Did anyone else happen to catch this one? Many communities in those counties will see temperatures in the low 30s overnight. Tomorrow won't be so windy at least! It is coming down across Halifax, Nash and Wilson County. Fireball over North & South Carolina on April 4th, 2019 6:50am EST. Official acknowledgement receipts will only be sent to those donors leaving a mailing address. Winds are now at 90 mph and it is expected to become a cat 2 hurricane before making landfall in Central America. After this morning our temperatures begin to warm up. I saw it this morning in Aiken south Carolina about 650. It was bright green, had a green train. I was wishing I could hit rewind and see it again. It was green and beautiful! Turn on WRAL, we'll show you... Eta is about to make landfall in Central America.

-- A fireball meteor that lit up the sky early Wednesday morning was caught on a security camera in Huntersville. Expect clearing around midday. Life-threatening storm surge, flooding and landslides will be possible... Eta is strengthening! We were on our way home from our son’s baseball game tonight! Just a sizzling sound that I could slightly feel or sense around my head, Your email address will not be published. March was the last time we observed a high of 54° in Raleigh.

It iwll bring catastrophic flooding, wind damage and storm surge to Central America. If you previously used a social network to login to WRAL.com, click the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password.

There's a nice warm up in the forecast though and on TV this AM I'll show you what will change to warm us up. It feels like 32°. It was larger and brighter than it showed in any of the videos. On TV this AM I'll show you when rain could also creep back into the forecast. I also witnessed this in Goose Creek, SC walking into work at around 0650. I know we don't remember the record 1914 November snow in Raleigh but who remembers our November snow in 2000? It came from behind me, right over my head and seemed low in the sky compared to other “shooting stars” I’ve seen. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. It's coat weather again this morning when you take the dog out.

Updated: 2018-07-13 15:01:18, Posted September 9, 2016 9:47 a.m. EDTUpdated July 13, 2018 3:01 p.m. EDT. )… perhaps God saying hello.

Green and big as hell, so weird….

Hurricane Eta is strengthening rapidly. I saw it this morning on my way to work at approximately 5:50Am CST. Plenty of sunshine will persist today.

First time very close second time little mor e far. No sonic boom was heard. What is your favorite chili recipe? I agree with others who say such an event feels very personal. Please note that the AMS does not deal in meteorites. If you want to learn more about Fireballs: read our Fireball FAQ. In Maryville, TN and not only saw it walking into work but heard it. Experienced observers can expect to see only about 1 fireball of magnitude -6 or better for every 200 hours of meteor observing, while a fireball of magnitude -4 can be expected about once every 20 hours or so.

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Observer reports to the American Meteor Society of the fireball, likely from a meteoroid entering the atmosphere over Virginia at speeds greater than 25,000 mph, were centered near Medoc Mountain State Park between Roanoke Rapids and Rocky Mount. Maybe between 9-11 to the east.

They said the meteor had a long tail and was moving west to east. If you captured an image of the fireball, share it with WRAL. It turned the whole area white with bright light. The vast majority of these, however, occur over the oceans and uninhabited regions, and a good many are masked by daylight. Eta is a powerful category 4 hurricane right now. Coming up on WRAL & FOX50, we'll show you what to expect this afternoon. It iwll bring catastrophic flooding, wind damage and storm surge to Central America. WBTV's Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas said the typical meteor is about the size of a grain of sand. We will show you when we expect warmer temperatures to move in this week.

These downpours will continue to quickly head east.
On TV this afternoon we will show you the surprising track this storm could take. Cold temperatures will not stick with us.

Protect your pets and plants tonight. A spectacular experience that meant much to me personally as a sign of “rebirth”…thank you Lord for such an event. Drop your pictures below.

It also has a unique forecast path that's worth... Hurricane Eta is about to make landfall on the coast of Nicaragua. We live in South Georgia and my husband seen it around 6am! I live in North Augusta, SC.

the Universe speaks that meteor was for me.

Copyright 2018 by Capitol Broadcasting Company. You're not crazy.

It was spectacular.

I saw it as I slowed for the stoplight at the airport. Highs will only make it into the 50s today. Someone ask me what was that, so I said they are really going all out to promote this new Avengers movie. Thomas said the object likely never made it to the ground before burning up. Comments and Questions may be directed to the AMS Operations Manager Mike Hankey.

Winds are now at 90 mph and it is expected to become a cat 2 hurricane before making landfall in Central America. Raleigh, Wilson, Rocky Mount, Clayton, and several others are now included.

They had a fire drill around 6:50 am.
You saw something bright and fast? A bolide is the bright flash of light from a meteoroid exploding in the atmosphere. I saw a green bolide low in the sky that night also. It's cold this morning with wind chills in the low to mid 30s. I was in Ehrhardt (sic) and this occurred at exactly 6:28AM, I saw a meteor around 7:30 pm in Patrick SC. Why does it take so long to recall a dangerous product? Greensboro, NC » 55° Greensboro, NC » ... MUST SEE | ‘Fireball’ Streaks Across Winston-Salem Sky. Dan Perjar, a software developer at North Carolina State University, captured the apparent fireball on his car's dashcam at 10:17 p.m. as he drove on Interstate 440 in Raleigh. Don't fret! Count every vote! We are waking up to cold temperatures in the 30s.

