations. There is no work done unless the writer has crafted a correct introduction. Still not sure if you can cope with it on your own? EssayPro does not endorse or condone any type of plagiarism. I had commanded attention when I said something. A topic can investigate pretty much anything from history to space or technology. Expert admission essay writing help - get your essays written by professional application essay writer. Follow this comprehensive checklist to determine whether your work is good enough or still needs improvement: Asking the questions from this rubric will help you double-check if your expository essay is good and ready for submission. The best way to approach proofreading and editing is to give yourself a few days off after you have written the draft. Explain how excessively playing video games can provoke teen violence, Describe the likely consequences of procrastination, Explain how overpopulation can influence our lives, Investigate the change of education in the era of technology. Click here to see how our academic service helps college students all around the world with various types of assignments! Secondly, having an outline will make the writing process simpler. Make sure your work meets their demands and should not have deficits. Have you neglected to include something? The topic should be manageable, so make sure you pick something you can address in a 5-paragraph paper. Psychologists insist that those 72% of teen gamers are more likely to engage in aggressive behavior, which sparks teen violence; Thesis statement: Excessively playing video games can result in higher levels of violence among teens. I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote, especially those to Mr. Elijah Muhammad. Jot them down through restating in a brief summary. Topic sentence clearly defining the main point: Video games addiction can result in social isolation and depression; Supporting fact + examples: X% of teens report being addicted to video games; Supporting fact + example: X% of youth report having depression; Topic sentence clearly defining the main point: Isolation caused by gaming addiction can grow into actual social phobia; Supporting fact + example: Facts backed by science; Supporting fact + example: Stats proving the statement; Make a summary of your main ideas: The negative outcomes of excessive gaming, such as depression, isolation, violence, and social phobia, can influence each other and turn into aggression; Restate the thesis (but do not repeat it word for word); Connect the dots between your ideas/arguments and the broader topic; Highlight the value of your research and reveal any unanswered questions (if needed). Due to this reason, such essays are often found at the end of various tests or exams. Does it state your topic and motives for writing? An expository essay has a five-paragraph structure. How can you know for sure that you’ve nailed your expository essay? When an expository essay is correctly written, it should not miss the three must-have features. Create a hook with a disputable question or an interesting dilemma, to attract attention; Reveal the idea of your topic and purpose; Help readers get the main idea of your essay; Focus on a single point in each of your three body paragraphs; Make what each paragraph focuses on clear; Provide supporting examples, facts, and arguments; Make smooth transitions between paragraphs; Where appropriate, explain the value and importance of your arguments. Send us your paper requirements and one of our writers will craft you an original paper. Are there smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs? This is always the most important part of your paper, as it is what grabs a reader’s attention and smoothly directs them into the content of the essay.

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