Move 13 stack near Labourd.

The reason is that if you play on getting 100 european provinces before 1500, your strategy is going to be vastly different from your usual strategy with France.

Although struggling financially due to miscalculated projects and military campaigns, we have managed to transform ourselves into one of the most dominant powers of Europe. You will get a lot of good events for specific advisors late game.

Gonna see how it feels. France is one of the powerhouses of Europe. This is an RNG event and you can’t play around it. Defensive ideas make a fantastic early military idea group, as stacking with Elan, your morale will be unmatched.

MAYBE?--> Aristocratic, Defensive. Also, the fourth French national idea provides faster colonization and less "native rise" risk. There are a couple of events after this that will decide your attack plans. Keep in mind that this is completely optional, and this can change depending on the player's game. France starts out guaranteeing independence to Scotland, in an alliance (as well as sharing dynasty) with Provence, and with cores on all the English land in France. This also moves your trading port to the usually richer English Channel node.).

This war is easy, as your allies will help you out. If the player does so, it is strongly recommended to set the national focus on diplomatic power to change the culture of the Low Countries to French to avoid the large Dutch revolts that will happen between 1550 and 1650. If you are not looking to take over large amounts of land, one fun idea is to take all the military ideas. You should have a lot of vassals all game.

I should mention here that this is one of my least favorite achievements in EU4. You can jump to Denmark once you have scottish provinces.

During the peace deal, the player should force Aragon to release Naples as a sovereign state or even transfer it to France if possible, it will make his conquest easier in the future. you can get claim and expand in Maghreb now, which is great because otherwise you would be sitting idle waiting for AE to die down.

As Revolutionary France, spread the Revolution to 10 countries.

I usually take diplo, then couple of military ideas.

If the major regiment encounters the English regiments in London before its fusion they can be wiped giving a strong advantage to France. Make sure you don’t spend any admin points in North Africa though, as all provinces have increased coring costs. You have plenty morale from your national ideas so I'd go for something else than Defensive. France also has some unique historical colonial events and missions. As France, own Vienna, Berlin and Moscow as core provinces. England, Spain, and Portugal will have better colonial expansion benefits through better settler increase, more colonists through national ideas, and different colonial events. Colonizing the Caribbean and Gulf of Saint Laurence trade nodes will fix the economic problem (because these trade nodes are directly connected to the Bordeaux Trade node). The region also has weak development, meaning that the gains made from it are smaller than in Italy or the Low Countries, but it is easier to take and maintain. Because you are going to take Ceuta from them to get a foothold in north africa where you can open another war front.

Example: If the player is working on conquering Muslims in North Africa, it might be more useful to take religious or humanist ideas instead of exploration or quantity. Alternatively, you can attempt to vassalize an Irish minor such as desmond for easy access. You need a strong navy if you're going to compete for the market, so get this +50% naval limit, more sailors, good maneuver for all admirals (improves trade protection missions) and navy tradition.

If the player wishes to move into Italy, a good way to do so early is by getting the "transfer subject" bonus in the age of discovery. However, it is a tightly contested region, and moving into it can make powerful enemies very quickly, especially the Holy Roman Emperor if the player expands there before 1490.

This event can occur after 1710 if the French economy is on its knees or is suffering from high War Exhaustion (especially if France has taken a lot of loans) and the probability of the event chain firing is increased if demands for economic and social reforms have been turned down. Quality will provide better combat ability in all three units and better generals. Rival Catholic nations can form La Ligue Catholique, a major player in the French Wars of Religion, directed at the eradication of the Protestants in France. Like Italy, its provinces are rich and will help France control the trade node shared with the English. However, finishing the Palace of Versailles will give France the desired model of kingly ruling, and as long as the Palace remains, France will benefit from yearly prestige and legitimacy. The player will certainly need to colonize a little bit, since building the French army up to the maximum force limit and fully maintaining it provokes a mid-sized deficit to France.

The timing of this war is entirely up to you.

The formation of La Ligue Catholique will decrease relations with Catholic nations and give qualifying neighboring powers a casus belli to restore the one true faith! 1.

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