Im an ex moose living in auckland and id love to meet up with you. Bellow you’ll find a list of Q&As and a timeline of the story’s events.

Hopefully it helps clearing up things for you. You know when sometimes movie adaptations of literature end up being really different from the the source material? As I close the video player and open the notepad, my mind is filled with the same old “if only” thoughts and I’m left with the even more familiar bittersweet feeling – of joy because it was a pleasant watch but also of anger from what it could’ve been. The inappropriateness of the formal usage among friends, and the stress of her pronunciation of the letter 's' (the 'u' is always effectively silent), indicate that she is using it as a pun with the English word “death”. Still working on the updated version]. She is quite popular in her class because she has excellent mathematical abilities. As we wait for any news on his upcoming movie in the end of 2015, I revisit once again 5cm/s and grumble about his storyline choices.

Kimi no Na Wa – and the similarities with past Shinkai works. A year ago, Sanae posted queries about parallel worlds on the internet. Thank you so much for the reply, you have no idea how much it lifts me to hear a stranger on the internet cares more for me than my family. That day… That time… At that place… An irreplaceable moment was born. Quando pensamos sobre o final do After Story, muita gente lembra dos FEELS e de chorar feito uma garotinha, mas ao parar para pensar sobre “o que diabos realmente aconteceu?” a resposta mais fácil seria dizer, “ah, foi o tal milagre lá” mas com certeza há mais por trás disso e pra isso que a fanbase está aqui! As I close the video player and open the notepad, my mind is filled with the same old “if only” thoughts and I’m left with the even more familiar bittersweet feeling – of joy because it was a pleasant watch but also of anger from what it could’ve been. Most of the online scans have extremely bad translations. If I were on a romantic relationship with this guy, this is the time I’d ask for him to take a seat over there and have a serious talk. He had something that made me fall in love with …HIS WORK, and I believe he’s somehow losing it after his two recent premiers.

She is voiced by Sumire Uesaka in the anime. Based Shinkai is based. Their goal is to make you, the viewer, to basically… FEEL. Rikka is determined to find the necessary items to revive the Dark Flame Dragon, and puts herself in danger in the process. To search for posts related to a specific series, check the Index on the top menu! Hi there! I’m making sure to give especial note to the fact this is anime only data because (for better or worse) Hasekura-sensei, in many occasions, didn’t bother making note of them in the novels. Anyway, not that anyone cares about this under-spoken animu :[ Here’s an interesting post –damn, I’m using the word interesting quite too often recently- …but then the audience backslash could be troublesome. She will be happy to be reunited with your grandpa. Hm.

People like you show me that there is hope out there. Shinka wondered if that's a secret place she's going to where she does her activities. (THIS POST CONTAIN SPOILERS. As such, Shinka fails to get elected and Sanae goes back to believing that Shinka is a fake, bringing their relationship back to the status quo. I just lost mine on wednesday and Im oversees, I couldnt make it home on time. promised to reread the Spice & Wolf light novels, Dantalian no Shoka ending interpretation explanation, Koe no Katachi – the contrarian’s opinion. You'd better off homeless in NZ than being shipped off to Pakistan. 5     ┗[7.2] FMP? And the name for this post is part of the reasons why.

In a flash, the present becomes the past. Isso mais uma vez prova como, realmente, ele tem o direito de ser um dos animes mais bem recomendados e adorados da última década. Shinka is currently the freshman year representative for her high school. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO STOP READING. 1- Series are in decrescent order of importance. Either way, if your OP turns out to be shit, you can always remove it from the pilot episode or simply delay it, adding a nice and exciting intro/prologue before. This post is intended for people who have watched the anime and are wondering if they should give the manga a try. Here’s an interesting post –damn, I’m using the word interesting quite too often recently- Finishing the Shinkai-related killstreak of posts here on this blog, this is something that may sound REALLY random to a few, while actually make sense to others. The movie is perfect, the storyline is flawless and like he will digress about, everything falls into place …except the prologue. So here we are. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen it all. Thought I would share… Ive made progress by contacting my friends and i now have a place to stay. Memories blur with time, and then fade altogether. Yes, it means I consider the first ones to be the best. She is very keen on fervent, little disciple, Dekomori. Some people will just use it as extra time to quickly grab a snack before the episode starts or check their Facebook and Twitter feeds. IT IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION REVIEW). (THIS POST CONTAIN SPOILERS. I actually wrote this a while ago, It’s also Art.

But her sinister motives are discovered and only the REAL Fake Mori Summer can make her relinquish her hold on Sanae! That’s the feeling I got from Chrono.     ┗[9.2] Yes, K-ON! I am currently stuck with my family and i have less than 24 hours left in New Zealand. This leads to a contradictory amount of coins/profit at the end on the anime and its respective novel counterpart.

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