This fireball streaking across the Carolina skies was a rare sight but not a rare event. 1 Julian Price Pl.Charlotte, NC 28208(704) 374-3500.

It happened so fast. My daughter and I saw it as we were driving to school Thursday morning, in Northern Hamilton County, East Tennessee.

The shower is active for more

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I also saw the fireball as I was headed to school on the bus.

Life-threatening storm surge, flooding and landslides will be possible across that region. It's cold this morning with wind chills in the low to mid 30s. I saw it at around 6:50 am.

I immediately felt such a spiritual connection with God and the Universe.

Grab your jacket and your sunglasses. Very cool sight. It was cool. That's where we expect temperatures to drop into the lower 30s. April 13, 2017 at 2:58 AM EDT - Updated August 12 at 12:26 PM, Apartment fire displaces nine in Rowan County, Walmart abandons shelf-scanning robots, lets humans do work, Justice Department to monitor Mecklenburg County polling sites on Election Day. Life-threatening flooding is forecast in Central America as Eta moves very slowly over the next 5 days. Eta is a powerful category 4 hurricane right now. Tonight (Sept 30) I walked outside with my dog, at what happened to be perfect timing. Heavy rain will onset landslides and mudslides. Raleigh, N.C. — On Thursday around 6:03 p.m., hundreds saw a rare fireball in the skies nearly 50 miles over eastern North Carolina. All things are created by God…nature and the universe can speak to us!! WakeMed Virtual health can help, The 2020 Census Deadline Has Been Extended - 10/31, Low rates for auto loans and other membership benefits, Lines form outside of voting sites on Election Day, Protests erupt in streets of Philadelphia after Black man shot, killed by police, NC sees high turn out, long lines during early voting, Tempers flare after runner tripped by fishing line that secured political signs, Election Day lines not as long as early voting lines across Triangle, Polls are open: What to know if you're voting on Election Day, Sky 5 flies over Election Day lines in Apex, Polling sites open across NC, lines already forming in Wake County, More than results: On Election Day 2020, WRAL is at the polls, with the candidates and explaining what the outcomes mean to you, What to expect from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on Election Day, List of stores closed or reducing hours on Election Day, WRAL, City of Raleigh invite you to a new holiday tradition, Carowinds to reopen for holiday-themed event, 5 On Your Side: Voting questions answered, Princessing during a pandemic: Local princesses provide free virtual storytelling sessions for kids, Abandoned colonial settlement, stop on Underground Railroad, falling apart in Snow Camp, Accounts hacked?

In Pensacola, FL. If you love afternoon temperatures in the 70s, I'll show you when those are set to return on WRAL News... Monday is going to be cold! Then it fizzled out. A Freeze Warning will be in place for Chatham, Orange, Durham, Person and Granville Counties overnight.

It will be just as cold for tomorrow AM as people head to the polls. I am for reals it was bright and beautiful you should have seen it!!!!

I saw this meteorite moving West to East on my way to work in Tallahassee FL 6;49 A/M. It is moving so slow, it is expect to weaken and sit over this region this week.

Required fields are marked *. Highs only climb to mid 50s this afternoon but and it won't feel like more than upper 40s. NORTH CAROLINA (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - A red fireball with a "glowing white train" shot over eastern North Carolina and Virginia at 3:40 a.m. Tuesday, according to multiple reports filed with the American Meteorological Society.

Fireball caught over Knoxville, TN last nightThis fireball has been see from IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV & … A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. My boyfriend works at Hancock and Moore Hancock and Moore Furniture in Taylorsville, NC. than two months but rarely produces more than five shower members…, The Orionids are a medium strength shower that sometimes reaches high strength activity. Thurs., 1/4/19

I was in my way to work this morning and I was between lake city and live oak Florida, about 10 miles south of Wellborn, Florida. On Thursday around 6:03 p.m., hundreds saw a rare fireball in the skies nearly 50 miles over eastern North Carolina. Bundle up if you are heading out to the polls. I saw the Fireball while walking to work in Charleston SC. I was near Kinard SC and around 6:40 am on April 4 2019, saw a blue/green fireball or Meteor fall for several seconds I was facing north eastward and it appeared to be falling from southwest to north eastward, I watched it until it disappeared behind the tree tops, it first appeared high or straight up when I noticed it. We will show you when we will head into the 70s on WRAL & FOX50. Editorial: Every vote counts. Thought it was a earthquake,but it must of been that meteor everybody saw over there in the east. In a normal year the Orionids produce 10-20 shower members at maximum.

WBTV received several calls about the sighting from across the Southeast around 8:45 p.m.

It also has a unique forecast path that's worth following. Those that occur at night also stand little chance of being detected due to the relatively low numbers of persons out to notice them. Over 900 reports from 8 states. ©2020 Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. From cooking to crafts, we’re at home with you ›. We had a great look at it for the entire time because there was nothing in the way of our view.

Who's Ready for a Cold Night? Are you seeing frost where you are?

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