- Known as the gentle giant,  this is an apt description of this softnatured, easygoing breed. History He Was King Arthur’s Favorite Dog. FR CH Justice Of The Peace du Grand Chien de Culann, 19 July 1991 DWZB IW 4650 Black Grey Brindle, 17 July 1989 DWZB IW 3540 Grey, Black Brindle, 12 June 1986 KCRL4147106L03 Black Brindle, 22 September 1982 KCH148905H04 Grey Brindle, 16 July 1988 KCRN6081808N04 - DWZB IW 3927 Black Brindle, 22 April 1993 DWZB IW 5462 Grey Black Brindle, 24 December 2006 S12983/2007 - LOF 004052/00971 Grey Brindle, SECH SV-06 Comedias Hannibal The Highlander, NL VDH SE FI CH NORDV-95 Magnificent Troy Fionnmaë, Cause of death: "Died in her sleep after a few days of illness", 18 March 1969 SB 461BF KCR 57192/69 dark brindle, 15 February 1970 IKC C9317 - KCREG117212/71, Cause of death: heart attack following distension, 11 January 1970 KCR 22457/70 - NHSB 507560, Cause of death: Old age (Lived her whole life with a handicap from a broken leg whilst a puppy), 4 August 1970 IKC D3589 - HB798852 Brindle, Cause of death: Hemivertebrae causing limping on hind legs, Cause of death: Treatment with cortison caused damage to the spleen, 12 May 1991 HM36060405 - KCSB686CF Red Brindle, Cause of death: Metastatic mammary cancer, 5 May 1983 KCSB4082BS - HD313301 Red Wheaten, IE GB CH Culvercroft Benjamin Of Gulliagh, 11 October 1985 IKC R01314 KCSB1199BW Grey Brindle, 27 September 1981 KCSB0496BU Black & Brindle, 21 June 1986 IKC R08608 KCSB2870BZ Grey Brindle, 4 October 1983 IKC P90872 KCSB4677BU Wheaten, INT NORD CH NORD V-07 Scintillas Fancy Flame, 29 April 1979 HC724657 KCRF0092469F02 Gray & Brindle, DK CH DEJSG Ulvsholms Lea Af Lammefjorden, INT DE CH Haughty Hudson von der Oelmühle, 18 September 1994 DK23596/94 - S50940/96 Wheaten, LP SE NO CH Wild Eagle Lady Leona St Clair, Cause of death: Hepatic infarction, Liver infarction, Myocardial degeneration, prior GDV, 14 August 1967 HA986306 Wheaten & Brindle, INT NORD DE (VDH) CLUB CH, CPHW-97 EUW-97 Pitlochry's Djinn. Pedigree of Excalibur du Grand Chien de Culann Sire: Casino-Royal du Grand Chien de Culann.   Gainesville Texas The Irish Wolfhound is relatively easy to train. Absolut Kennels: Irish Wolfhound & German Wirehaired Pointer Breeders in Tucson, AZ. [7][8] The modern breed, classified by recent genetic research into the Sighthound United Kingdom Rural Clade,[9]:Fig. The breed  gained fame for its imposing stature and ability if fighting wild animals in arena sports. [41], Like many large dog breeds, Irish Wolfhounds have a relatively short lifespan. Writing in 1790, Bewick described it as the largest and most beautiful of the dog kind; about 36 inches high, generally of a white or cinnamon colour, somewhat like the Greyhound but more robust. 's and Cavaliers) drove out from Kentucky with her Irish Wolfhound bitch, AKC CH. Please describe what you would like to see changed: Please enter your email-address so that we may contact you if there's something we don't understand.   (403) 992-0642   e-mail: dreamacr@telusplanet.net, Celticwind Reg'd  Carole Borgens  2751 No. King John of England, in about 1210, presented an Irish hound named Gelert to Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales. Graham included "a single outcross of Tibetan Wolf Dog". Reg'd  Barbara Daley [Rescue Shelters][Sitting][Snakes][Spiders] Timberlane Donal Deedum. [33] Discover (and save!) [31] The average height of an Irish Wolfhound should be taller than that of a Great Dane. - Enjoys a long walk and the chance to stretch its legs.   ul. However, a photograph of "Wolf" shows a bearded, long-coated dog—what would now be called a Tibetan kyi apso. - Dogs of great size are believed to have come to Ireland from Greece by 1500 B.C.   Donita Osborne  9970 9th Conc. ), (M) 7 August 2003, DWZB IW 10722, Cream, Brindle, 30 January 1997 FIN15925/97 - DWZB IW 8471 Sand, Brindle, 13 February 1995 FIN16345/95 Dark brindle, Cause of death: Arthritis due to trauma as a youngster, 18 March 1969 SB 461BF KCR 57192/69 dark brindle, Cause of death: heart attack following distension, 15 February 1970 IKC C9317 - KCREG117212/71, 28 September 1970 KCREG171627/70 Grey Brindle, Cause of death: Old age (Lived her whole life with a handicap from a broken leg whilst a puppy), ZA CH Ballykelly Killinick Of Boroughbury, 22 April 1992 HM40445305 - FIN14923/95 Red Brindle, Cause of death: Bacteremia most likely from prostate, 10 September 1966 HA861860 Gray & Brindle, 19 December 1971 HB689048 - KCSB980BN Gray, 6 January 1977 KCB1535 HC462201 Gray & Brindle, 3 May 1993 DWZB IW 5418 - SF33549/93 Grey Brindle, 24 July 1991 DWZB IW 4484 - S14989/95 Grey Brindle, 30 November 1989 DWZB IW 3686 - HM54783301 Sand, 2 January 1987 DWZBIW2614 - HM40999501 Wheaten, C.I.B D (VDH) CH  Quite Good Von Der Oelmühle, 9 October 1980 KCRF1392304G05 - DWZB IW 1267 Cream, Cause of death: Died whilst out on his morning walk, 6 January 1977 KCRB153504B12 - DWZB IW 327, Cause of death: Stomach cancer (also diagnosed with DCM), Cause of death: "Died in her sleep after a few days of illness", 19 September 1981 DWZB IW 1152 - KCSB2252BV Grey Brindle, 1 September 1976 KCRA370121B6 - DWZB IW 232 Grey Brindle, 14 September 1976 DWZB IW 156 Dark Grey Brindle, 11 February 1989 DWZB IW 3357 Red Brindle, 28 August 1981 NHSB 1186419 - DWZB IW 1284 Brindle, 15 November 1966 HA933739 Wheaten & Brindle, 3 May 1996 NHSB 2081209 - DWZB IW 7533 - HM82099801 Sand, Brindle, INT LU NL BE DK CH VV-94-95 Quincy Of Kilmara, INT CH NL LUX CH Nasch From The Good Heath, 6 July 1986 LOSH560879 - DWZB IW 3928 Grey Brindle, 2 March 1973 KCR80094/73 - NHSB 712199 Brindle, 21 October 1970 DWZBIW24 - NHSB 563472 Beige Grey Brindle, 20 November 1971 IKC E8150 - NHSB 591691 Grey Brindle, 8 August 1968 IKC B8126 - NHSB 457918 Wheaten with Black Maskings, 22 April 1968 IKC 110460 - NHSB 45770 Grey Brindle, 2 March 1973 KCR80096/73 - NHSB 759102 Cream, 1 July 1984 LOF 881/273 - NHSB 1599719 Brindle, 26 February 1976 KCSB 2897BM IKC L4262 Fn Brdl, 12 August 1990 DWZB IW 3936 - NHSB1999990 Red Brindle, DK DE VDH CH ESG-85 Ulvsholms Oakland Baron, Cause of death: Hepatic infarction, Liver infarction, Myocardial degeneration, prior GDV, 14 August 1967 HA986306 Wheaten & Brindle, 19 August 1994 HM54782103 - DWZB IW 7624 Wheaten, Breeder: J. G. Callender & S.E. [13] Scoti is a Latin name for the Gaels (ancient Irish). Elliott & Sue Engel-Elliott  1730 E. Kleindale  Tucson, Arizona 85719  USA  (520) 881-2116 [14] Dansey, the early 19th century translator of the first complete version of Arrian's work in English, On Coursing, suggested the Irish and Scottish "greyhounds" were derived from the same ancestor, the vertragus, and had expanded with the Scoti from Ireland across the Western Isles and into what is today Scotland. Sire: DE CH JVV-98 Brokenwheel Uracil (Age at birth: 6 years, 6 months. [23], The last wolf in Ireland was killed in Co. Carlow in 1786.   