And you are right! Size: 3″ We use cookies to improve your online experience. His favorite snack is live snails. So don’t do it. And it stays small enough to keep a single specimen in a 15-gallon fish aquarium. Specifically in countries like Thailand and India, as well as on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. One day, everything seems fine, the next day, you may find your precious figure 8 puffers dead. These puffers have many yellow lines & spots covering the backside of the fish, and a few black spots that are outlined in yellow on the tail, body and nose giving it a unique look. Figure 8 puffers are warm-water tropical fish, so a temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit is best for them. Sign up for the latest news, offers, and fishkeeping advice, Copyright © 2003-2020 All Pet Solutions Ltd, 203 Riverside Way, Uxbridge, UB8 2YF. LiveAquaria® Certified Captive Grown Corals. Excludes items with manufacturer-set pricing. Please note – The image used above is for illustration purposes only; Size, colour and sex may vary. I literally had tears in my eyes when I unboxed my cute little guy because it was SO ADORABLE. Also known as the South American Pufferfish or Bee Puffer. All delivery prices are shown inclusive of VAT. Details about Figure 8 Puffer - Tropical Fish See original listing. It is preferred to have visually complex fish tank decorations in the tank for them to explore, breaking up the lines of sight, especially with multiple puffers. Designed by Invigilo LLC, Howdy Friends! Figure 8 Puffer - Tropical Fish: Condition:--not specified. After the eggs are fertilized, the male will stay behind to guard them for approximately 7 days until the fry become waterborne. Home > Freshwater Fish > Brackish Fish > Figure 8 Puffer. Eyespots have developed in many animals to fool predators into thinking the wrong end is facing them. I've had my "puffy" for a few weeks now. We have found that keeping larger numbers of these puffers together in a colony dramatically decreased aggression and increases your chance of mated pairs. Many of our livestock species are sold as juveniles … Watch for fin-nipping and missing fish. Also there are a few black spots that are outlined in yellow on the tail, body and nose. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Temperatures of 22-26°C and pH of 6.5-7.5. As is recommended with all fish, figure 8 puffers must be placed into a fully cycled tank, with no ammonia or nitrites and low nitrates (under 20 ppm). He loves the snail in our tank also. This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. Something went wrong. They still survive best in captivity in low-end brackish water or at the very minimum, very hard fresh water, which is harder to achieve than adding marine salt to your water. He loves the snail in our tank also. FREE SHIPPING on qualifying aquarium supplies orders $29 and up. Not valid in combination with any other offers or on previous orders. If you hear of one that is much larger than that size, you can assume it is actually the Ceylon puffer (T. fluviatilis), which closely resembles the figure 8 puffer in body pattern, except for spots on its belly and its much larger adult size. If you are having difficulty with the transition to dead foods, you can try soaking the food in garlic or bouncing the food on the end of a thread in front of your puffers, making the food appear alive. *Details: Use Promo code TANKS10 during Checkout to see savings. I have found that for low-end brackish-water fish that the brand of salt isn’t very important. The first rule to remember: larger is always better when it comes to aquariums for these puffers—remember, they like to swim! 2389 Air Park Road, Rhinelander, Wisconsin 54501. All rights reserved. Price: US $14.99 [History: 10 sold] Shipping: $26.99 Expedited Shipping | See details . She wrote pufferfish profiles for the 2005 Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes, and her articles have been published in several aquarium magazines. He's the one of the cutest most personable fish I've owned.

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