Canada V2V 4J1  (250) 820-8273  Gairbraid Reg'd  Carole Jeninga  RR1  East Selkirk, Manitoba  Canada R0E 0M0  (204) 482-7306 Temperament Roaree was born in Ireland, September of 1970. They are intensely loyal to their family, and would fight to the death for them, but most would hold a flashlight for a burglar. During the 1836 meeting of the Geological Society of Dublin, Dr. Scouler presented the "Notices of Animals which have disappeared from Ireland", with the wolfdog mentioned.[12]. [43] A more recent study by the UK Kennel Club puts the average age of death at 7 years. General feedback. [12] George Augustus Graham created the modern Irish wolfhound breed that retained the appearance of the original form but not its genetic ancestry.[24]. However independent the wolfhound is, the breed becomes attached to both owners and other dogs they are raised with and is therefore not the most adaptable of breeds.   Rt. If so, there are numerous way to do that: To use this feature, you need to register and log in. The first  definite mention of the Irish Wolfhound occured in Rome in A.D. 391. Most Wolfhounds are very gentle with children. Favored by the Irish chieftains for the hunt, it gained its reputation as an unparalleled hunter of wolves and Irish elk. Limited Edition Prints of this piece also available to buy. 76240   USA   e-mail: donnaandhercritters@earthlink.netWeb site: tenderlandfarms.wolfhound.com, Kilkearney's Irish Wolfhounds  Michigan  USA  (517) 938-6436  Walz Wolfhounds  Jerry Walz  Box 36  Cody, Nebraska 69211  USA Cú Chulainn, a mythical warrior whose name means "hound of Culann", is supposed to have gained this name as a child when he slew the ferocious guard dog of Culann. Born 22 September 1983 Gotcha Day; OONA; SMACKDOWN; OISIN; DEVIL DOG; ON THE ROAD; Excalibur. Please report on things you would like fixed, What kind of issue do you want to report?   Canada L0N 1E0  (905) 880-5146  Flying Kennel  Kevin, Janice & Tom Stem  16128 9th Line  Stouffville, Ontario  Canada L4A 7X4  (905) 473-3073   Peachtree City, Atlanta, Georgia 30269  USA  (404) 487-0890  Prairie Creek   Jim & Connie Smalley   363 E. 1900 North Road   Gilman, Illinois Ruempol, 2 March 1973 KCR80094/73 - NHSB 712199 Brindle, 21 October 1970 DWZBIW24 - NHSB 563472 Beige Grey Brindle, INT FIN DK NL CH EUW-91  Knighthood Ashley, NORD CH Kellybourne Minuteman Of Solstrand, 16 January 1982 KCSB0462BT SE66224/85 Brindle, 20 January 1978 DWZB IW 355 Beige Brindle, 25 January 1975 KCREG59930/75 - DWZB IW 352 Cream, 9 October 1973 KCR175695/73 - NHSB 731504 Brindle, 27 February 1976 KCR 59476/76 - NHSB 945846 Grey, 3 November 1975 IKC L2836 - NHSB 895801 Brindle, C.I.B. However, historically these dogs were required to work at great distances from their masters and think independently when hunting rather than waiting for detailed commands and this can still be seen in the breed.

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